Holding Barr in contempt won't have a long-term effect: Napolitano

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Published: 05/08/2019 01:44 PM

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano with the latest on the political fallout from the Mueller report. Watch the House Judiciary's vote to hold Barr in contempt live at 10 a.m. ET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emJcaCzS22E FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news ...

Joining us right now to talk more about that as fox news senior judicial analyst judge, andrew napolitano judge good to see you boring, so you can actually add to all of that. The testimony yesterday of fbi director chris rea, who refused to use the word spying and very very precisely i think said i have no evidence of spying and senator shaheen in my view, should have followed up and said. Well, ...
ou were you're the head of the fbi. You'Re, not the collector of evidence, that's the fbi have any evidence of spying, but she stopped right. There he's not choosing to use the same word that bill barred. It that's ridiculous. It is, and it's upsettingto me because we are entitled to know the truth. Eventually, you know the truth will come out, but i suffer during the time that it takes her to come out. As for the bill bar thing, i wish they wouldn't hold them in contempt. I mean it is it's it's a painful irritating thing, but it doesn't have a long-term effect. The republicans held janet reno in contempt, they held eric holder and it didn't affect their legal careers, and i doubt of course, the many sleepless nights, but it's just not necessary. These things should be resolved.

There is a profound public interest in hearing from bob muller and knowing why he came to his conclusions and thereshouldn't, be threats, executive, privilege here contempt over there as it means to bring it up. But he just points out the obvious, and that is that jerry nadler. If he wants to look at all the redactions and and unredacted, he can do that right now, almost all, but you know the ones that did the ones that the report is out and he's the chairman of judiciary. He could look at everything he doesn't want to. Well then, i was to have a shot. He wants more than to look at it. He wants it in the public domain so that they can ask about it. Now we know the type of things that are redacted and infairness to the attorney general. I would like to see more, but he has to obey the law. What tells him what to read? She only cares about seeing anything. I just think he wants to have a show and he wants to make it look like the attorney general did something wrong, which we all know he did not mich mich mit, it's not about impeachment. Yes, he's not gon na have the guts to do it, because nancy pelosi's put the hammer down on it and they know loser it's about a spectacle that i call it shrinks pietschmann.

So she's gon na try he's not gon na go after bob mahler. Oh, my god, the golden child he's notgonna can't go after horowitz. You know, appointed horowitz's did inspector general president obama. Well, my car what's has respect on both sides of the aisle. No ca did the wall street journal's out with a good piece this morning, watchdog, probes, fbi, reliance on the dossier and surveillance of the trump aids is about the michael horowitz report. Coming out it says that his justice department is looking into whether the agency continued surveillance, a former trump aide carter page. While the dossiers credibility was being questions senate, judiciary committee, chairman lindsey, graham spoke out about that last night on hannity. Here'S what he said. We should all be concerned if our governments getting a warrant against american citizenunder the fisa surveillance act without accurate information. We know that without the dossier the warrant would not have been issued. We now know that the author of the dossier, christopher steel, was on the payroll of the democratic party. He was not a reliable informant for the fbi.

He was trying to destroy trump because he's paid by the democrats to take trump down. They knew all of this. I should have known all this before they applied for the warrants. Somebody needs to go to the fisa court and tell them that the fbi had plenty of notice that this guy was on the payroll of the democratic party and he was out to get trumps and thedossier was not very. I would take senator graham's very astute comments. One step further fisa needs to be reformed. Fisa judges need to examine the evidence that comes before them to induce them to grant a search warrant. The way the i did the way judges do we're the standard is probable cause of crime. The standard is not gossipy. Communications with foreign people, that standard is unconstitutional and it's too easy changing george papadopolis, who already have been spied on right and, and they had all of this steel dossier as the evidence to get the warrant to spy on them. We'Ve known this for two years, just give me a break. My i was saying for twoyears agreed it's hard for somebody to disagree with the way you're just summarized why, except the cris rated yesterday, because he usually feels he's got to defend the fbi, no matter what they do, not what what what's his game, because he's been Really, as squirrely on this from the get-go, what's his game he's talking about director ray? Yes, i don't know steve and i agree i didn't use the word squirrely, but i think that that's an arkansas phrase, though squarely, isn't it yeah? It'S pretty much said: well he's a country boy from horse country in new jersey.

I think i, i think, you're onto something and we will know what his game is when mycar. What'S his report abstraction, isn't it a distraction to try to keep the attention off of the civil liberties violations of many americans, a conspiracy, a cover-up and a coup d'etat? That'S what it was institutionalized by fisa, which, over the course of forty years, continued to lower its standard and make it easier to grant search warrants to the point where fbi agents became corrupted soft form of corruption, knowing they couldn't get a search warrant from an article 3 judge to start a criminal investigation because they lacked probable cause fires i'll give you a search warrant at the drop of a hat. So you start your criminal spying went on way before the the the thefisa warrant came out. I had a george papadopolis on on the program on sunday and we went through exactly what happened over the months of march april and may of 2016 when all of these intel people from britain, australia, the us yes, italy, we're reaching out to him. They were spying on him and you know what i think is really detrimental in all of this, because of the way this cabal of people abuse their power at the top of the fbi and at the top of the doj. We are now seeing everything that the fbi does in terms of its sources and methods, which really is not what the broad public should understand. Now. Weunderstand, the fbi has sources all over the world they're using informants to reach out they reached out to him on linkedin, to get him a job so that they could watch him. Then, when he quit i'm chun papadopoulos. He said i'm quitting in march. They said whether before you quit, let us spend five thousand dollars to send you on a trip to rome. Yes, does that you're quitting and then they say don't quit yet we want to send you to rome because there's really important people for you to meet there.

So that he could meet this guy, huh mifsud and nif's drops the bomb in his lap by saying russians have hillary clinton's email, wason fox nation, with us yesterday, and we went through the scenario remarkably similar to what you which you just described. But here's what i would add to it: it's not only for papadopoulos it's from texts that came out over the weekend, but peter struck of all people, intelligence. Community people were involved the spot. I think that's why the attorney general used the word spying, because it was people that he doesn't control or regulate. The nsa and other intelligence entities were involved in this, but mopar said that in the testimony he said that it does also involve intelligence agencies. He was very specific: that's going to open up a substantial here's, the big issue why don'tthe democrats give a damn, because if it happened to the republicans, it'll happen to them. If these abuses of power are allowed to work - and you know what they don't care, because they were the ones pushing this entire false narrative from the beginning and because that dossier was paid for by hillary cofre money, it's led the fisa court by not telling them That right, so from my perspective, the fbi is regulated by the fourth amendment if they violate the fourth amendment, their evidence is useless. The intelligence community takes the position. It is not regular by the fourth amendment can spy on anybody for any reason any length of time and can extract whatever information againaccount your intelligence problem. If it's a genuine counterintelligence effort to destroy so happy, it's all coming out, i can't tell you it's just let the truth be told. What'S going on, anybody on both sides of the aisle should be outraged by what took place in 2016. Yes, i'm sorry judge andrew napolitano.

Thank you.

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