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Louie Tan Vital, a young Asian American voter, grapples with the political differences between her progressive views and those of her conservative, Trump-supporting grandmother, Estrella Pada Taong, ahead of the contentious 2020 election‌ » Subscribe to NBC News: »

No confirmation until inauguration, they want to stay in the direction of the supreme court as a filipino-american woman, my voice is important, so that is why i'm political and i identify as a progressive voter yeah. The only difference is they try to do it fast. My belief with the republican party is that they are more of godly people to be a daughter of a conservative republican and the mother ...
f a liberal democrat. Democracy is very much alive in our household [ music ], and here we are writing letters to get other people to get other people to vote. With the presidential election approaching a report from the pew research center finds, the number of asian-american eligible voters have more than doubled in the last 20 years. Another pew research study shows more asian american voters have identified or lean democratic than republican since 1998. That includes louis tanvital, i learned the colonial history between the philippines and the united states. I began to understand different systems of oppression. I became aware of all the different ways that oppression manifests in this country. That really became the foundation for my political views. You got to do some things, yeah you're, totally right.

It is irresponsible to not be voting when we have so much at stake in this country. Again, while louis is active in reaching out to thousands in her community in her activist work, the ones she can't seem to reach are back home, i'm a full fledged republican. Oh, this is the way most charismatic will brought for donald trump trump. He is not in favor of abortion, that's what i am looking for, a president to be god, loving and preserve the life of the people. When i found out louie is with the other party. I was disappointed. She has her own mind. You did yeah louis's, grandmother, australia, pada, ta'ang and louie's mom lucky tan tasato live in honolulu in 2016. Australia was a volunteer campaigning for donald trump. This year she decided not to actively volunteer because of the pandemic. Lucky louie's mom is not quite as decided as her mother or her daughter. It is really a challenge to be in between my mom's political views and my daughter's political views.

I am the byproduct of them too. I don't have to really lean to the left or to the right. As far as i am concerned, i haven't had a lot of difficult conversations around politics with my grandmother, because maybe i'm scared. Sometimes i feel as if i'm not being completely honest in this space. With them, because i'm not being authentically myself, how do i talk about my political views without seeming like i'm, challenging them or disrespecting them woof? I did it come on, so i voted already. I know i am not gon na ask you already know who i voted for [ music ]. Everybody is strong-headed, we're all convicted with our own stance and it can get heated. There was one occasion where we were talking about same-sex marriage. It can get interesting, it was interesting. So sometimes i wonder if the reason i am so politically active in teaching other students and teaching others in the asian pacific islander community is because i don't know yet how to reach my family. [ music ] nbc news invited these three women to a conversation over zoom to talk about their political views. You know, i realized that i haven't seen either of you in almost a year.

I miss you, i miss you too. Are you? Okay? Mommy yeah? Oh yes, let's start, i don't know a lot of older asian american asian pacific islander activists and i would say mamiya that you are an activist too. Yes, i'm an activist for my political view, positive activist. Why do you say positive? Is there a negative yeah? What is it so very? What i mean for positive is do not join the broader demonstration. My there, you have to understand where mommy darling is coming from um. She still attributes back to to the way it was in the philippines, brutal state violence. Once you verbalize your political stand and whoever is in power more likely you're guaranteed to be dead. For me to see you active in politics, my dream has become alive because of you. It'S interesting that i had no idea that either of you were really involved in politics like i came into politics on my own, not knowing that mom you had. You were in political science that that mamiya was volunteering in different political campaigns and yet i'm doing the same thing. It'S in the blood story. I'M really your daughter and i'm really your granddaughter [ music ], hey nbc news fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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