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Published: 12/28/2019 04:59 PM

Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russia in a conflict that has claimed nearly 13,000 lives. Now allegations President Trump held up U.S. aid in an effort to get Ukraine President Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden and his son have raised concerns over diminishing U.S. support in the coun...

The president defiant following the white house's release of this five-page memo detailing his july phone call with ukraine's president below tamir zolensky. He appears to have admitted that, yes, indeed, he brought up joe biden in his conversations with the president of ukraine. Curious democrats say the president's words amount to an impeachable offense ready. You have two cameras rolling. I wan ...
nothing, that's what i want from ukraine. That'S what i said. This is the final word from the president of the united states. I want nothing, we're a binary and democracy or just twenty something years old. The united states is very adult, establish democracy, but this is the situation when adult behaves like a child. Anda child behaves like a dolt anti-corruption action center. We name and shame people who steal the money from taxpayers. One of the biggest dollar is the usa ats, the aid agency of the united states government.

The united states was the core partner in driving for who reforms in ukraine, especially the anti-corruption reform in 2014. Ukrainian people stood up, ran to the streets and clearly told to ukrainian authorities to russia and to the west, who want to go to liberal democracy. It was the key to successful integration reform in ukraine, thus energetic pressure from civil society on the ground in ukraine and international institutions. When ukraine started this process of reforming itself in 2014, we hadthis feeling of international support now in 2019, when we feel that there is a lessening international support. The question is whether this reform process will be sustainable. Mr. president, welcome we strongly support your democracy. We look forward to working with you to strengthen that democracy. An additional 75 million dollars in military assistance would be provided to the ukrainian military by the united states. I think this is reflective of the partnership that exists between the united states and ukraine. Support from the united states was huge and the leverage of the united states was huge and we felt safe, but then of this scandal started wait. Did you discuss joe biden, his son or his family, itdoesn't matter? What i discussed, but i will say this - somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement because it was disgraceful totally appropriate.

Conversation couldn't have been better, it's better to be on tv than by cold. Yeah pietschmann, in fact, was put in the constitution to protect against the president, who would act as this one has well. What does that do to our anti-corruption efforts when there craniums perceived that we're engaging in corruption ourselves? I think that american audience doesn't get it that every day somebody is dying at war with russia in ukraine and the amount of deaths depends directly to support from the united states, [ applause ]. So, at this exact site, the armed forcesof, ukraine are building a combat training center. The united states government has come forward and said we're going to provide you the security force assistance and get over to ukraine. It'S very important to provide deterrence against anyone that wants to be aggressive as to any of our european partners. The missions been going since the 2016. We have over 60 advisors here, all right team. Let'S go the first one with the ukrainians had our first meeting multinational. It was a good beginning of a problem-solving at this point, we're transitioning to continuing mouth urban operation staff planning yeah, so we're developing plans to move that forward, so we can help them refine their own processes. Alright, ifthere's, nothing more just gon na do great things thanks. I'M actually organically part of the 32nd military police company, so i actually volunteered for this mobilization.

As soon as i heard about the mission, i thought it would be a great opportunity i thoroughly enjoyed working with our allies and our partners over here. So i thought it would be great to have another opportunity to do that as an advisor here. What we do is we work with ukrainian units and we are assisting and mentoring them in their training. We will observe the training. The goal is to strengthen the ukrainians so that their armed forces are to like a set standard. So this is one of theurban areas that were built specifically for training. Overall, the training is going outstandingly when we talk about this military aid from the united states is like 1. 5 billion. It'S not just about lethal weapons. Putin is afraid of ukraine being a successful democracy. If ukraine succeeds, then this story can inspire many other nations and countries across the world in russian propaganda already on air, that america doesn't support any more ukraine. The consequence of this trump approach of withdrawal, military aid and pressuring the lensky is very simple.

If russia understands that there is no one behind ukraine that there is a carte blanche for its military aggression or political aggression, it will go ahead and, if ukrainefalls again to the sphere of interest of russia, russia will not stop if this support disappears. That is a growing feeling of insecurity, growing fear. This is exactly the moment where ukraine needs support from the role model: democracy, [ music, ], hey nbc news fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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