Trish Regan: Trump’s immigration proposal would be good for the US

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/17/2019 01:14 PM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan and “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton on President Trump’s merit-based immigration proposal. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered ...

Biggest call for change to our hip break hip, hreak, hip, himak, hip him break system ever -- immigration system ever proposed by president trump. goal is up number of work based visas from 600 thousand from current 140,000 work visas, calling it the build america visa. I think this is a great name. Our proposal is pro american pro immigrant and pro worker. It is just common sense. , our proposal ...
fulfills our sacred duty to those living here today, while ensuring america remain a welcoming country, too immigrants joining us tomorrow. , and we want immigrants coming in. We cherish the open door that we want to create for our country. , but a big proportion of those immigrantsmust come in through merit and skill. That is smart.

It is the martest i have heard. The administration is also identifying three skills: skills base categories for build america, visa. for workers with talent in sought. After specialize, vocasions and exceptional students, family still plays a role, but less of one. The idea is, we don't need people that will be a drain on the system. Here. , the president says we need people who will help us to be our very best, watch. As a result of our broken rules. The annual green card flow is mostly low. Wage and low skilled.

newcomers compete for jobs again the most vulnerable americans and put pressure on our socialsafety net and generous welfare programs. trish before anyone suggests that we're being too harsh keep in mind every other developed country. In this world has a system like he is proposing. Look at this map take a pick. They all have a skill-based merit-based system. Yet the democrats tonight are already fighting it. I tell you something: you know what they need to get over it. They just need to get over it.

enough. This is getting to the pain point where we're not going to be able to funk be able to function. The way we need 240 about need. 240 tbout need 240 to. ut. What is wrong. , we even bring more people, in. , not sent them away. This idea would accomplish that. They understood this right back when trump was not in office. watch.

Mexico must do its share, because the day when america could be the welfare system for mexico is gone. , we can't afford it. We have an actual humanitarian crises on the border that only under scores need to drop politics. All of us take offense to anyone that reaps rewards of living in america without taking on responsibilities of living in america. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, i believe, may must be --, they must be held, acon can be held, acona can be held, aconaccan be held, aconaccountible. fix our broken immigration. System. trish fix it, stevehill trish fix it steve hilton. You just sat down with the president.

I want viewers to listen here to him. Talking to you about immigration. , we gotten tough on the border. We have a catch and release you catch. Then you have to by law release. or you can 240 or you can -40 or you can -- 0 or you can --. You have to take them to a court. Nobody has a court system, others they take them --, . Does this new plan have details that would change that. , tremendous, a fair asylum system. ? Our ais, our asylum system, is a disaster right, now. trish.

We have a lot of problems right now. I amimpressed with what i see here. He is approaching it pretty rationally. Yet democrats are already mad. What is the chance that this gets through steve ? I think in long run trish this going to be the template for the reform that we need to fix this system that has been broken for decades. Only president trump, who has brought such cred bill fee such credibill fee such credibili fee such credibilityee, such credibility. e. He has been clear for so long. what i want to do take on argument from left and right. You see democrats.

They say that wow. This is not true to america, you know to restrict too people with skilled and merit. We should behere for all comers and so on. , that is the tradition. , but those traditions were in a different age. You didn't have what you have today, which is billions of people in world, far greater numbers migration on a bigger scale than we've seen: before. international travel, much cheaper people looking at phones and comparing life styles saying i want to go to america. It is a different world, equally, those on right and criticize this. I point this point to the --. I put this point to president.

This is not restrictive enough. You restrictive enough aou restrictive enough are just shifting balance went them. The economy is booming as a result of his policies. We do need people240 come -- to come here but, as you said, to contribute. trish, i know this democrats will say this is mean and cruel. that feinstein bite was in 1990s. If she would sing the same tune, she would realize we cannot be the welfare system for the world. Therefore, just because you are living here and have 50 family members at home, that does not mean all 50 get to come here and then u. s. taxpayers foot the bill for those members of your family who want to live off of the system as opposed to engaging In our economy.

, but with this program you talk about people, we are kind of recruiting right if you have rightskills and you want to be american - that is a match made for both. both parties where everyone benefits. I don't know why it was not done a long time, ago. >, > right. I have a personal connection to this. I am an immigrant twice over. My parents were immigrants to uk and communism in hungary, and i am now an immigrant here from uk to america. They were both examples of what we want. My parents did not assume for one second, just because they made it to uk, they should bring whole family with them. aunts and uncles similar lee. We moved here on a green card for work reasons.

I did not expect me and my wifewould bring over the whole family. That is not how this works. Most people get that it is just the extreme ideological democrats who are for open borders because it helps them politically are on the wrong side. If the end, i believe this is the plan that will happen. It is so sensible. trish. I think it is going to happen. I think you know, democrat need to get onboard with reality. , and this is a very realistic plan. That brings people here that we need that will help us grow steve hilton.

I can't wait to see the whole interview. It was great. trish. He says some interesting things. steve. Thank you so much you.

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