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Violent UPS truck robbery turned car chase caught on camera, investigators search for motive in deadly Pearl Harbor shooting, and Pelosi announces House moving forward with articles of impeachment. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local lis...

Tonight several breaking stories as we come on the year, the wild chase, a ups truck hijacked, the driver held hostage, the high-speed pursuit moments after a victim was hurt in a jewelry store heist. The images just coming in the dramatic takedown officers opening fire in traffic and late word on the driver also breaking the blackhawk military chopper crashing in minnesota three national guardsme ...
on board the late details tonight, the search for a motive in a deadly shooting at pearl harbor. A u. s. navy sailor killing two civilian workers wounding a third before turning the gun on himself. What we've now learned historic, moved by speaker, nancy pelosi, ordering articles of impeachment drawn up against president trumpand, the heated moment, a reporter asking pelosi: do you hate the president? So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that, the president daring democrats to impeach him fast. Could it happen by christmas? Our nbc news, exclusive uber for the first time going public with the surprise findings from its own safety report, but it reveals a staggering number of sexual assaults and what the company is vowing to do to make you safer. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. Everyone. There are several stories breaking as we come on the air tonight. We start near miami where a violent robbery turned hostage drama, turned wild chase in a carjacked upstruck and did just a short time ago. In a flurry of bullets in the middle of rush-hour traffic, the van surrounded by police, as the bullets flew all of it, aired locally on live television, morgan chesky, with what we know so far tonight, gunfire after a frightening chase through the middle of miami rush hour.

Traffic and armed robbery turned carjacking of a ups truck police say it started when two men robbed a coral gables jewelry store. Only the owner had other plans, opening fire on the suspects who shot back injuring at least one bystander. This is what dangerous people do to get away, and this is what people will do to avoid captured. Just minuteslater are confirmed, carjacking the suspects allegedly holding a ups driver at gunpoint before taking control for half an hour. The men led police on a chase through northern miami, dodging traffic driving down sidewalks and swerving past countless cars. At one point, the suspects even drove through a neighborhood barricade, as dozens of police cruisers tried to close in the run from the law ended nearly 30 miles. Later, in a hail of gunfire police swarming, the ups truck after blocking off nearby streets and late tonight, the fbi confirming four people died as a result of this carjacking saying that both suspects that ups driver taken hostage and a bystander were killed at that final location. Lester allright morgan chesky in miami tonight. Thank you also, breaking this evening. The crash of an army national guard, blackhawk helicopter in minnesota ron mott, has late details ron. What do we know about this? Hey there lester. Unfortunately, it looks like this is a tragic end to a search that has been going on all afternoon.

You can see the wreckage there in the snow officials say three minnesota national guard troops, ol jers were on that flight and they were conducting a maintenance test flight that had lifted off from the st. cloud airport and lost communications shortly after two o'clock. Making a mayday call nine minutes into the flight. Radio transmissions indicate rescuers zeroed in on thiscrash site by tracking cell phone pings from some of the occupants on that helicopter. There is no official word yet tonight on the condition or identities of those aboard lester. All right ron, mod thanks for the update now to hawaii in the deadly shooting at pearl harbor, where a gunman opened fire killing two and injuring a third victim tonight. We'Re learning more about that gunman. Miguel almaguer is there and has late details gunfire, triggering panic and terror at pearl, harbor, police and medical teams racing to the scene of an active shooter just after 2:00 p. m. on wednesday, the us military base locked down. We want to help. Obviously, we can't, as far as party asailor opening fire on three civilians, killing two before taking his own life, a witness describing the scene to nbc affiliate khnl.

The navy identifying the shooter only is a male sailor who law enforcement sources say carried out the attack with his service weapons with motives still unclear, the navy says the shooter was assigned to this nuclear submarine. The uss columbia docked at the shipyard for maintenance, the carnage unfolding across the harbor from the iconic world war. Two memorial. Our thoughts are with the families tareq apoy telling the ap her husband, vincent kapoor jr. , is one of the two civilians killed with a third victim. In stable condition, this is the latest deadly rampage on theus military base tonight in hawaii, as they prepare to mark the 70th anniversary of its darkest day. Tragedy has struck pearl harbor again with the base here at pearl harbor back to normal operations. There has been no impact to the nearby memorial meantime. Investigators are interviewing several witnesses in trying to speak to family and friends close to the suspects lester tonight. There remains no official motive, all right miguel. Thank you. History unfolding tonight as democrats take a dramatic and material step toward impeaching president trump with the president, even today, clinging to his mantra that it's all a hoax, a deadly, serious house speaker nancy pelosi, was directing house leaders to start drafting articles of impeachmentpeter alexander has late Details house speaker, nancy pelosi tonight wielding the power of her office in an effort to remove the president from his today.

I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment pelosi, echoing the words of the founding fathers saying, president trump's alleged wrongdoing strikes at the heart of the constitution. Our democracy is what is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt one again. The election for his own benefit three-two-one. The president tonight celebrating the season, while counting down the days to his likely impeachment that could come before christmas earlier defiantly challenging democrats to move quickly tweeting. If you're going toimpeach me do it now fast. So we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business tonight. The white house is aggressively gearing up for an impeachment trial early next year in the republican-controlled senate, where the president and his allies are confident he would be acquitted. The speaker gave a speech on national television to push forward her rushed and partisan impeachment. The president, today reiterating his demand that many key democrats be called to testify, including house intelligence chairman adam schiff and joe biden, who today confronted an iowa voter who questioned his age and accused him of having sold access to the white house. Claiming biden, senthis son, to serve on the board of a ukrainian energy company also bristling in a question today, speaker pelosi as she was leaving a news conference asked by a reporter whether she hates the president a for the president, all the time so don't mess with Me when it comes to words like that tonight, house democrats are still debating whether those articles of impeachment should be limited to the president's dealings with ukraine or broadened out to include what they call a pattern of obstruction that takes into account the findings of the moller Report lester peter thank you. It'S been called one of the biggest bank robbery schemes of the past decade and tonight federal prosecutors, havecharged two men in russia with running it, pete williams, has details operating from inside rush of federal prosecutors, say tonight.

These two men, maxime yoko betts and igor tora, chev targeted thousands of victims, vacuuming millions out of their bank accounts. Jakob x is a true 21st century criminal who, with the stroke of a key and the click of a mouse, committed cyber crimes across the globe, prosecutors say they stole three and a half million dollars from a pennsylvania oil company, which eventually managed to get the money Back but most victims, weren't, so lucky an order of nuns in illinois lost twenty four thousand dollars. The hackers focused on small businesses and city and county governmentsin. All investigators say us: victims in eleven states lost seventy million dollars worldwide, say officials in the us and england. The hackers hit more than three hundred organizations in 43 countries. There is real-world harm where people's life savings, people's companies are being compromised by these individuals. The u. s. is offering a five million dollar reward for information that leads to the capture of yaku betts who's safely living in moscow, and us authorities say the russians aren't doing much to help in arresting him. Pete williams nbc news washington. This was a tense and violent day in france, much of the country shut down by massive protests, bill neely is there what's behind it? Tear gas fire andfury and paris, as the biggest french strike in decades, descended into violence riot police firing, stun grenades at protesters central paris again, a battleground nearly a million marched in 40 cities, police officers and doctors joining garbage collectors and opera singers. Public sector workers angry at pension reforms pushed by the french president emmanuel macron transport across france, stopped schools and the eiffel tower closed american tourists hit.

I feel a little bit frustrated and i spent a lot of money echoes today of the violence of last year's, yellow, vest protests, protesters tonight, threatening to cripple the country and the economy. More strikes are planned tomorrow, more protests, saturday. This is a battle of wills that could makeor break the french government and its president lester bill nearly in paris tonight. Thank you. A disturbing photo has led to the suspension of a number of government employees in west virginia. The image shows a training class of about 30 correctional officers appearing to give a nazi salute governor jim justice, condemned the photo and has ordered the firing of everyone found to be involved. Now our nbc news exclusive tonight on ride-sharing giant uber after years of being dogged by safety concerns and sexual assault allegations against some of the drivers. The company is going public here tonight with what it calls a comprehensive report addressing those concerns and vowing new action here. Stephanie gosk with thatuber upended how we get from point a to point b but as the rideshare company has grown so to have accounts like this. I was basically taken for two and a half hours in an uber car. With the next day i had defensive wounds. I told my mom and my sister, and they were just like no, that sexual assault tonight for the first time uber, is publicly releasing its own data on sexual assaults.

Over the course of 2017 and 2018, the company received nearly six thousand reports of incidents during or after uber rides, ranging from groping to rape, roughly 4 reported rapes every week, one in every five million rides. That'S a hard number buti'm, not surprised, and i'm not surprised, because sexual violence is just much more pervasive in society than i think most people realize. Tony west is ubers chief legal officer spearheading the study released today, together with input from sexual violence advocates. I was surprised to read that about half of the victims are riders and the other half are drivers, that's right, and so this is not just a one-sided problem. We have to keep in mind that both drivers and riders are victims. According to the study, uber is aware of law enforcement involvement in 37 % of the reported rape cases. That number seems kind of low to me, just 37 % i'll. Tell you one of the factsabout sexual assault is that it is a very underreported offense uber shouldn't make that choice for survivors survivors should make that choice for themselves. It also opens up the possibility that uber is aware of someone who potentially raped someone else who's out in the public without involving law enforcement. As someone who is a former law enforcement official, i understand the tension. We have lots of information about an incident that we will share with law enforcement if we get the consent of the victim. Uber study reveals that more than 40,000 drivers were banned in the u.

s. in the last two years as part of continuous background checks for a variety of reasons, including sexual misconduct uberannouncing tonight they plan to share those names with other ride, share companies. What do you hope to show with these numbers over the years? We hope to see and hope to learn a number of things. I think. First, we want to raise awareness. The other thing we want to show is that we're developing best practices among new safety features uber is adding the ability to text 911 unique, pin codes for rides and on trip reporting. Were there ever any internal conversations where people said this could hurt our business. These numbers sure sure there were it was hard, but it's important for us to push through that discomfort and to talk about these issues and ubercouldn't simply ignore what was happening on its platform and, most importantly, we have to then address it stephanie. I know this study addresses issues beyond sexual assault safety. What else does it look at overall? Is that fatalities as well lester? They found 107 deaths because of crashes over this 2-year period according to their own comparison. They also tell us that they're gon na do a study, just like this, every two years to compare the data just ahead tonight, why a boy invited his entire kindergarten class for a very special day in court. It'S tonight's inspiring america, the astounding price of a piece of art, yep, some are calling it bananas all right up next for ustonight the new top banana in the art world.

It'S sold for a staggering amount, but, as harry smith tells us opinions on it are split. A picture popped up on our screens today and we're sorry. We just can't seem to peel our eyes away, because what you're looking at - and this is no slip of the tongue - is art and it just sold for north of $ 100,000 at the big art. Basel gathering in miami many an artist was misunderstood in their lifetimes van gogh. Yes, the van gogh only sold one painting ever maybe we're missing something with the banana and duct tape. Like an unfathomable metaphor about the banana that decays, but the tape as anydo-it-yourselfer knows pretty much lasts forever. Still we have a few questions as the banana rots does the art appreciate or depreciate? If i go home and make my own banana and duct tape art? Does that mean i'm an artist only if you get paid for it, harry smith, nbc news, some deep thoughts there up next, an amazing day for one young boy with all his friends there to celebrate. Finally, tonight the day one boy has been waiting for in the friends he brought along here's kevin tibbles. It was a field trip, unlike any other schoolchildren in kent, county michigan, all invited down to the local courthouse. Welcome to the courthouse on this amazing day, toattend a very special hearing. It was adoption day in family court in all 37 foster children united with their new families, there's so many emotional stories with paper hearts in hand. The friends of eight year old, michael clark, jr.

, came to celebrate right, along with him, he's been with his foster parents for about a year. Today they are one, you know we asked him and he was just like you know. The class is kind of my family tonight. One special group of kids have found their forever parents. We were just kind of thinking. How can we build our? I got my money and there's so many options right for building a family. These days, andone boy's classmates have learned an important lesson about love and commitment. Kevin tibbles, nbc news. How can that one not get you huh? That'S nightly news. I'M lester holt in that everyone, [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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