Abigail Harrison aspires to be first astronaut on Mars

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/28/2019 01:23 PM

The Mars Generation founder Abigail Harrison on her dream of becoming an astronaut and to be the first person on Mars and how space travel helps boost innovations that have benefits here on Earth. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all...

Japan will join our mission to send us astronauts to space we'll be going to the moon, we'll be going to mars very soon, it's very exciting and from a military standpoint there is nothing more important right now than space. There was president trump talking about the future of space exploration during his trip to japan over the weekend. Women are making strides, but are still underrepresented in ...
he fields that make up stem science, technology, engineering and math. Our next guest is trying to change all that joining us right now is the mars generation founder and stem influencer abigail harrison and abigail. It'S great to have you to be here this morning, thanks so much thank youyeah. Your dream is to be the first astronaut to go to mars. Why? Because i think that it's the next step that the united states in the world as a whole needs to take - and someone needs to be willing to take that step and so from an early age. I decided that i had a passion for space travel and i wanted to help push humanity forward in that regard. So what do you think you'll see there a lot of rocks? No, but actually my field of study that i do research in is astrobiology. So, looking at the possibility of life in space, so with that, i'm really hopeful that by putting humans on mars andcontinuing our research there will find signs of past or present life and it'll. It'S not i'm not talking about aliens like we usually think about them. So not green and tentacles and ten eyes, but rather looking for things that are single cellular rather basic, but that will allow us to find that first sign of life off of earth.

You know a while back bill maher got some criticism for saying we don't need to think about mars. We need to think about problems here. What is your reaction to you know people who have that sort of philosophy. They say: we've got to focus on problems here on earth and defend why we need to explore theplaces like mars. One of the reasons, one of the primary reasons why we need to be going to mars is specifically because of that, because we have so many problems here on earth that need to be addressed and need to be fixed and the way that you fix them is By having these unique solutions and innovations happen, and we only get those by really pushing ourselves by challenging ourselves and space is the best way to do that by pushing our boundaries putting humans in situations that are so extremely hostile and that we've never faced before by Pushing our limits and trying to always do more go to the next place. Do the next thing weare forcing ourselves to innovate in order to not only survive but thrive in these environments, and so in doing so, we actually improve life here on earth and it's been shown that there's incredible economic stimulus that comes from space travel, incredible technological growth And innovation - and it also inspires a generation to believe and to dream and to have a lot of hope and and care and love for the planet that we're living on today. Right answer, thank you really quickly. You graduate from wellesley, you said this friday. Do you get a job with nasa that machs, because again just in layman's terms, how do you get to mars? That'S a great question, so i'm notan astronaut, yet i'm not as affiliated with nasa. Yet i will be graduating with my undergraduate degree and i'm aspiring to be an astronaut, but after that i'll be going on to get a doctorate and then start applying towards the astronaut corps. So a couple years out, wow good luck out get will be watching. Thank you for thanks.

So much astronaut, abbie abigail harrison journey.

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