Pelosi knows impeachment is a political disaster: Karl Rove

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 01:50 PM

Fox News contributor Karl Rove on the future of USMCA, U.S. trade tensions with China and the political fallout from Robert Mueller's comments on the Russia investigation's findings. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms tha...

Joining me right now, former senior adviser to president george, w bush and fox news contributor, karl rove in new york, karl great, to see you i'm sorry, i'm missing you in new york this morning. Well, i wish you were here because i don't be in fact it's dangerous, there's a handwritten banner back here in the back saying mornings with dagen. I don't know what that's all about. Are you starting t ...
ouble this morning? First, she was talking about cutting the signal to toronto. I don't know i just all right. Let me ask you a call a lot of fireworks yesterday, but i want to start with trade. We'Ve got the u. s. mca, one step closer toratification. We we imagine, given the fact that the vice president will meet with the prime minister today. What'S your expectation in terms of nancy pelosi, bringing that to the floor for a vote. Well, look having been through a couple of trade battles with nancy pelosi, sp currents in 2007 and 8 she's not going to be easy about this she's gon na drag it out.

I know the administration is putting the pressure on hoping to get this done by the august recess. I wouldn't be surprised to see it brought up. This fall well after the august recess and maybe not even then look she's got she's got two issues here. One is a political problem: she's gotshe does not want to pass us mca with a small number of democrats. She wants this thing to be big numbers of republicans and big numbers of democrats. If they're gon na do it at all, which means that they're gon na need some things on labor and environment to bring along the democratic left, she does not want to have you know 50 democrats or 60 democrats and 190 republicans passed this, because it will then Give opportunity for people in the left and the democratic party to hammer some of the centrist on which her majority depends. The other thing is, she doesn't want to give president trump a victory. Let'S be honest about it. She'D prefer not toshe knows how important this is. However, to the country she'll, ultimately, i think bring it up for a vote, but not until she's. She'S assured that there are large number of democrats ready to vote for me, because i think that if she were to bring it to the floor, it would pass you would get the votes. You'Ve got a lot of democrats representing states that are actually going to see an impact on manufacturing.

Darrel isis says that it's a hundred thousand jobs that could be cut on the table if this doesn't go through. So is she willing to to take that chance with all of the jobs at state? Oh sure, because she doesn't getblamed for it when the economy is bad, the president of the united states gets blamed for it, not to speaker the house, but you're right. If you take a look at states with democrats like texas and arizona and new mexico and florida and michigan, the democrats in those states are going to be either because the auto industry, or because of the the the trade with mexico they're going to be mostly in Favor of this, and you take those states alone and match them with a hundred and eighty five hundred and ninety republicans, who would vote for this and you'd have 218. But again she doesn't want to bring it up unless she's got a largernumber of democrats willing to support it. Well, she's got now that the aluminum and steel tariffs have been lifted right on canada and mexico. The president did that you're also talking about mexico. Looking at this trying to make sure that they address the the labor issues, do you think all of that is on track? I mean, or are there things that she can actually push back on in terms of the labor practice? Well, the administration is very adroitly, pulling the the you know, pulling the things of the obstacles out of the way the she was able to talk to the to the steel and labor tariffs. She was raising issues about the mexicans and laborprovisions, and the mexican government has said: hey we're on board for this we're comfortable, we're happy with it. You should be too so step-by-step-by-step the administration is removing the obstacles to voting for it. But again it's a political calculation to political calculations. We are there gon na, be a large number of democrats and do we really want to give the president a victory all right, so you think at a minimum this doesn't. This doesn't come to the floor until the fall, because the vice president wants this ratified by the end of the summer.

Yeah, that's what that's! What he's calling for and we're gon na talk about that later. In my interview, let me stay on tradebecause the founder of bridgewater associates. This is ray. Dalio issued a warning over the us-china trade tensions. He wrote this as someone in these negotiations wisely said. History shows that countries in conflict have seen that such conflicts can easily slip beyond their control and become terrible wars that all parties, including the leaders who got their countries into them, deeply regretted right now we're seeing brinksmanship negotiations. So it is a risky time. Your reaction to what's taken place so far with china. You know i spoke with secretary pompeo this week and he's been out and about talking to our friends in europe, our friends across the world, as well as in the us trying to stressthe national security issues around china. It'S not just an economic story. Yeah he's been particularly concerned about huawei and been very very pointed in his comments about that and look how mr. dalio has got a great deal of expertise in this part of the region.

I'M not certain. I share the concern that we're on the brink of war, but we are on the brink of some very severe economic consequences both for the chinese and for the united states, and there apparently were close to a deal and then the chinese stepped back. That'S not a good sign and then we are also seeing a rising number of complaints by american companies who, in who export tochina or who import items from china that are critical to their finished product. Who are complaining about non-tariff obstacles to trade, they're, getting more inspections and they're having holdups at the border, and they have to keep their goods in warehouses and they're, not able to get them to market and their complaints about this? And that and and the elements of their shipments rejected, so the chinese are playing hardball beneath the surface. It'S one thing to be obvious and in the clear by you know, raising a tariff or or refusing to allow a certain good to be brought in it's another thing to make it really really difficult to import the several hundred billion dollars, thatwe that we import into China, every year, real quick before i switch gears, your reaction to what muller said yesterday. Well, the democrats were desperately hoping that he would say something different and new and more expensive than he said in his report and he didn't and if you're nancy pelosi you got 41 democrats and one republican who were saying impeachment. She knows that the impeachment is a political disaster for them new, harvard harris poll, 65 % of americans oppose impeachment. Large number of democrats support it, but large majorities of independents and almost every republican oppose it. This is a loser for her. She wanted. They wanted some. Some muller to come out and say something moreexpansive he didn't, but the pressure is going to continue to build in her caucus.

Nancy pelosi is torn between the progressive left of her party, which wants to impeach and the political reality that that she has a majority in the house because a bunch of red districts, flipped blue, and she knows that this could cost her her majority. Well, he certainly took it to the edges as far as he could take it didn't he i mean you know, but by saying look if we thought that the president did not commit a crime who would have said so well, he said that and he said that In his report, so i mean it was really nothingnew there. They were hoping for something new and they didn't get it. If i i'm sure, there's a nation' of teeth in jerry nadler office today and adam schiff is is in mourning. Having hope that muller would somehow or another come out and say, indict, indict, indict and peach impeach impeach this right, carl great, stop.

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