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Published: 01/01/2020 12:48 AM

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The iowa caucuses are creeping up february 3rd and senator cory booker's trying to win over voters with a pair of new years house parties today, maura barrett's on the ground in des moines, iowa now and more set the scene for us. What is going on at these booker's new year's eve parties, hey alison, so a house party is actually a very typical event here in iowa we've seen them since over the summe ...
i moved here back in june, and house parties are a very common event that candidates Do here, because it's more of an intimate setting, they can give a short version of their stump speech and have an actual conversation with voters. But obviouslyit is new year's eve, so cory booker who's. Actually, just behind me talking with some other members of the press got to got to do that and they were expecting. I was told about 50 people, and actually this house is overflowing with over a hundred hundred twenty people or so so, as we get closer to caucus. We'Re gon na see more interest in the window down the field of candidates, so when, when they can go inside these houses, the voters get to listen to the candidates, they give their speech and they get to ask them some tough questions. Cory booker took a few questions today and he got to give some longer answers and typically thisis a good opportunity for candidates to get some pushback and voters to really hone in on what their true interests are, as were 35 34 days out to caucus yeah 34. Now, right i mean getting closer and closer all right, so that's a little different image than some people might have of a house party we're not talking like cocktails and djs and hanging out. There are some tough questions for the candidates. What big talking points was booker hitting today sure, so he booker typically will talk, he's a message of unity and love, and today he kind of really focused in on the fact that he's friends with a lot about these candidates that are runninghe thinks they're all very Much qualified he named dropped, bernie sanders elizabeth warren and shuyang, and he said that basically, a lot of these candidates are gon na, be better than the one in the white house right now, and so he really focused in on the fact that their policies aren't gon Na be that different, but whoever's in the white house or after donald trump will actually be better than who's currently in there right now, and so he was just kind of talking about the message of kindness, love, togetherness and fighting for justice. He constantly goes back to his experience as the new york mayor back in new jersey back were you're close to allison but hehas to bring in translate those values from newark out to the midwest and he's been coming out here for many years at this point is Very well known in, but obviously we have not been seeing that translate to the polls here as kaka speaks closer. Unfortunately, yeah you mentioned that it's not really translating in the polls.

You said you moved to iowa who better to ask about iowans than you, then. What are you hearing from voters there? What about his points? What'S not landing? What'S what's the problem here, cory booker is one of the confusing ones here and i honestly allison, because he gets good turnout at these events. He'S he's engaging, he makes. Hishe has his dad jokes, we're all very familiar with them on here on the trail, he makes a go, laugh i've seen voters cry like they're, very emotional events, and yet most of the voters i talked to at the end of each of these events, aren't committing To caucus for him, so that's been a big question mark for a lot of the reporters here that i work with in iowa, because he's been coming here so often he's very involved in the local community and local endorsers and legislators have all kind of been behind Him since the beginning of his candidacy - and so we just haven't - seen any uptick in his momentum - he constantly talks abouthis surge that they're experiencing right. Now he touts the net favorability rise. We haven't really seen an updated pull in about a month here in iowa, so there could be a change in the next one that we see and hopefully we'll see some more ahead of the january 10th qualifying date for the next debates here in iowa. So there's a lot kind of any unknown right now and that's typical around this holiday low. But voters do i've talked to a ton in the past month or so. Since connell harris dropped out. It actually spoken with a lot of former canola supporters who are more interested in cory booker now, but yet, like i said, arenot committing to caucus for him just yet. You mentioned the next debate on january 14th. Booker has not yet qualified for that.

We know the iowa caucuses are just three weeks later. Has he talked about how he's gon na make up for potentially not being on that debate stage and what his game plan is over the next month or so sure, so the booker campaign is heavily focused on iowa. They basically see their path needs to come out of the hawkeye state. They'Ve mentioned that after they invest in iowa's, there's paths forward from there. They can look at south carolina which insinuates that they're gon na be skipping new hampshire and nevada, papa, possibly, but obviously aswe. Both know that the impeachment trial looms ahead and he'll have to be back in dc for that booker's campaign manager, actually just tweeted in the last hour that they're gon na hit the highest fundraising numbers. This quarter, they see they've seen yet previously. His highest fundraising was at about six million, so we're expected to see a little bit more than that, but considering he doesn't he's not gon na be able to be physically. Here in iowa, we might see some more investment in in television advertising digital advertising. He just dropped his first big television ad campaign here in iowa this week. So if he's not physically here in iowa he'll be on tv, they talked aboutdoing telephone hauls, virtual town hall, so he can skype in on these back in dc, and so he's really gon na have to go all in on iowa. Because, frankly, if he's not out here and it doesn't place in the top five in iowa, there probably isn't a path for him past that oh yeah, all right more.

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