TSA to send hundreds of workers to the southern border: Report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/29/2019 11:52 PM

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses how the TSA is expected to send up to 400 workers to help alleviate the problems at the southern border. Paxton also discusses how a New Mexico mayor issued a cease-and-desist order to a private group, which started building a portion of wall at the U....

Okay, we've got fast-moving developments at the border tonight and perhaps tops among them the tsa now deploying up to 400 workers to help handle the massive influx of illegal migrants at the border. The tsa says it is looking for volunteers, while quote minimizing operational impact. Let'S bring in looking serious video texas attorney general ken paxton great to see you, sir thanks for having me, ...
i'm so glad you're here. Well, you know we have nothing but respect for the folks at the tsa, but descending them to the border. Help alleviate their problem of the airports. I mean this chaos happening well. This is obviously a balancing issue and, if you'll remember, the president asked for moremoney for border security and for a wall building and all kinds of stuff on the border which we appreciate in texas. He didn't get it all in cities having to balance priorities. What do you make of ditch at dhs flying migrants to other cities? You know it is a little troubling the fact that they used to turn them over to ice, and then you know try to send them back, but they just don't have the resources or the places to put them anymore. It'S just out of control. You know what's also happening to we're tracking this story and you can correct us if we're wrong border patrol is having to scramble they're using department, storesthey're, building tents to tent cities abandoned strip malls to house migrants. Is that what's going on yeah we're in a place? We'Ve never been before because of the the just the amazing numbers of immigrants coming across the border, we're just in a place with hundreds of thousands coming across the border.

You know every month we're in a place. We'Ve never been before, so we're putting them in airplanes. Putting them on greyhound buses, putting them in department stores, putting them in strip malls, but somehow america is being awful and wicked and evil right. We understand the child separation policy that was explosive and that should have never happened and should have stopped, but that that isstill with us and what set-aside is what the border patrol is trying to do, and that is actually part of the incentive to come. People come with their families, knowing that they won't be separated and knowing that, ultimately, it leads to their release while they wait to hear about their their hearing on asylum, we've got a system that doesn't work anymore. What'S your take on the new york there's a mayor in new mexico issued a cease and desist order, for i think, regular folks, a private group is starting to build their own part of the border, a border wall. What'S going on, there look i'm not sure if they've violated some city ordinance but it'sit's, an effort by private cities and citizens on a private property to put up a wall to protect themselves from you know: illegal immigration, the consequences of it yeah. But now this mayor, saying hey, stand down, you're, not allowed to do it. What you're, taking that man, i don't know what the city ordinances are, but it seems like they oughta, be able to work with the people there and and whatever their construction issues are and ultimately resolve that and allow these people to put up their wall. No. This is their property, it's there. I heard you saying there's this other case that we're tracking too we've talked about the story on camera and we mayhave discussed it with you.

A judge in massachusetts, charged with helping an illegal immigrant escape from the courtroom. Federal agents turned down basically what's happening here. The judge shelley richmond. She turned down the plea deal. She faces up to 20 years of convicted. What'S your take on that story, look we're presumed innocent and and she's presumed innocent, but you know if she did it. She deserves to be punished just like anybody else. Obviously, she's not supposed to be helping illegals escape from her courtroom or anywhere else in this country. You'Ve watched this debate unfold who's, winning it that's a really good question. I would say we're america's losing it, because congress will not address thefundamental problem here. We'Ve got a president who wants to do it. He'S he's made it fundamental to his administration, and yet we have a congress.

That literally, is ignoring the problem. So you have you ever spoken with a democrat about the problems at the border. Yes, i have, and what do they say they typically say we don't have a problem or you know we ought to open them. I got ta say we don't have a problem. I don't 1,000 people crossing, it makes no sense to me. It makes no sense that someone would say we need to knock down the walls that we have, but we've had democrats say that all right, but then they wanta stronger border barriers right yeah and some of them do in the end it's affecting their part of the The state of their part of the country, all right, texas, attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us coming great to have you in studio.

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