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Published: 3 hours ago

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Coquelin was my friend and my wife over here miss mornin to me. I could not believe it first of all and to find out that it was really true and then, as a dad myself, to find out that his daughter was there with him, and there was nothing he could do for whom, my god, as a true champion. I believe he would want us to celebrate his legacy, so you know when i think about him. I'M gon na think of all ...
the highlights. It'S gon na be a highlight reel and that's what i think a real champion would would do as well. So you know it's gon na, go from them being a great dad, a great example. You know, as well as that dude that scored 81 man, so many memories, man, i'm heartbroken, doubt my condolences to his family to his wife and he lost his daughter as well. It'S just tragic, i'm still just trying to process i'll. You know it's so sad. You know my fondest memories, just meeting him um like a month ago and he was excited just for he was like on dad mow just for his daughter, arpita rest in peace gg. He was just like excited for him to like meet put his girl next to us and just take the picture and just have fun and - and we was excited to just see him like one of my prints had tears in his eyes, and it was just amazing. Mom was all shocked.

She was shocked. Everybody was shocked, so this daikon is kind of mixed with a bit of joy and sadness. The greatest ever to me, i'm from los angeles skrillex's, from los angeles and in his home, the city's hurting right now the world is hurting right now, so we're still excited to be here and excited to be next to these guys right here, but i'm praying for Kobe'S, family and y'all are in our hearts for sure, yeah pray, pray for the family, we're all here together, we're all feeling this together. It'S an amazing opportunity to be here at the grammys nonetheless, but we're all feeling it, and you know we can all come together in this moment and feel together and like it. Like you know, ty says la native kobe's, a superhero growing up and he always will be a superhero for all of us and yeah blessed to be here. Live with these guys right now and and yeah love to everyone out there watching.

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