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Published: 12/11/2019 05:14 AM

President Trump has been hosting campaign events across the country and when he rolls into town, cities need to beef up security measures. Now, multiple cities are claiming the Trump campaign has not paid them back for those added costs. NBC News’ Monica Alba explains why those bills aren’t like...

President donald trump's campaign rallies are a defining feature of his candidacy, hello, pennsylvania, [ music, ], we've been all over florida and a lot of things are happening. I love you too he's held more than any of his predecessors and most take place in huge arenas that can pack anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand of his fiercest supporters. But at least twelve cities of the hundreds he's ralli ...
d in across america since 2016 claim the president's campaign owes more than 1 million dollars total in overdue security costs. The trump campaign argues big left-leaning cities, some led by democratic mayor's, are purposely charging the president's reelect team. More than other candidates and since most cities don't require prepaid, contractsfor extra police resources. These disputes only get worse after the fact, but there isn't really a precedent for this. I'Ve been covering trump rallies for the last three years and they're always a political spectacle. Part rock concert and part religious experience for his biggest fan: [ music, ] and people can get so riled up. Sometimes skirmishes do break out after the events, the protesters outside prompting cities to consider more security resources for the events which simply costs more. The president has always professed his love for law enforcement. We love our police, but it's often there over time. That is an issue here.

It'S also worth pointing out that no one has ever campaigned the way this incumbenthas trump filed for a second bid just hours. After being inaugurated in 2017 and hasn't stopped campaigning, [ applause ] supporting to the center for public integrity, the trump campaign still owes el paso, 569 thousand dollars from a february 2019 and two hundred thousand dollars to albuquerque from an october event. Those are among the biggest unpaid invoices, but cities in arizona, wisconsin and pennsylvania are also on the growing list. Take minneapolis, for example, when the trump campaign organized a mega rally at the target center. In october, the city asked for more than five hundred thousand dollars in security costs that would pay for everything from extra police time to barrier fencing and traffic control around the areapresident trump took to twitter to vent his frustration slamming the minneapolis leader. As a quote lightweight mayor and then later at the rally itself, minneapolis minneapolis, you got a rotten man. You got to change you man, you got a bad man. In november the city of minneapolis was still demanding to be reimbursed. This is not a unique instance where donald trump is refusing to pay his bills. This has happened time and time and time again, the trump campaign still refuses to pay up arguing. The city was unfairly up charging them, especially compared to security costs incurred by former president barack obama at the same venue in 2009. The extra resources required for that only about $ 20,000.

According to local news reports, a tiny fraction of the amount, the city wants, the trump team to front a point. They are quick to make. These kinds of feuds are only expected to intensify the center for public integrity reports. No pain have been made on these outstanding amounts, and the campaign hasn't budged on its position that it shouldn't have to foot the bill for these extra costs. A trump campaign spokesman told nbc rally. Security is coordinated by us secret service and all enquiries should be directed to them. The secret service, however, told us that it does not pay for law enforcement overtime hours and quote. We don't have a mechanism to do so. Criticsargue, it's even more striking, given the campaign's blockbuster fundraising numbers this year. The re-election entities are certainly not short on money boasting record halls, each quarter and totaling more than 300 million in 2019, and it's not the first time a trump entity has been accused of stiffing vendors. The president's track record of not paying contractors dates back decades to his time, leading the trump organization or any of the payments coming soon. The standoff continues, as the bills keep piling up, we'll be tracking.

All of it, as the president's rally schedule, is only expected to intensify as 2020 gets into full swing. [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel, subscribe byclicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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