Buttigieg proposes four new taxes

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019 05:39 PM

Former Clinton pollster Doug Schoen on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's calls for tax hikes and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris' equal pay plan. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that im...

Democrats, twenty twenty percent of campaign in the candidate met peter budaj judge he's proposed for new taxes. Duck shown is with us former clinton pollster fox news contributor. I'M trying to figure it out higher taxes on income tax on wealth, corporate end of the corporate tax loopholes. As he calls them and stock transactions tax that as well right, don't you people ever learn about tax and s ...
end well look, i don't share the mayor's positions, but given that we just had a segment on milk shaking people on the right, the fact that a democrat Came on fox, who has had many ideas that i think have galvanized america. The fact that he got a good responseto standing ovation did well with chris wallace to me overcomes the fact that he's wrong on taxes. So you are a democrat who does not favor raising taxes? No, i don't you would you would not roll back the trump tax cuts? I would look for a set of tax cuts that are more oriented towards working people rather than corporations well. Well. This is a revelation, but there isn't a single democrat candidate who is in favor of leaving the tax structure as is and cutting taxes. Some more there's missing, i didn't say i was for leaving it, as is, i said i would reorient the trunk tax cuts to make them more user friendly for individualworking-class taxpayers in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio. You get my point yeah. That'S all politics, yeah, i'm in prosperity. For everybody, so am i in the tax cut for individuals, as the tory party has demonstrated over the years.

It'S a very, very good thing. Oh i'm glad you're with us on this one. I am safe, amatory wet inserts a caramel torie wet now yeah we're not going to explain that on this program now, however, senator kamala harris she laid out a proposal for equal pay for women, a roll tape. Please and i'll tell you what else i plan to do as president on the issue of the economy, i am proposing that we change the taxcode of the united state and in particular i am proposing that for families that make less than $ 10,000 a year i Mean $ 100,000 a year because that's a whole other plan. What we got to do there, i'm sorry wrong. Soundbite there. What she is proposing is a certification process for big companies. You can't do business you'll be fined. If you don't tell us the government that you are paying men and women absolutely equally, that sounds like a nasty bureaucratic mishmash tonight. My fear is that we are so overreaching as a government into private matters that this matter, which is largely in my mind, a going in the right direction, will lead to a government, levelof control and involvement. That, frankly, is not healthy and is not constructive. It'S just not the right way: it's not the american way, just not the right.

You don't get growth like this. You don't don't get it. No, you don't get fairness either. All you've got is a passel of lawyers and government bureaucrats deciding about employment policy and pay. Look, i'm pro-growth, i'm for lower taxes on working people. I am for trying to take advantage of what trump is done. Fix healthcare do a deal on immigration biden. Is the democrat who's made, in my judgment the best impression. I know you have your problems with him, but he's ten points ahead and that's not abad thing for my party. We talk to you at least once a week, and i can see you moving moving towards trump. I can see this if it is not joe biden. It will be very hard for me to support democrats who make redistribution their primary means of running the economy.

I knew we'd get to you after a few years. I knew again don't count biden out yeah, i'm not counting him out, i'm just expecting you to move to florida. That'S easy! That'S where i'm heading now! I know you are. Thank you.

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