Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Could Be 30 Times Higher Than Official Total, Researchers Warn | TIME

Channel: TIME
Published: 01/27/2020

The number of people infected with a SARS-like form of coronavirus in Wuhan, China could already be more than 30 times higher the the official tally, researchers in Hong Kong have warned. Subscribe to TIME ►► http://bit.ly/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news

And the left-hand panel shows the number of clinical or clinically apparent confirmed. Cases should be somewhere around the region of 25 to 26 thousand as of chinese new year day and on the right-hand panel, inclusive of those who might have been incubating and therefore had not shown any symptoms. Yet the number approaches 44,000, the 2019 novel coronavirus epidemic that started in wuhan may be. ...
t is not a prediction, but it is in preparation as a precautionary principle. As a precautionary principle, we have to be prepared that this particular epidemic may be about to become a global epidemic. This is not a certainty by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a not weak, or there is not in substantial probability that this might happen and therefore we must prepare better for imminent. We are at the stage where we have not seen the peak of the war hana epidemic yet and then we would expect one or two weeks later followed by 20 and then one or two weeks later after that followed by beijing, shanghai, shenzhen and guangzhou. If we want and if we wish and desire to change the course of those epidemic curves that i presented, then we are looking at substantial draconian measures limiting population mobility that should be taken sooner rather than later. It includes cancellation of mass gatherings, school closures, instituting work from home arrangements within population, but also between population clusters. How do we reduce population mobility, mobility and substantial draconian measures may need to be taken.

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