Ohio begins recovery efforts after multiple tornadoes hit the state

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/29/2019 09:05 PM

Mercer County Emergency Management Director Mike Robbins on the recovery efforts in Ohio, after multiple tornadoes tore through the state. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. H...

So now form other recovery efforts going on in ohio, let's bring in mike robbins. He is the director of emergency management for mercer county ohio and he joins us on the phone. Sir, thank you for joining us. Can you can you tell us what it's like there right now? The cleanup is well underway, especially in the city of salina. The city is actually picking up a lot of the debris as long as the home ...
wners and all the volunteers we have in the area and, of course, insurances covering some sort of private contractors. There they get out the curve we're gon na called out. We'Ve worked with the highest epa to raise the davi levels our locallandfills allowed to take, so things are working. Well, we had a big eoc briefing this afternoon. So in the short term, we got good plans. We are starting to look at long term recovery plans with having 40 homes with either major or destroyed status. There'S going to be people looking to rent for a long time and around here we usually don't have enough parentals on a daily basis and we're going to add 40 50 families into that next. So we're we're starting to look ahead at long-term recovery.

Yeah i mean: what do you do about that? What do you need and how long do you think all this will take there? There are no easyanswers to housing. You can't just build apartments. We have three of our local congressman in the area were in town today. We'Re kind of a split district, our county is actually in a couple of different congressional districts and so congressman bob latta, jim jordan and ward davidson were here this morning. Talking with commissioners mayor celina, i got to speak with them for a while, so they are, you know, from the national to the state, to the local governments were all working on these problems. A lot of long-term problems are our know either in your easy answers, but we are working on that yeah. You know how does it change thing that they're they're just alot of different communities that are suffering at the same time? We'Ve had this terrible weather pattern and we were you know showing our audience the beginning that there are a bunch of different places across the country that are experiencing really terrible, weather-related devastation. Does it make it harder on you guys to get attention to recover that sort of thing to an extent? You know, even though ohio's got several counties right now involved that had tornadoes on monday night, when we did executive director of high msm america was in the county. This morning i got to speak with her for a while and they're working hard with the other counties and and with the federal governmentand the governor has declared for the counties that have been affected. So it's all been working, but the wider spread it is yeah. There'S only so many resources out there, but we were fine on the response and everything, but i worry about you know, is there: are there enough contractors to rebuild these homes, but how long is it going to take - and i know you know, along the coast states To get hurricanes, they deal with this a lot with widespread devastation, but you know it's a fairly small area salina, but there were a lot of homes in there yeah. Absolutely we will be praying for you and your community mike and we'll continue to shinethe light on it, so that you get the attention you need thanks for coming on today.

We appreciate it good luck to you, no problem. Thank you. Rather.

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