Pence: DOJ confirmed no collusion, no obstruction

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 01:30 PM

Vice President Mike Pence on the political fallout from the Mueller report, Democrats’ calls for impeachment, the border crisis and immigration reform. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and W...

[ music ]. It is pretty extraordinary that the president is getting so much done, given the fact that the democrats are still talking about impeaching the president, what was your reaction to what robert muller said this week? Well, i was frankly, i was pleased to see the special counsel announced that the investigation is over its case, closed special counsel sent his report and he concluded that ...
there was no collusion and, after a review of the facts, the department of justice confirmed there was no Collusion no obstruction, i think the american people, the american people, want to see this congress move on, but he wanted the things that are making a difference in their lives. He said ifwe knew that the president did not commit a crime. We would have said so, and that is stoking more impeachment talk. Are you expecting impeachment proceedings? Well, i wouldn't know why there would be. I really - wouldn't i mean this president - has been delivering for the american people. These questions were raised about election interference and - and we know that that that russia interfered in the 2016 elections. We don't believe it affected the outcome in any way, but we've held them accountable for that we've taken steps to ensure that that doesn't happen again, but there were other questions raised about collusion now. Even the special counsel confirm that there was no collusion between our campaign and therussians and and in the department of justice, has confirmed that there was no collusion, no obstruction. The matter is entirely over. It'S entirely closed. The american people got the answers and i couldn't be more proud: maria, the fact that, for more than two years, hundreds of witnesses, millions of pages of documents, full cooperation with the special counsel, this president and our office and our entire administration fully cooperated and the american People now know that the investigation is at an end they their answers, but but what what i think the country wants to see us do is focus on the things that are now most important to them, and that is jobs and security.

You knowwe're we're in discussions right now about about a budget agreement that will allow us to continue to make historic investments in our national defense. We'Ve got a crisis on our southern border. You traveled there very recently. You saw it firsthand, as did your viewers on this program. I mean we're on track to have more than a million apprehensions at our southern border and yet and yet congress. Some in congress continue to focus on investigations baseless allegations, while, while literally last month alone, more than a hundred and eighteen thousand people were apprehended at our southern border and congress continues to refuse to act to close the loopholes that are being used by cartels and drug Traffickersto to entice people to make the long and dangerous journey north through our southern border. The american people want to see a congress focus where this president and our team are focused, and that is on their security on securing our border on closing loopholes. Bringing about asylum reform and advancing the kind of policies that will continue to create jobs in this booming economy. Well, what we saw at the border was actually quite extraordinary. The children in these dangerous positions, women, are renting out their kids 140 dollars. Apparently so the smugglers can bring the children over the border. Are you expecting real reform on immigration? Will the congress actually take that up in terms of changingthe flores decision the asylum standards? Is that even doable this year it has to happen? President trump has taken decisive action to call on mexico to take further action to intervene in this massive flow of people that are coming north from central america to our border to come into our country and take advantage of those loopholes.

And the president is also going to continue to call on this congress to pass the kind of common-sense reforms. Look, we have a humanitarian and a security crisis at our southern border. I mean the drug cartels and human traffickers. You heard at first hand they are telling people in guatemala and el salvador and throughout central america about loopholesin our laws and that if they come up with a wither with children that they'll have the opportunity to come into our country, that's just unacceptable. We are this. Congress ought to be willing to set politics completely aside and and at minimum bring about the kind of changes in our asylum laws that would fix this immediate problem overnight. We'Re building the wall we're building hundreds of miles of wall over the next several years. The president's kept his promise in that regard we're providing resources for customs and border protection, but we have to close the loopholes in our law and the action the president has taken and will continue to take are all designed to saythat. That congress needs to step up and bring about the kind of reforms that will close these loopholes and end that magnet that drug cartels and human traffickers are using and will continue to call on mexico and take actions necessary to see to it that mexico does their Job to ensure that this mass exodus and humanitarian crisis comes to an end,.

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