One Last Icy Plunge To Honor Pete Frates, Who Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | NBC Nightly News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/29/2019

Family and friends gathered Saturday for the final “Plunge for Pete,” an annual event to help Pete Frates as he battled Lou Gehrig’s disease. Frates, who died earlier this month, was the force behind the viral ALS ice bucket challenge which raised millions for ALS research.» Subscribe to NBC New...

So do you remember the ice bucket challenge to raise money for als research? It was the brainchild of pete freitas. He died this month of the disease and today his family took a last frozen plunge in his honor morgan chesky reports, one final channel in gloucester massachusetts. Some 500 people running into frigid waters to remember, pete freitas, the man behind the als ice bucket challenge for hi ...
family's annual plunge for pete fundraiser frey teas passed away earlier this month. After a nearly eight year battle with the disease, he would have turned 35. Today. We'Ve been able to recapture pete's essence his vitality, his wife, julie, taking part in the challenge for the very first timewearing, the same red white and blue bikini she wore when she met pete on the fourth of july eight years ago. This year's plunge for pete raised more than three hundred thousand dollars money. The family says, will go towards paying off his remaining medical bills. The 2014 ice bucket challenge raised 220 million dollars worldwide here in the u. s. , 84 million event went towards the ongoing search to find a cure tonight. The family saying this will be their last plunge for pete.

We'Ve been doing this, as you know, a tribute to him. A celebration for him - and this we decided - has come full circle a defining moment for the man who defined a disease inspiring othersmorgan chesky, nbc news, nbc news fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any Of the videos over here to watch, the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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