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Published: 01/27/2020

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others killed in a helicopter crash and growing coronavirus concerns with five cases confirmed in the U.S. so far.

Breaking news tonight, kobe bryant, the nba legend killed in a helicopter crash, his 13 year old daughter with him, along with seven others. I hope is out to all the members. They were onboard the helicopter going down just outside los angeles this morning across the nation shock and sadness, just disbelief at nba games and the nfl pro bowl, and in los angeles, that current lakers hugging on a tar ...
ac, the city where he helped win. Five championships now devastated also breaking at least three new cases of the deadly coronavirus confirmed in the us, while in china, officials worried the virus is accelerating and can be spread before there are symptoms. The new plan to get americans out of the quarantined areas are there more tapes. The lawyer for a key figure in the impeachment inquiry says they may release more secretly recorded videos of the president. What the president's team now says about what's on them and the growing number of college students who can't afford to eat and the rock-and-roll star with a new solution, this is nbc nightly news with kate snow good evening, we're coming on the air with that stunning news That basketball, legend kobe bryant his 13 year old daughter, gianna and seven others have been killed in a helicopter crash. It happened this morning. The chopper went down in calabasas california, northwest of los angeles and burst into flames on impact. Bryant had one of the biggest careers in nba history starring for two decades, with the lakers playing 18 all-star games, winning five championships before retiring in 2016. In recent years, he's worked to mentor young players, coaching his daughter, gianna's team. He and his wife vanessa had four daughters, the youngest born just last summer, miguel almaguer joins us now live from the crash site with the latest on the investigation miguel.

What do we know kate good evening tonight? There is great shock in sadness, in los angeles and around the world, in fact, as many are in disbelief over the death of kobe bryant on the hill behind me, officials are at the crash site, but there remains no official word as to why that private, the Copter went down the fiery wreckage of a helicopter carrying kobe bryant and his daughter, gianna was still smoldering when first responders arrived in. The canyons of calabasas officials confirm the 41 year old basketball. Superstar was with his 13 year old girl and seven other people, including the pilot when the chopper went down headed to a travel basketball game, flight radar shows the sikorsky s-76 seen here with bryant had been flying since 9:00 a. m. it appears to have crossed over downtown Los angeles glendale and then calabasas, making a sudden u-turn at 2,300 feet before rapidly descending into the hills. Witnesses said the conditions were foggy when the crash was followed by an explosion. The retired laker five-time champion and oscar winner had long commuted via his own private helicopter. Dubbed kobe won to beat la traffic. Bryant recently spoke of air commuting on jimmy kimmel just hours before the fatal crash on instagram bryant paid tribute to lebron james, who surpassed him overnight as the third highest scorer in nba history. My tributes for bryant pulling in from players, politicians, presidents and fans, an nba icon and a family man, bryant shared his love for basketball, with his daughter, gianna his life as legendary as tragic kobe, bryant survived by his wife vanessa and three daughters, miguel federal investigators. I understand are heading out to the scene. Now that's right, kate, the ntsb is in route here from washington dc.

We'Re told that one of the investigative factors will certainly be the weather. There was dense fog in this area when that helicopter went down, but answers will likely do very little here to help ease the heartbreak in the shock that is reverberating across this community and the country tonight. Kate, absolutely miguel. Thank you all afternoon, tributes for kobe bryant have been pouring in on social media, michael jordan, calling him one of the greats and an amazing dad the president calling it terrible news and former president obama tweeting. That kobe was just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful. A second act. Nbc sports host mike tirico, knew kobe bryant. He joins me now, mike you called him b, hey gamez for 13 years of his career, including his last game. What is it you most remember, talent, kate? He had a one-of-a-kind work ethic. The numbers were there for sure the titles, the olympic gold medals, but he had a passion for the game and a drive for excellence. A relentless pursuit of such that was uncommon, not just in the nba but across many sports, when you think of one of the best to ever, do it at any sport for this generation or many others, the one word kobe will come up for sure and in His life after basketball, it's striking that he was coaching, he was teaching the next generation, it was abroad. Next, chapter kate, there were business parts of it, the oscar that was just talked about.

There were the endeavors that you usually see the charitable world, but also this start of the mamba sports academy. He wanted to use sports as a vessel to empower and educate the youth, not just of southern california, but all across the country and spread that he wanted to spread his passion to the next generation, not just in the nba but also in his own house. And that's one of the reasons is his daughter's passion for basketball was so vibrant. My tirico thanks so much for being with us today appreciate it now to our other big story: breaking news about the deadly coronavirus. Just today, more cases were confirmed here in the u. s. , bringing the total number to at least five in china, where the virus is spreading quickly. At least 76 people have died billions there remain on lockdown to prevent the spread. Health officials are now warning of more cases to come. Sarah harmon reports tonight us cases of corona virus, more than doubling with two new cases in southern california and one in maricopa county arizona. The cdc confirming all five patients in the u. s.

had traveled to wuhan, including a man in his 50s being treated in orange county. The patient is currently admitted to a local hospital hospital and is in isolation, but none of his family or any of his contacts. The health care agency is working with close contacts to evaluate them for appropriate treatment in los angeles officials confirmed a case after a passenger self-reported his symptoms at lax airport screenings are working effectively, but remember they're, not perfect across the country more than a hundred patients. In twenty-six states are being monitored for possible coronavirus, including a student at wesleyan. California, health officials, emphasizing there is no immediate danger to the public. People should not be excluded from any activities based on their race, their country of origin in china. The city of wuhan is still on lockdown, with americans trapped inside at the number of worldwide cases, climbs to more than 2,000 every little cough. Every little thing am i getting a sore throat. Do i feel bad those kinds of things you know they start to play with your mind, the state department today offering only a limited lifeline saying in a statement. It will evacuate consulate officials to san francisco, but space for other us citizens is extremely limited. China now says the virus spread, is accelerating and is more infectious than previously thought that it could be spread during the incubation period and sarah's with us now. So how likely are they saying? We are to see more cases very likely, kate.

The cdc says tonight: this situation is evolving rapidly. They do expect to see more cases in the coming days. Kate, all right! Sarah, thank you for more on the corona virus and what to expect i'm joined by dr. john torres. So china says that it's accelerating and actually you can have. You can infect someone before even having symptoms yourself. That sounds dangerous. Okay. Today, the cdc on a conference call said that, even though their information coming out of china is concerning, there's no clear evidence that people are contagious before symptoms start and there's been no human human transmission. Here in the united states. Now we still have a lot to learn about this virus, but the cdc and world health organization and other groups are working around the clock to better understand it and talk about what you can do to protect yourself. Is there a vaccine? What can you do so? The best thing you can do is wash your hands.

That'S the best protection and a lot of groups are working on a vaccine, we're probably a few months away from human trials and probably about a year before it becomes publicly available all right. Dr. john thanks for being with us a little bit scary when we come back the big political news, how the white house is reacting to the release of that secret tape, and now word there could be more recordings like it plus which candidates are pulling ahead. As the race for iowa heats up, [ music ] we're back now with politics. As president trump's legal team prepares to wrap up his impeachment defense in the senate, indicted businessman, lev parnas may have additional tapes that prove he had a relationship with trump something the president has denied hans nichols reports tonight. The prospect of new video evidence linking president trump and lev parnas, the indicted soviet born businessmen looming over the white house, are there more recordings that lev harness has yes with the president. Yes, and or do you plan to release those? Perhaps we've sent recordings to the house intelligence committee. A tape already released, puts the president and parnas at the same dinner in 2018, appearing to discuss the ousting of the u. s. ambassador to ukraine, maria ivanovitch undercutting trump's contention that he had no relationship with parnas. I don't know him today, the white house, dismissing the dinner is a regular part of trump's routine. The president sits at many many dinners at many many roundtables with people that he does not know with the white house on defense over parnas.

The president, going on offense targeting the lead house, impeachment manager, adam schiff, tweeting, that the corrupt politician has not paid the price yet for what he has done to our country shift responding on meet the press. You take that as a threat. I think it's intended to be, but the president's senate allies insisting that he wasn't inciting violence. I don't think the president's trying to be able to do a death threat here and do some sort of intimidation. And while some house impeachment managers aren't giving up hope on calling new witnesses, i'm just not going to give up on the senate. And i'm not going to draw any conclusions. Others are already preparing for a trial without witnesses, but arguing that such a scenario would deny trump the total exoneration that he has demanded. If they're successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration anyway. Tonight, an attorney for let partners tells nbc news that they are working on getting him an invite to the senate to watch the trial in person, but they need permission from a judge because he's still under indictment, kate, okay and hans. Some more news tonight we're finally hearing a former national security adviser, john bolton and his version of events yeah according new york times. Bolden is claiming in a draft of his book that president trump wanted to withhold the nearly four hundred million dollars in military aid for ukraine until officials there agreed to help investigate democrats that would bolster one of the houses key arguments for impeachment. Okay, thank you.

Hans and you can join us here on nbc news by the way tomorrow, 1:00 p. m. eastern time for our continuing coverage of the president's impeachment trial in the senate tonight, with just eight days to go until the iowa caucuses candidates are flooding the hawkeye state making their Final pitches, as new polling out, shows just how tight the race is: here's nbc's, allie vitaliy tonight the candidates, blitzing iowa, as new polls show, the 2020 race is anyone's game. A new national poll shows former vice president joe biden and vermont senator bernie sanders pulling away from the pack with south bend mayor, pete budaj falling, but fresh polls out of iowa tell a different story with the core four candidates clustered closely at the top. I think i'd like a lot of iowans and that we haven't decided meanwhile, senators previously stuck in dc for impeachment, making a beeline for the campaign trail and notching. Some big wins. It is good to be here long for warren. The endorsement of iowa's biggest newspaper with a celebratory dance to match. Globish are landing a newspaper endorsement of her own in new hampshire and sanders. An iowa polling surged at a key moment pause the polls. What matters is the kind of grassroots activism that we have. Maybe it's not so bad to be in washington.

You know what some things are more important than politics, but once on the ground in iowa, so i am here this afternoon to very humbly: ask for your support, commit to caucus for me. It'S politics as usual and ally joins us now ally. So we've got what 8 days until the iowa caucuses they have to be. The senators have to be back in washington tomorrow, any chance they could miss caucus night in iowa. There is a chance. Caitiff senate democrats are successful. Getting witnesses called as a part of that impeachment trial. It could mean candidates spending 2020s first big night in washington, pretty far from the campaign. Trail kate, all right, i'll, leave italian on the road for us. Thank you ally up next helping combat hunger. How rocker john bonzo, bon jovi's new mission is making a big difference for some college kids and remembering kobe bryant. We go back to los angeles, as spans say goodbye to the sports legend, who helped define that city efforts to find survivors following a deadly earthquake in turkey are winding down.

The 6. 7 magnitude quake shook the eastern part of that country last week. Crumbling buildings killing at least 36 people, but teams working around the clock have pulled dozens out alive from under the rubble, including an elderly woman stuck beneath slabs of concrete back in this country. Now the number of college students who can't afford to eat is growing and now rock superstar jon, bon jovi and his wife dorothea are stepping in to help those in need enjoy healthy meals, with a side of dignity, respect and compassion. It'S decidedly not a dining hall. At rutgers university newark in new jersey, the newest place to eat on campus offers a three-course farm-to-table meal. This is like so surreal that a real restaurant is in the student center. The most savory part there are no prices on the menu. I can't believe this is the kind of food that i'm getting served at rutgers, no art, that's that's bay. This is jbj soul, kitchen, a non-profit run by new jersey's own rocker jon, bon jovi! I love this sign over here. That'S our manifesto yeah, if you're hungry or, if you're hungry, to make a difference in your campus community, for we believe that a healthy meal can feed the soul. Bon jovi's, wife dorothea came up with the idea to other jbj soul.

Kitchens are already in full swing. This is the first on a college. Campus students can donate the recommended $ 12 for their lunch, which is a copy or they can volunteer in the restaurant. The model is you pay it forward? If you leave a 20 on the table, it paid for your meal and the cost of somebody's meal. Next to you, we want them to participate and as they participate, we kind of learned their story and their journey and what barriers they're facing everyone has. The same experience, no matter what how you got here, everyone sits down has a three-course meal, a really good rutgers university newark says it has one of the most diverse student populations of any school in the country, and 60 percent of students have struggled to pay for Food they're not alone nationwide, an estimated 30 percent of college students are food insecure. If our kids are hungry, how are they going to learn if they can't learn? How are they going to lead this summer? John will hit the road again on tour for his new album. Is it because you've had so much success that you feel you have to find? I don't know you pay it forward to every day. We feel grateful for the opportunities that would be given to me, and you know my family as a result, but in the same breath it came. Naturally it was just a progression of who we were as people from where we were from. If you could give people advice about how to give back and how to how to make a difference, find your own, it find what moves you every little you know stone in the in the late causes a big ripple, no matters, it really does we'll have a Lot more tomorrow on bon jovi's program on today, and also news about his new album coming up, plus surprising feelings about touring up. Next, though, we go back to los angeles, as fans gather to pay tribute to kobe bryant.

We return now to the breaking news about the shocking death of kobe bryant. He was a sports legend, as we've said a champion beloved across the country, but his passing leaves a particularly big hole in the hearts of angelenos got his schwartz. Is there underneath the smiling face of kobe bryant at a memorial in los angeles today, unshakeable grief, he meant so much to city valley as a player as a father as a businessman and as a mentor. They will never be nobody else, like kobe, ever, for the fans who have spontaneously gathered here at the staples center, the death of kobe bryant still seems impossible, just disbelief. It'S just like, i feel, like i lost someone in my family, there's, probably nobody that that has has changed my life as much as kobe bryant, and you know i was hoping to see him. You know so many great things, and yet the flowers and tributes and tears are undeniably real and then just as the sadness becomes unbearable, silent fans, in los angeles, begin to chant each filled with their own memories of the moments they witness kobe's, all inspiring greatness. Kobe is not just the person he's a generation he's a whole generation of all of us who were kids watching him he's just he's irreplaceable, a man who made so many of us feel invincible when he took to the court now gone far too soon. Memorialized today, as one of the greatest athletes who ever lived, daddy, schwartz nbc news, los angeles, much more on kobe bryant's legacy tomorrow morning on today, that is nbc nightly news on a sunday lester holt will be here with more tomorrow, i'm kate snow for all of Us at nbc news have a great night watch nbc news than any other news organization in the world.

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