China state-run media targets Trish Regan, calls Bannon 'true enemy of America'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/23/2019 12:59 AM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan hits back against China, after the Chinese state media accused her of not knowing her facts about the trade war. Bulltick Capital Markets economist Kathryn Rooney Vera and Hudson Institute’s Michael Pillsbury also react to the U.S.-China trade war. FOX Business Network...

Tonight, in response to the united states, putting chinese telecom and software companies on notice, the chinese are launching a full-scale information war against the united states of america and their newest target. Me yeah me because i have dared to say we should engage in economic warfare with the financial tools we have. You know. Maybe they didn't like the fact that steve bannon the man whom ...
they have accused of being the true enemy of america on this program. I think this is the first time i think in living memory, they've ever gone after a private citizen. It shows you how nervous they are. They must be really really nervous because tonight, they're hitting me now interestinglythe chinese state media. They say bannon is an enemy, while they accuse me of just not knowing my research, which china i do she's so sure of you as victimhood, so indignant that arise practically spitfire yet in carefully analyzing. Her words, it's all emotion and accusation supported with a little substance. Okay, for the record, any emotion you see is quite real, it's quite real and it comes from substance but hey, i guess, to the chinese state-run media. I get it, i'm just a girl right, i'm just an american girl, so i clearly couldn't know what i'm talking about right. Of course, i must be all emotion and no substance: okay, china, here's a little insightinto how we american women think or damn smart, and we will willingly respond with emotion when presented with a set of facts like this and let's go through china's economic ascent.

Look at that gdp chart love it. It'S amazing. It'S incredible! Just look at the last 20 years there, china's aspirations, let's face it, they're, not good for us they're, not good, for our families. China wants to our economic place in the world and in doing so will devastate our economy at the expense of our future and our family's futures. Meanwhile, if they're not calling me emotional they're trying to scare people with the power, they perceived me to have watch her economic war mongering reachesmillions of americans in their homes and possibly many others around the world and given the close, almost symbiotic relationship that the fox channel Has with the current us administration, it's fair to say she also speaks for trump's america, hey, quick sidenote! Is it like we're watching an avatar or something there right? That anchor is reading a script? That seems, i guess, to have no emotion because she doesn't seem to read it as though she's had any hand in writing it state media anyway. I digress. The accusation is that i speak for trump's america - sometimes sometimes not i'm not here to tell anyone's view, but my own. I can only articulate what i personally believe isright for our country and the present situation. Visa vie china not right for our country, and you cannot continue unless we're okay with them, turning us into france, while they become the united states. I don't think any of us would like that, but listen here's a message for them: china, if you're fair with us. I suspect we will be fair with you, but don't think for two seconds that this nonsense of you taxing our goods. Well, we allow yours to come into this country duty-free.

Don'T think that's going to continue beyond claiming that china continues to prosper at our expense. Reiden blamed three times the chinese for stealing billions from the americans according to herwe, don't really have a choice but to wage this war. For the record i didn't say war. I said economic war and we're in one and we're winning it. Of course we will and we should, we will fight to make world markets more fair, fair for us. We deserve it and yeah the chinese are stealing from us, they're, stealing intellectual property. Do you know that they're stealing as much as six hundred billion dollars a year? That is a fact, and that is a lot of money, but, worse than the annual effect i'll tell you is the long-term one. If we keep allowing them to poach what we have created, when does it stop? Alright doesit stop when the tables are reversed, when they've taken everything we have it's time to listen up. You'Ve picked the wrong fight here, play fair trade, fair or don't trade at all joining me right now. Both tech capital markets, economist, katherine rooney vera and senior fellow and director for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, an author of the 100 100 from marathon michael pillsbury, it's good to see you both mike i'm gon na, get to you in just a second. But you know like they're going after me and and saying i'm just emotional, no substance is a woman not allowed to have a point of view in china? Well, trish, that's clear, you're really getting tothem and let's face it with the chinese. Most fear.

Trish is re-election of the trump of donald trump in 2020 and if they indeed think, as you are speaking truth to the masses and carrying the sway that you may have with the american voting populous, that's a real concern to the chinese. What they least want is to deal with trump. I mean i have flown long thought church and in this negotiating round. What they're trying to do is drag their feet to get through and crossing their fingers biden presidency, so they can remake on promises as they've done. In the past mm-hmm right because they get that big long plan, you know wehave a couple years that we can look forward out to maybe six years, michael so knowing that that they're playing the long game and yet i think, they're rattled, i think catherine's right. I think why else are they suddenly attacking me they're rattled, but they they they kind of, want anybody but trump in the oval office right now, don't they michael? Yes, i think that's right, they're, counting on biden. They also believe if hillary had won this whole thing would never happen with challenging china and its practices. Well, the probably i think that right, i never would have happened, part of what they're doing also trish. I think you know this. You mentioned its state-runmedia. This is chinese communist party, controlled television, it's in english, so it's going to worldwide, you're, already a superstar globally anyway, but now they're, adding to your glistening powers with a very detailed attack. You notice how they were besides saying, you're, emotional and that you're i i they're not your eyes, but they're, also going into the complement by the way, didn't they're denying that they engage in all this theft and the president has put out three long reports with great Detailed you you've mentioned in the past, so you got the facts on your side as well as they're.

Flattering you globally. Yeah. Let'S talk about those facts i mean i mentioned gdp. We mentioned thatthey steal by some accounts up to six hundred billion dollars a year in intellectual property. If they're not outright stealing it michael, they are forcing companies to turn it over, and i think it's unfortunate that so many us companies are so short-sighted and so bottom-line oriented that they're willing to do so at the expense of what it means for their company and For the country ten years down the road, but if we continue down that path, if we were just say: okay sure huawei, you know we're open for business, any chinese surveillance or telecom company that wants to come in software etc. Do we run a risk of really losing some some things that wehold very dear for security reasons, sir? Well, we do that. I think that's the point of the president's executive order last week on may 15th, where he didn't mention huawei by a name, but he described a number of entities that are engaging in subversion, theft, a various series of misconduct and that they're going to be punished and He'S declaring an international economic emergency under our law. I can do that just for that particular thing. So when you praised the president, which you've done, that may be your greatest sin in the in the minds of the chinese propaganda machinery, you're supporting president trump's approach, but he's got so many reports. Now i mentioned three there's actuallytold five, all together at a couple thousand footnotes. The chamber of commerce. Just today is announces, give me worse.

In beijing, 20 % of our companies now report forcible technology transfer requirements to get a bigger market. So a situation is not getting better. I thought we were close to a deal two weeks ago. I think the president did too, but when they reneged and took back a lot of major concessions, it's really opened up the floor. Now, for this kind of name-calling back and forth, look, i i think it's it's a little odd that the state media would be targeting me. I i think it's it's it's quite bizarre frankly, but i hear you in thatthey they're trying to push back against anything that might challenge them. Catherine, you know there there's another thing going on sort of worldwide here and i'll just point this out before i let you guys go. I know catherine you've followed venezuela very closely. We have more of this story coming up later in the show, but the chinese have also been very active down in venezuela as well, so strategically they have a lot of reasons to not like what this administration has done. Well, absolutely and china unequivocally wants to be both a geopolitical and economic superpower, and they want to supplant the us and that role, that's something that we've known for many decades: trish youand. I know that, since bill clinton, the us has been complaining about ip theft. Let me add one more thing to put some substance to your own argument is that the us is coming from a very strong position in terms of negotiation power.

The u. s. is growing at one percentage point above potential growth rates, we're growing at three point. Two percent versus potential growth of two point: two inflation is at one point: five percent versus a target of two percent tariffs are not going to completely dismantle this economic recovery. In fact, the impact is miniscule on economic growth. I hear it now as you keep on or so sorry you're so worried. Didn'T you knowwhat we're doing just fine we're doing just fine china by the way you might want to worry ozone layer over there. We'Ve just got reports today that china is responsible for some leakage into our ozone, not good. Anyway. I'M going to attack you again, trish [ laughter, ],.

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