The potential military threats the US faces from Iran and China

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 06:34 PM

Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt on the potential national security concerns over Iran and China. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the b...

The president president, trump commenting on possible deals talking about china and also talking about iran earlier today. Let'S take a listen: china is becoming a very weak ninja nation, just as iran has become a very weakened nation, and iran wants to make a deal. Also fox news. Military analyst colonel david hans on whether or not we could see a deal with iran or maybe even china, but i didn't ...
hink it was interesting that he put the two together there. I don't know what it means, maybe from a military perspective or national security's perspective, but or maybe it does tell us something that he's mentioning china and iran in the same breath there. Would you needto make anything of that yeah? Well, the president said something is most powerful man in the world. You have to be all have to pay attention. I think iran has got certainly more trouble economically, it's a smaller economy and we and we've squeezed them very, very hard. Yeah put a lot of pressure on. Is it working yeah we're also talking very aggressively after four boats, four ships were hit and the straits of hormuz we know to hit out of yemen. You know soldiers are moving, but so there's a lot of pressure on iran. China seems to be an economic issue for that standpoint.

From a security standpoint, we all have to appreciate that the governmentowns, the majority, the businesses in china, the military and the intelligence community own a lot of businesses in china. So this is it's going to be, who blinks first it's how much paying the american public can take, how much pain the government and the military in china can take that. Let me ask you one more question about china. Then we will talk about iran which, to your point, is seemingly the much bigger issue military wise, but how much of a national security threat? In your view is china? You mentioned it seems to be an economic event or story, but how much of a national security concern is china right now major i mean that froma technology standpoint they've been ripping us off for 40 years. I mean they're, very, very vain. Russia are very aggressive on coming after us in technology and interfering they're. Also putting you know man-made islands in the and the china sea without any interference. It'S a very aggressive country. They have a long term look versus ours, which is normally short-term yeah. China is a concern we have to pay it. We have to pay a great deal of attention to them and they're a huge trading partner, as we know right and on iran to put the two back together again, as you mentioned, there's been a lot of pressure. Put on the regime there from the trumpadministration is all of that working.

What'S your take on how this is, you know played out of your over the last over the last few weeks. Economically, it's it's very hard going to run and it should be militarily. We'Ve been into more for 18 years of the global war on terror. We'Ve got soldiers in the middle east in syria and combat iraq in combat, and certainly in afghanistan, and we bought be very reticent about thinking figuring out of whether we want to go on a fourth country. Mm-Hmm that's four times bigger than iraq militarily, but we certainly are moving ships and soldiers around and talking in a very rough manner about iran yep. I hopewe're not really thinking, as you were 18 years ago, about iraq and afghanistan, that we have that we don't need that. We'Ve got so much pressure. We can continue put on them economically. Combat is not something we should be considering with iran. Fair enough. Thank you for your analysis of that colonel hunts. Good to see you.

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