Anthony Scaramucci: Trump has an unbelievable economic story

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019 02:44 PM

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on the 2019 SALT Conference, President Trump's economic policies and the fallout from the Mueller report. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both M...

Joining us right now from the salt conference in las vegas is former white house communications, director skybridge capital, founder, anthony, scaramouche ii, anthony it's great to see you hey good morning, maria yeah, just to be clear. What is it 5:30 in the morning there for you right now, it's 5:30 in the morning, but you know you things, don't leave vegas and you don't sleep in vegas. Apparent ...
y. So that's fine too. Your salt conference has been just a fantastic conference for wall street and hedge fund managers for a long time anthony. How is this year different? Well, i think we've added a couple elements this year, you know maria, i don't know a lot about cannabisso. We brought a whole cannabis group of people here same thing with crypto we've also added some people from the private equity world and also from entertainment. You know scooter braun, who's built some legendary musical performance that you know, performers like ariana grande justin, bieber, etc. He'S coming to talk about how he evaluates talent, which i think everybody here in the hedge fund community, could use some advice on that as well, so so we're super. I'M super excited about that. I'M gon na be interviewing a chief of staff, john kelly tonight, 6:00 p. m.

vegas time, which will be fun for me and him. I had him at our vip event last night and i think peoplewere excited to see him. Jeff sessions is here with governor christie and we're going to be talking to them about the mulla report, past present and future, and hopefully the country can get past that maria and we can start focusing on policies that work for everybody. Jeff sessions gon na talk about russia. Now i thought he recused himself well. Well, i think he recused himself in the process. You can get some answers out of him about what he missed and how come he never pursued. What was going on, i think so. Okay, i i think so i think you may have some news that he's going to announce this afternoon so we'll see oh wow looki mean i mean, listen for me. It'S a you know. I i just want to remind everybody that in february of 2016 he was the first us senator to endorse a then candidate trump, and that was a monumental breakthrough for the candidate at that moment. So i know the relationship got a lot tougher after that, and i know the president is was - was very upset about jeff's recusal as it related to whole mullah report and the russian investigation yeah, especially the evidence of what went on.

We really needed an attorney general that was going to be tough and actually hold the line of the law. So that's that's all i'm saying, but steve did youwant to jump in steve. Forbes is here anthony hi hi, anthony steve forbes, here any speculation on what you think the republicans should do in terms of going on offense about muller in terms of going on fence about taxes like having a radical tax proposal. Well, i mean you and i would totally agree on the radical tax proposal. I think i think we, you know the president was talking about a phase two of the taxes prior to the midterms, where he has to offer more tax relief to the middle class and lower middle income communities. I think if he does, that, that sort of this third leg of the stool you and i people likesteve moore, understand that you can actually get the economic growth steven without a lot of inflation. And if you were to simplify the tax code for those people. And i know he wants to do that - he's just not sure if we can get it through the the congress. The way the congress has configured right now that would probably stabilize us in the three-zone 3 % zone on gdp. So i hope that happens as it relates to the mulla report. You know i'm probably of a different opinion than my fellow republicans and the president. I want to push this as far behind as as possible, i'm not in love with the idea of investigating the investigators.

Becausethe president has this unbelievable economic story, he's literally through phenomenal policies. Your 2015-2016 finally be revealed how intelligence agencies fbi officials try to sabotage a particular campaign, never been done before in american history. No, no, no question, but let the inspector general do that. Let the processes in place that have that are around the checks and balances system. Do that i again, these are my opinions. I want the president on message about the economic miracle that he's created in the attitude. It was impossible for him to be on a message, because for two years the whole public was going nuts over. This collusion delusion, which was non-existent governor and in fact they was set upand, the fbi, the top of the fbi and the doj tried to entrap people in the trump campaign. So that's a huge deal. That'S that's all i'm saying absolutely anthony. You know. I just believe if we don't get to the bottom of it, and people are not held accountable.

We'Re gon na live to see this again. It'S got to be held in a way, not just the inspector general and sort of cleaning up internally. People need to be held publicly accountable for the total betrayal of our justice process, because if we don't do that, then really we have corrupted our country in a way that shreds the constitutional rights of people. Can i just ask thegovernor a question because i think he probably sees this thing similarly to me and you've been a very successful campaign or your whole life as we enter the next 18 months and both of us want the president to win reelection and love. What he's actually doing so? Are you worried, though, sir, that too much time spent on that will detract from all of the great things that he's doing the last two years? Any time soon we're not gon na get the two years that we just came off of it back anytime, soon either maria. I i agree with that, but i wanted the one real one that one doesn't preclude the other finding out what happeneddoesn't preclude the president from making the economy a big issue and focusing on that and anthony, i think he's got a segue from i would want his. He doesn't need to be, but let the justice department do the work. What that's my old guard do his job. That'S my point. I want well that's my point. I want the inspector general and built bar to do his job yeah. Let'S get the president out there on the economy, don't want him to do it all right.

Thank you. Anthony have a great successful song.

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