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Published: 12/14/2019 12:59 AM

Aisha Nyandoro created Springboard Opportunities to help single black mothers, and is now testing universal basic income in Jackson, Mississippi. She chose 20 mothers at random to receive $1,000 a month — no strings attached — and hopes to expand the program next year. » Subscribe to NBC News: h...

Jackson, mississippi 1,200 miles and a world away from the records being set on wall street in a state where only 10 % own stock. Ayesha yonder, oh noes, here the vicious to be thriving shopping, complex, strong markets, don't mean much when people talk about a booming economy, but you see this: do you believe that people are being left behind? I definitely believe i know people are being left beh ...
nd nationwide. Nearly one in four black women live below the poverty line in mississippi it's one in three most folks, particularly black women, are pigeon-holed into these low income, poverty level, jobs that do not create a pathway out. That'S why under o created springboard to opportunities programs, tohelp single black mothers, she's testing, a new idea gaining national attention? Oh that's: 2. + 1, giving out cash privately-funded no strings attached to see how the women choose to spend it without government requirements, a concept called universal basic income. Young d'oro chose 20 mothers at random. Why am i calling you to cola to receive $ 1,000 every month? Your name was chosen for one year. What does this money mean to you? I love freedom. Tia cunningham works at a senior living facility where she makes 10:31 an hour. What does your paycheck usually look like um between five and six hundred mm-hmm, five and six hundred dollars? Yes, ma'am this every two weeks now with theadditional money, she's chosen to pay down debt, three thousand dollars so far i was able to pay deals. I'Ll get my credit straight and go visit her father in pennsylvania, something she couldn't afford for 20 years. He was emotional.

I wish i could spend more. What is the biggest difference between this program and a government subsidy? You know government sucks that he comes with a lot of conditions and comes with a lot of rules about how you have to use the resources with this we are saying: is your money we're getting more into the inner city, bold experiment that yonder will expand next Year, giving women more than just money, but also the chance totake control of their lives. Blaine alexander nbc news jackson, mississippi nbc news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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