Sen. Cramer proposes merit-based immigration plan

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 05:03 PM

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) on his merit-based immigration plan and the U.S.-China trade dispute. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business c...

I want to talk immigration for that, let's bring in senator kevin cramer north dakota republican. Mr. senator, i know you're working with the democrats on a merit-based immigration plan, only letting in highly-skilled immigrants do you have firm democrat support for merit-based immigration? Well, i think, there's certainly some i've steward on our bill. In fact, kamala harris is the democratic co- ...
ponsor of the bill along with mike lee and me, and what we're trying to get at is a very specific group of a merit-based immigrants and that's the high-skilled in north dakota, for example, one out of every 20 physicians is, Is isn't in on h-1b visa some case they have green cards in some cases, willbe 75 years before they get a green card. We also, of course, have a very large microsoft campus in fargo, we're in high demand for for the engineers and software developers that they need, so for us, it's aimed at that h-1b visa and particularly aimed at eliminating that the per country caps for green cards. Oh look, i love the idea, merit-based immigration, but that's exactly what we want, but your bill is very narrow. It only deals with just that one aspect of immigration: can you get that through congress when we don't have a comprehensive immigration plan? You know so you ask the obvious question the important question whether our piece becomes part of the largerbill, a more comprehensive bill or whether our bill can, as a standalone bill at least get the ball rolling, i'm for either one of those. Of course. You know that that jared kushner and the president have been working on a merit-based program. Our bill, the language in our bill, is incorporated somewhat into their merit-based, their mayor's merit-based proposal, which does eliminate those per country caps but at the same time, has a scoring system that still guards for diversity from smaller countries. So i think they're getting it but again, whether it, whether standalone and sometimes i think, steaua frankly, a smaller you know, piece of the apple bite of the apple might be. The very thingthe proves that we can get something done and that we can function and maybe get that ball rolling yeah it's doable, i mean that's the wood yeah.

May i ask you quickly about farmers the president plans to spend fifteen billion dollars almost buying off farmers who are badly affected by tariffs on china? Trade? Do you think that's enough and will it keep farmers behind the president in his battle with china? Well, the premise of your question is that he's buying them off and it's intended to keep them behind him. I think it stems from a genuine concern for our farmers and the fact that the tariff tit-for-tat that that we're in right now, it hasa you know negative in fact a disproportionate negative effect on farmers, because the retaliation is aimed at farmers. I think the president views this and the octave view it is in my actions in the short term, although for the long-term benefit of the country, having short term negative impact on our farmers, it's incumbent upon us, it's really an obligation, i think, to help our farmers. The problem steward is how he uses that 15 billion dollars is not unimportant. I don't have the silver bullet or the specific solution, but we want to make sure we don't inadvertently hurt markets and distort global markets with 15 billion dollars. So, whether my preferences and he buys the foodbecause farmers grow food to be purchased and then to be eaten, that you would buy the food and use it for goodwill and and soft diplomacy rather than distort markets in some other way. But the farmers would prefer to have a trade deal done. Okay, if i said this, i just wonder if you would agree with it, i'm going to say the following: if there is no trade deal done pretty soon, the president will lose the political support of the farm belt. The political support of some democrats and some republicans in his own party. What do you say well that may very well be true, but god bless the president for having the long terminterests of the country in mind ahead of his own political ambitions. I think you know we are at this point because presidents over the decades have been looking at the the immediate political advantages rather than looking out for the long-term security of the country. So if that may or may not be true, but i do believe that that, as long as as long as he's going in the right direction, using the tools in the really the weapons in his arsenal in this trade war, the most important thing is to win.

The trade war i'm far more concerned about our farmers ten to twenty years from now. If we don't stop china from doing what they'redoing, in terms of you know, intellectual property theft, technology threat theft to include by the way you know agriculture, which has, of course, some pretty important technology, senator kevin cramer, as always, thanks for being with us, so appreciate it. My pleasure stuart thank you.

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