Migrant apprehensions continue to rise at the southern border

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 06:33 PM

Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto on the Trump administration threating tariffs on Mexico in an effort to improve border security. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall ...

And yeah we talk about the politics of the geopolitics, of all of this right now and what mexico can do in order to get out from under these tariffs. You look at a un agency report. They have data out saying that between january of last year january of 2018, in august of 2018, mexico deported more central americans than the us. So you could kind of see that as their comeback, if they're making an ...
rgument say, hey we're already working on this border patrol council. Vice president art, the cueto joins us now and the question is art: is that enough? Can they do more? I mean that's we're trying to get at ear. What does thepresident want mexico to do specifically in order for these tariffs either never to be put on or to be be. Take it off. What do you think? Well, i think they definitely need to take it more serious. They know that these individuals are crossing through their country. Legally, it's impossible for them to say they don't know and what's happening is a lot of the cartels are benefiting. A lot of the businesses in mexico are benefitting, let's face it with this huge numbers that are coming through they're purchasing goods through mexico, so they can further their trip into the united states. It is obvious who they are, they know who they are and they could definitelybe doing a better job.

Okay, just recently i was out in i wasn't no past, or recently i was in a paso. Recently we picked up a group of cuban individuals. They were cuban citizens, they were coming in seeking asylum and i asked them myself said how many more coming through, and it says we come in through to panama. We take a bus through central america, we enter mexico. When you go into mexico, the mexican authorities we're telling us this is this is coming from them is that they tell us as long as you're going through and you're not staying here, and your intentions are to go to the united states go ahead and continueand. Then they did say that mexican authorities would hand pick some of these individuals and say there's certain one of you that we have to take in and we have to deport. We have a portal or it just seemed like we put a number on it and maybe that's on purpose, but do you think we should put a number on all of this because i said they, this particular report that i cited i'm sure the mexican government would Use something like that they'd say: listen, we're deporting more people to central american countries in the united states. You could you could skew the data any way you want. You could say. Well, that's because there's morepeople coming through mexico. I get that. But should we have put a number from our side and say: listen! This is here's the number we need to see from you guys you're here you need to be here.

It'S it's tough to see what we're what we need from them. Well, i think it's obvious. You said it best just right now: you can, you can mess with the numbers and so the number it's a numbers game. What we need to see is obviously not thousands of upon thousands coming into the united states. They just made the largest apprehension a couple of days ago, and it was well over a thousand central americans. What the american publicneeds to ask themselves is of those over a thousand, how many will be sent back to their country? How many will be released in the united states and how many will never show up to their court date, and that is what people need to understand all right, no doubt, and that last chart showed it that these there is an issue at the border. Those apprehensions boy they have em way up is that chart showed at the end art good to see you, thanks for coming on, we'll continue to follow this.

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