Trump Meets With Angela Merkel At NATO Meeting | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/04/2019 01:35 PM

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[ music, ] yeah. We had a meeting, i discuss with him everything we discussed a lot. We had a meeting unscheduled, but we've already put out a notice. It was a very good meeting. I think we discussed syria. We discussed the kurds, we discussed numerous things. We were getting along very well, the border and the safe zone is working out very well, and i give a lot of credit to turkey for that. The ...
he ceasefire is holding very much so, and i think people are surprised and maybe someday they'll, give me credit, but probably not, but it worked out well they've been trying to do this for a hundred years. That border is a mess for along time. We'Ve pulled our soldiers out, we took over the oil, we have soldiers where the oil is that's the way i like it and they can police their own border and that's what they're doing they can use other countries if they want if they want to spend the Time and energy they can do, but this is a border - that's been under siege for many many decades and it was time for us to leave and we left and it's been holding very nicely so we're very happy. We talked about that. Frankly, a lot of people take great respect to turkey for the work that they've done, and we had a number of mentions where theywere mentioned specifically now, they've been doing a good job and they've been doing a good job, also on the border and the safe zone And they have held, i mean.

Obviously there was some skirmishes, that's been around for a long time, but they've. The ceasefire is now very very well. I really don't know you got. Him sounds like something that's not so complicated. No, i haven't i'm not going to say what i'm going to say, but we will. We will be done in there, but we'll be talking about a number of things. We'Ll have a good meeting say it again. Well, we haven't really determined that yet i do think it's a problem but it'sa problem that germany's gon na have to work out for themselves. Maybe for germany won't be a problem. Oh it's not actually, but we'll be talking about that. We'Re talking to russia about many things, including a cessation on nuclear and nuclear creation. It'S, in my opinion, the biggest problem the world has today.

I think it's bigger than any other problem the world has today and we're working very hard over. Then he wants to see something happening, so do i, and so does china we're gon na be talking about everything yeah trade is very important in germany is a very big trading partner, but it's been really the european union and we are we've been discussing it forquite, A while it's been a little tough for many years, but now we have a very good basis to resume. Our trade meetings have been set up and we'll talk, and i believe that it will work out very well for everybody, and i think it should. We have some very tough barriers to get over. They have they've created barriers as i'm going over well and making it very hard for the united states really do to openly trade, and that can't be done, and so we're going to be talking about that and other things. I think we will solve it. We do a lot of business, but they do much more business than us and we'regonna make will they change it? People i've been saying this for the last six months for the last year and we've made progress, but we will make a lot of progress and we just want fairness. We have to have fairness and trade not only with the eu, but with many other countries. We'Re talking to china, as you know, those discussions are going very well and we'll see what happens but we're talking to china we're talking to others. We made a deal with south korea. We made a deal with japan. The japan deal is a partial deal.

It'S the rest will come next year, but we've made already many deals. We look at the big dealis. The u. s. mca with canada, mexico and nancy pelosi has to get they had approved. She has to put it out for about jews, have to talk to anybody. She doesn't have to talk to any of her democrats because they'll approve it and their constituents wanted approved very badly. So that's where we are. We have we've made a lot of deals, and this is a deal i think that's going to be. The eu is actually one of the more difficult deals we have because it's gone on for a long time unchecked, but it'll get there well he's too fast and honestly, with trudeau, he's a nice guy. I find him to be a very niceguy, but you know the truth is that i told him out of the fact that he's not paying 2 %, and i guess he's not very happy about it. I mean you: were there a couple of you: were there and he's not paying 2 % and he should be paying 2 %, it's canada, they have money and they should be paying 2 %.

So i called him out of that and i'm sure he wasn't happy about it, but that's the way. It is look, i'm representing the us and he should be paying more than fang and he understands it. So i can imagine him. I can imagine he's not that happy, but that's the way. It is well i'mnot working very hard on that, but i do think it's a security risk. It'S a security danger and i spoke to italy and they look like they're not going to go forward with that. We spoke to other countries they're not going to go forward. Everybody i've spoken to is not going forward, but how many countries can i speak to it by gon na call up and speak to the whole world? It is a security risk, in my opinion, in our opinion, we're building it and we've started, but we're not using huawei. I will say that, but we'll talk about that now, hey. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you. I think i will do just spentpurposes of this.

We'Ll be having a meeting with the 2 % people and we're having another meeting with denmark and then we'll probably go directly back to washington, because i can't imagine i can't imagine, will we discuss greenland? What do you think she must be in the real estate business? So we'll go directly back. I think we've done plenty of press conferences unless you're demanding a press conference we'll do one, but i think we've had two plenty of questions and again let me just finish by saying: we've had a tremendous two days. I think nato is stronger than it's ever been a lot more. Money is being produced by a lot of countries and they're enthusiasticabout it and within three years you're going to be talking about four committed to a four hundred billion dollars more and not by the united states by other countries. So it's been very successful today and there's great spirit. Okay, thank you very much. Everybody thank you. [ music, ].

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