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Published: 12/04/2019 03:27 AM

NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud hooked herself up to a brain monitor to see how she responded to each of the 2020 candidates’ campaign logos. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and p...

[ music ], so it probably looks like i'm being brainwashed in some sort of science fiction movie, but these nodes on my head - and this monitor, on my hand, are actually measuring my emotional response to what's on the screen. But let's back up a step. Why am i staring at logos earlier this year, 2020 candidate, pete budaj started getting some buzz for how committed his campaign is to graphic desi ...
n. Take a look at his logo. It'S pretty different from what we're typically used to seeing and on pete for america. com. You can find their design tool kit, which includes customizable logos, unique rally, signs for all 50 states and dc and puerto rico, and they even provide hexcodes. So if you want to make your own stuff, you can match their official colors exactly so. All of this made me wonder how much of an impact can design and branding really have on a political campaign here at spark niro. They study how the brain reacts to stimuli. Ultimately, everything that you do in life all of your perceptions, all of your behaviors. That includes what products you buy, but that also includes who you vote for is driven by these unconscious emotions that you're not always aware of, and so when we conduct studies like the one we just did with you.

What we're looking for is what is happening with people emotionally and how mightthat changed their behaviors spencer. Jarrell is spark neuros, ceo and the company has some street cred. When it comes to politics, you were collecting data in the 2016 election. Yes, we were similar to what you experienced. We hooked people up, we watched their brain activity and other neurological response and we showed them debate clips and we showed them advertisements and we show them parts of speeches and we specifically in pennsylvania and florida recruited likely voters but who had answered the polls that they Were undecided voters, and so when we would show them their charts and we'd say: listen trump is talking about immigration, and you had a really really powerful reaction here and we learnedthat amongst those undecided voters. Many of them were not actually undecided; they either just didn't want to admit, because they were for fear of being judged or they had not yet gone down the route of understanding how their emotions would impact their vote so based on what they were seeing in the Raw emotional data spark nero began asking the question that not a lot of people were could trump be our next president. I wanted to see how i'd react to what was on the screen. Spencer'S team started me off with a clip from a movie as a control test of sorts to see how i'd react to something truly emotional. So what we're looking atnow is the intensity of your emotional levels. What i found really interesting is like when the scene first starts, you just immediately engaged in it. Your first reaction is really when he when he draws the gun yeah. Oh there's my right and then when they start screaming.

That'S when the reaction gets a little stronger, then we moved to logos. We asked spark neuro to use a sampling of logos from 2020 candidates. They also threw in some logos of popular american brands as a baseline spencer emphasized that anything we learned today was anecdotal. They need a lot more participants to draw any real conclusions but interesting nonetheless, so you have like a couple emotional little spikeshere as you're looking at johnson & johnson, it's so funny because these are so minimal compared to the spikes that we saw in the video right And that's natural right. One of the interesting things about emotion. Is that the stronger of an emotion you feel the more likely you are to encode that in your memory and candidates, are really looking for name, recognition and for being remembered. Okay, so let's go to war and it's a warren. You retain high emotion for most of the time name, and then i mean in the end you just come. I just dropped off dropped off. I mean it's funny because that's not the logo that i would typically expectfor warren when i was looking at warren's logo. I was doing a lot of thinking about the. Why and just the colors, and so i think i was just thinking about that which may result in the intensity another one that i just thought was really interesting and seeing your response.

Yeah was keep budaj, so this one you just kept climbing, and this one also is it's just very different from your standard political logo right and so because of that difference it may be that it's looking stronger emotions because of that back in 2008, then-candidate obama spearheaded Design centric political branding with his iconic bow symbol. A few years later, hillary clinton carried the trend. Forwardthat h was designed by michael beirut when we were approached by hillary clinton campaigns. A designer logo. Almost the first thing they told us was this candidate - has 100 % name recognition right, so they're a different situation in obama, knowing that one of the things we thought we could do was a symbol that in fact, was very simple: it didn't have to kind of Teach people all about that there's this person, who has his name, maybe you've heard of him - probably you haven't - know, didn't - need to do too much. He didn't have to do too much. It simply had to come to be associated with the candidate, and the reputation of the candidate would do therest, and so we did this very simple h with an arrow in it. When we talk about a logo for political candidate, we're actually putting the other a bunch of different decisions, are we using a name and if so, is it a first name or a last name? Is it a nickname, connell harris for the people? That'S a slogan. Let'S look at peapod of judges campaign logo me what mayor is doing here is using a lot of sporting kind of language. You know it sort of feels very much like a banner. I could envision hanging up. You know in a high school basketball court and it's sort of the idea of kind of rallying arounda thing.

I happen to know that this is meant to evoke a very well-known bridge in south bend. Indiana we looked at his campaign website and he sort of has an entire section dedicated to design. What do you think of that renewed focus or new focus was the idea that he's created a fully accessible way to participate in this campaign in that extremely structured way, i thought was really interesting and and and and new, unprecedented really, president obama's symbol, hillary clinton's age, Even the iconic red magga hat they all broke, the mold did something a little bit different, and so it kind of seems like simply put different, is better right. People don't vote forlogos, they vote for candidates and they vote for candidates who they think will offer a more hopeful and positive view for their futures. Thoughts. Hope for the future of you and your family in the communities. Big complex idea right and you need a shorthand for that, but it doesn't work in reverse the logo. Doesn'T you know, create hope for the future or passion for a candidate? It'S the passion for the candidate, that's looking for a home and one of the homes. You can find is a logo. We do it right. It makes it good home, hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here, andclick on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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