Pelosi calls for special meeting with Democrats to discuss impeachment

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/21/2019 09:45 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for a special meeting with House Democrats to discuss the party’s views on impeaching President Trump. Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman reacts. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that ...

Pushing for impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi, calling for a special meeting with house democrats tomorrow morning, 9:00 a. m. to discuss the party's next move. That was breaking news just a short time ago. Here now is james freeman of the wall street journal. He is also a fox news contributor. You know james. We spent the first part of the day with nancy pelosi, denying that there was this p ...
sh and pull within the party that she was under pressure from a big part of the party to go ahead and start impeachment. Then, lo and behold, all of a sudden, we hear the breaking news that she has scheduled this meeting for 9:00 a. m. tomorrow to talk aboutit. What do you make of that yeah? I think this is part of the problem.

Democrats have created for themselves by talking about resistance, as if the president is some sort of dictator bye-bye, along with the media kind of feeding this narrative that he's some sort of authoritarian trampling the constitution. When you have this kind of over-the-top rhetoric, i think your supporters, if they believe you naturally say well, why aren't you trying to get this guy out of office and there's this little matter of not having the evidence to bring a case at this point yeah and Maybe that's what she's going to try and say that to them tomorrow, although i don't know youknow, nothing is ever as it seems in washington. So i wonder what the backstory is and what they're really trying to do in the short term looks like they're going with impeachment light. They keep demanding these documents and maybe that satisfies no one to the right. It looks like presidential harassment to the left. It looks like they're too chicken to pull the trigger, so maybe this little, this middle ground isn't as clever as it as it looks. Or is it just right, you know they don't sort of alienate everyone. Yeah she's trying to do the straddle and - and i think the trigger for this meeting is - is congressman amash on the republican side being thefirst republican to say impeachment, but he is generally a lone voice on on various issues. So i think some of the the more radical members of the democratic caucus who want impeachment are using this to say, look it's bipartisan, but i think what you what you see as we move through the week here, is it's more of an outlier than some kind Of move within the republican party, so if they went for it, everyone is saying that the obvious outcome would be impeachment in the house and that it would fail in the senate. Do you agree with that? And what do you think that would mean for each side? Yeah, but i mean the impeachmentfor: what sort of the question the the sharika? Maybe we should have justice. I think it's what they're going after well, the problem is, and similar to the case that amash tried to make is that you have to ignore the fact that the the president does have the authority to fire inferior officers in the in our constitution. He is the executive in charge.

It is not obstruction of justice for him to fire people who work for him much as we might think it's it's ill-timed or misguided or what-have-you, but so so i think that that general case that was not delivered by muller as the stumbling block. But having promised a significant part of thedemocratic coalition that they would be aggressive against this president, they they find themselves, i think, needing to to take some action yeah to follow through james freeman interesting times. Thanks for joining us, thanks, melissa,.

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