Watch Varney try 'impossible meat' for the first time on air

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/17/2019 04:34 PM

White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson on the success of the Impossible Sliders at the fast-food chain. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — t...

Listen: it's been a year, i believe, since white castle added the impossible slider to its menu mmm impossible. Slider is a plant-based kind of hamburger. Yeah. I'M gon na try one but first yeah, i'm gon na. Do it on camera by eating on television not supposed to do that, but i'm gon na do it that man there is jamie richardson he's white castle vice president before we go before, do the taste test ...
jamie? How many of these burgers have you sold in the years since you put them on the menu a lot more than we expected to so uh we're about 40 % ahead of projections? It'S been amazing and we knew you had a hankerin to taste oneyourself. So we wanted to get it to you today, yeah hold on a second. I'Ve got one it's sitting right here before we get to the taste test. How much do you charge farm in white castle, dollar? Ninety-Nine, which is a great price? I mean we love our friends in casual dining, you're gon na pay 14 15 dollars for an impossible slider there do you advertise it heavily. Do you ever just say come on in we've got the meatless burger. Here we are. Did you say that you know in the beginning, of course you know we want to make sure people were aware, but word of mouth has really pushed a lot. We'Ve had over 100million social media impressions, so the word has got out and that's been driving a lot of great attention and fun.

Okay, jamie. We took delivery. I'Ve got it here, in my little hand, got that camera on it and this one i'm gon na. Take a bite and have a look at it: i've not tasted meatless meet before all right. Good, it tastes like me, it does ashley's eating. One is carrying make sure to share the wealth. They'Re sharing is caring and in the in the land of craver we live. We want you to be able to enjoy it, savor the flavor of my friend. Well, no, it really does taste like meat and the texture isvery very similar, and i've never done this plant-based meat before how did it reach is that the reaction of most of your customers, it really is we discovered at the castle, we're no longer a hamburger company. We'Re a slider company, we're omnivores, we love our double cheeseburger with bacon, but i'll tell you that the impossible sliders got a great audience and a great following, and our team members love it too, and who provides this the meatless meat, the impossible burger? Who does that? Our partners are two possible foods, so we've been working with we're under the first real big partners to take it out chain wide, we're still a family-owned business. After all, these yearsbut it's in every one of our restaurants, and you can get it morning noon or night. 24 hours a day other than the taste and the texture, which i think are just terrific, what's the big appeal i mean: do you find vegetarians and vegans coming in for their meatless meat? It'S amazing.

I think what we've seen, especially with our younger audience, are jen's e and millennial customers. A lot more of these kids are vegetarians and so they're looking for options, so we like to believe it overcomes the vito vote. So if there's four people in the car and one's a vegetarian, they can come to the castle and enjoy jamie richardson is, i think, yougot a winner there, and i appreciate your delivery of these fine burgers to our set. I liked it and that's my judgment i'll give it a blast. Well, thank you, susie milazzo, for getting it there and thank you stewart crave on stop it. Man, jamie thanks for joining us, always appreciate it. Thank you, sir.

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