College Board to assign SAT 'adversity score': Report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019

FBN's Lauren Simonetti on reports the College Board will begin assigning an 'adversity score' to the SAT. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the bu...

The college board plans to give an adversity score to every student it takes. The sat lauren simonetti has been looking into this if i'm poor and from the wrong part of town. I have where you want to define that. Do i get extra points? You get fewer points, so the it's a scale. This comes from the wall street journal and we have reached out to the college board who will not affirm or deny this sto ...
y, but they are in charge of the sat and there they do. 50 schools apparently have tested that this year, a scale of one to ten fifty is average if your score and they look at fifteen different items, not raceso your background, where you live you're in cut your families income, the high school that you went to to kind Of paint this picture of where you come from, if you go below 50, that's hardship if you go above 50, you're privileged and they're, trying to figure out a way that the schools can use this to boost your status, because sometimes the sat doesn't test your resourcefulness Or how much you've really overcome because of income inequality? That'S what it boils down to, but this is a very sticky area for many schools, because it goes under the category of affirmative action. In a sense you be on the phone all morning all morning, trying to getanswers on this and did did you say? Is this about race? No, because i wouldn't have. I couldn't get anybody to even confirm that they did try, testing and adversity score, okay, which is troubling so the bottom line is it's not just academic achievement? Its background will be factored into your sat score. That'S a type of affirmative action. I think to help poorer people and one person i spoke to said this is a way of getting a trace without really getting out race. But i want you to consider something else. There are there's a lawsuit against harvard and it's by asian-americans, and they say since we typically test well and we'll show you the numbersthese.

These are the numbers and these come from the wall street journal if we can put them up on the on the screen. Right now, if you look at average, sat scores, asian-americans score a hundred points higher than whites white score 177 points higher than 133 points higher than hispanic students and the asian students are saying you're, making us it's harder for us to get in because you're holding us To a higher standard, so there's all sorts of storylines emerging around this adversity. So does it affect your score, though? To snooze points is hard to understand? Isn'T it because you've overcome adversity? Do you get extra credit? I guess is what i'm saying i thinkyou would, but you wouldn't know, because the student will never know what adversity school shiz gets even better. It should, when you factor in the college, admissions scandal right i mean you should yeah think about that. That'S part of the big picture: yes, the colleges right they're all trying to broaden the base, the the students that they let in yale has done a very good job with this. If you look at first-generation students going to yale, for instance, they've in the past several years, almost doubled that number and for low-income groups to if you put those two categories together, it's 20 % of their class, but the bottom line is i hate using that expression. Butthe bottom line is it's not just pure academic achievement? Nope, a lot more goes into whether it should or should not, is another story entirely, but a lot more is going into it and, as you know, especially with operation varsity blues, the college admissions officers probably have a little bit of a headache right now. Thank you. Yeah lauren you've been working hard for the results were good [ laughter, ], great stuff,.

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