What is Democratic socialism?

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 02:25 PM

Socialism advocate Nomiki Konst explains the different types of socialism. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — F...

First, our top story, this half-an-hour and this week fox business, is shining the spotlight on capitalism versus socialism this week. Here'S president trump during a visit to a national gas facility in louisiana. Yesterday, we want every american to know the dignity of work. The pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done, we do not believe in socialism. Okay, is that all right to ...
say we had socialism here, you'd have nothing standing and if it was standing from previous generations, it would be falling down right now. Socialism debate is heating up ahead of 2020 with candidates like bernie sanders. Elizabeth warren kamala harris calling for policies like tax increases on the wealthyfree college tuition medicare for all joining us right now is activist and socialism advocate no mickey constant. Oh mickey, it's good to see you again thanks so much for joining us this morning, yeah maria, so tell us why you're a socialist well so to start, there's there's a little bit of a difference between democratic socialists and socialists and of course you know more radical Style of socialist - and i think that's one of the problems that we have in the united states. You know our education system really hasn't afforded us the ability to understand the depths of the different political philosophies out there. So what i believe in is, i believe, in a democratic government imean, that's essentially what democratic socialism is? It'S a government. That'S built off of of the people. It'S made up of the people.

The people who are deciding are the people writing the laws, the people who you know who are affected by the economy right now, we are living more in an oligarchy where you know not a one person but a point. One percent is they're, making all the money not paying the taxes living in multiple homes, driving up the cost of real estate lobbying our lawmakers to not make sure that working people can live better lives. Income inequality is worse than it's ever been in history. Right now. Talking after the stock market crashed in1929 after the 2008 collapse, it's worse now than it was then, and - and i think that democratic socialists think that this is a reflection of our government being an oligarchy rather than a government. That really came out of you know the new deal and that was essentially a form of democratic socialism, and it's with so many countries around the world have a deeper understanding of in jin that they packed there our most vulnerable citizens, rather than those who can line The pocketbooks of our lawmakers erin good morning, erin elmore here so despite the prominence of socialist ideals in the mainstream liberal media. Recent polls by monmouth, for example, show that socialist ideals are notpopular. Only ten percent of people prefer them and if you do support socialism, it's all about the community. This shows that the community isn't really behind you. Where does that leave you on your theories here? Well, i think one of the problems, as i said at the beginning, was most people don't understand, especially an older generation may only keep coming out of the reagan era is that you know people don't understand what social is when you pull people on the issues that Democratic socialists are fighting for medicare. For all, you know: fair housing, you know eliminating student debt and reducing student debt. These are things that that all americans wants to see happening, but it'sreally the labels, the fear, that's attached.

These labels, that's frankly, put out there by by donald trump, it's put out there by far right-wing media you'll see that democratic socialism is actually rising, especially with younger people and just one more thing to add. A lot of these polls are extremely flawed and they're focused on specific demographics. We have to talk about the issues, not the labels and, however, the issues and the policies are gon na improve people's lives, so looking just at, for example, work and because socialism is for the people, as you, as you just said, should everyone make the same salary? No, that's that's communism! So no! No! No! No! It'S not that wouldbe socialism, because everyone would be the same. Everyone should be making the same and there's no. You know productivity increases where people have an incentive to work hard and make as much money as they can. You just said a minute ago that it's 1/10 of a percent at the top making all the money. So you must agree that everybody should make the same salary, then, no so socialism, communism and democratic socialism. You know, i think it's like. We all need a rebranding democratic socialism is, is a challenge on up making a better capitalism. It'S it's believing endeavour, values and institutions, but also a check on capitalism. That is how democratic socialist theorists all across theworld operate. You know their governments being led this way.

It doesn't mean that they're anti capitalism doesn't either storming the gates they're, not anarchists, they're, not calling you know in frankly, most democratic socialists aren't calling for a universal basic income. That'S something more libertarian, so we believe that, yes, the markets need to be checked right now. They'Re out of control, but every person should be able to start a small business. The way my grandparents did when they immigrated here when they escaped communism, alles communism to come here. Well, your mid. You mixing it up because everybody being able to start their own business is not socialism. You can call it democrat socialism or whatever youwant, but it's not socialism having everybody to be able to start their own business and make as much money as they can no mickey you're confusing capitalism and socialism. No i'm actually not in fact sitting here right now. My computer is on a stack of books that deal with this subject: democratic socialism, democratic states are different than blanket socialism. The theory you know leninism is different than marxism. You know we we have to go back to history and it's it's complicated and what you different like capitalism. I think that capitalism needs to be checked.

Democratic socialism is check on capitalism. It is not a rebuttal on capitalism and the elimination of capitalism. We live ina global economy - that's not gon na happen anytime soon, okay, but the truth is, is that you know people need to be fayette, paying their fair share of taxes, especially the 1 %. Know me: it's data mcdowell good to see you. We'Ve done a lot of tv together over the years listening to kind of your prominent representatives of democratic socialism. I occasionally, when they talk about problems in our society, say problems in public housing with children getting asthma here in new york or the flint water crisis, for example. Those are problems created by government. So how does more government fix those? It'S interesting? You mention this um. So this is these: are problems specifically both of thoseare, a reflection of austerity in government in both nycha the public housing in in new york and inflamed. What you saw was a conservative government but treat austerity just as they did in greece, just as they did in in portugal and spain, where it sucks the life out of the citizens and really lines the pocketbooks of the control. The fiscal control boards were making money off of these institutions being sucked of the resources and then what happens next. Is you big companies come in and say: oh we're gon na privatize.

It there's no option. Now we have to fix this by privatizing public housing by privatizing, water and and the proof is out there now whenyou privatize water supplies. You know it actually doesn't make that water cleaner. When you privatize, crowded housing, it doesn't make that housing better functioning and fair. It actually just makes a lot of money off of frankly poor people and that's not fair. All right, no miki will be watching thanks. So much jeremy key concerning us. There.

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