Pelosi continues to hold off impeachment, but how much longer?

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 02:16 AM

Former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reacts to Jared Kushner’s Axios interview and how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for patience in response to her party’s calls for impeachment. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across a...

House speaker, nancy pelosi, also urging caution, but despite their calls for restraint, representative jim clyburn said yesterday, democrats have already begun laying the groundwork for impeachment. So will the dims pull the trigger on impeachment and, if so, were they shooting themselves in the collective foot joining me now, former trump campaign manager and great america pacs senior strategist ...
it is corey lewandowski. Welcome back corey thanks for having me back. Do you think that was the right answer from jared kushner that if the russians contacted him today, probably cool well, i think now it's very different. Obviously, jared kushner, as a government employee, probably has contact with a lot of foreign officials and doesn't have to disclosethose to the fbi because in the course of his business, but i do think that if the campaign were contacted by an outside foreign entity, who said we Want to provide dirt on jill biden, maybe something from the ukraine perhaps or you know, bernie sanders owned from russia, perhaps where he spent his honeymoon, then i would recommend that they contact the campaign attorneys and let them deal with it. Give the information of the fbi and let the proper authorities deal with it at that time. That'S a really good point, because i think structurally, all of these campaigns are going to be very different in terms of the legal counsel and the means they have toprotect themselves from future investigations, which i'm sure the president now wishes that he had better lawyers in his Employ and not michael cohen, and i hope that they will rethink getting oppo research from places like russia and albania. Well, you would hope so, but look again, you know, i think, there's probably plenty of opposition research out there from joe biden and his family's time in ukraine and and bernie sanders time in russia, but i don't think the campaign needs it because they didn't need it. The last time on crooked hillary, don't trump on the campaign. Without that opposition research and the truth is the american people know exactly what donald trump has delivered for themand they'll vote to re-elect him in november of 2020 yeah that uh. That sounds like a talking point. Let'S talk a little bit about impeachment, though, because that has become the ultimate talking point for democrats, they're, so excited about it.

It'S like how my kids talk about halloween and christmas now, and you have a bunch of them who they don't care. What the outcome is? They just think if the house votes to impeach him that he's gone and hillary is magically president, which could be very good news for president trump because he wouldn't be removed by the senate. So who do you think is more excited by the prospect of it? Maxine waters or presidenttrump well clearly, maxine waters is, and i hate to say this kenny. I can't believe mathieu saying it. I agree with little adam schiff. I don't think that the democrats should impeach because they know that they're not going to remove the president, the senate. What you really have to look at of the thirty-nine congressional districts that donald trump won that also barack obama won, and you have to see where those members are because the democrat neo caucus is very far to the left and nancy pelosi. Right now is playing the rational adult in the room saying we don't want to have this fight. If we do, we will lose the majority again. I believe that'swhat she's telling her members, but the the caucus is so progressive, so far, gon na force her to do it and guess what when they do it, she will be a speaker who twice has now lost the speakership under her tenure iii. Think you're right and i think she's looking at a floppy caucus and she knows that there is a caucus chasm that she cannot heal. So if you were nancy, what would be your ultimate argument to convince everyone to come together? It'S very simple: look: you can you can go in and pitch donald trump and spend the next two four or six years in the minority, or you cannot impeach donald trump if you're ademocrat and stay in the majority, you have a much better chance of staying in The majority to put a check and balance on the president, the united states and the senate, if you're in the majority, so you have to decide, did you enjoy being in the minority for all those years or do you like better being in the majority? A very simple choice: then: our caucus should make and she's smart enough to know she has a lot more influence as a speaker of the house and the minority leader.

It'S interesting because i think the president was so excited for her to become speaker again because he thought that she might lose control. He thoughtthat she might appear unhinged, but really in washington. In terms of leadership. She seems to be the most adult person in the room and i never thought on flying about it. Nancy is a true professional she's been in this business a long long time, and she knows she didn't become the first speaker of the house as a woman by accident. She knows exactly how to take care of that caucus and she's gon na keep them under control because she wants to stay the speaker get a room. You two corey lewandowski. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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