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Five dead after Louisiana plane crash, major storm barrels across the U.S. and authorities name victims in deadly Hawaii helicopter crash.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/Subscr...

[ music ] breaking news tonight, a deadly plane crash in louisiana, a small aircraft slams into a field. Next to a booster, oh, my god. Five people on board killed, including a sports reporter heading to a college, ball game that her father-in-law was poaching. Today, cruising through tears in his eyes total ice out, a major american city frozen roads shut down a school bus, skidding sideways as a ...
massive storm moves across the country. Plus we hear from one of the men who survived this tragedy in paradise. New questions about the tourist helicopter that went down in hawaii are these tours safe. The emotional tribute to the texas mom murdered her friend accused of trying to steal herbaby for family saying their goodbyes. Today, a line in the sand, joe biden, initially says he won't testify of altar for the senate impeachment trial. What he's saying now and one final challenge, family and friends - pay tribute to the man behind the ice bucket challenge with one last frozen plunge. This is nbc nightly news with jose diaz-balart good evening, i'm kristen welker in for jose. We begin tonight with tragedy in the air, a small plane crash near the post office in louisiana, killing five people on board and leaving four others injured, including by standards on the ground among the dead, a sports reporter who was on the way to the peach bowl In atlanta tonightfederal authorities are investigating sam brock is at the scene. Sam good evening, christin good evening witnesses described hearing a boom.

They thought it was a car crash. Then they got to the scene and behind me saw parts of a plane on fire and multiple cars. You can still see the debris, although it is dark in that parking lot in early morning crash with fatal consequences. Oh my god, this ball of fire is all that remained of a small plane that crashed to the ground in lafayette, louisiana, killing, five and injuring four. The plane diving to the ground just after takeoff around 9:30 this morning, smashing into a field only about a mile from the airporttwo cars also engulfed in flames. The injured sent to local hospitals, including the lone survivor of the plane crash who's in critical condition. Eyewitness brandon chevalier tried to save the life of the surviving passenger. When you saw a man inside that plane trying to get out what kind of condition was he in then i mean he actually was out like i thought we got some news out: 100 % the six people in that plane on their way to the peach bowl In atlanta, among the dead sports reporter carly mccord, who worked for nbc affiliate wdsu in new orleans, her father-in-law steve ensminger, the offensive coordinator for lsu, wiping away tears on the sidelines as the tigersplay for a spot in the national championship. Four others on board also died in the plane crash ian ebags, the planes pilot robert vaughn crisp ii, gretchen, vincent and michael walker, vincent tributes pouring in from the court tonight, wdsu's general manager, saying we are devastated by the loss of such an amazing talent. The new orleans saints and pelicans issuing a statement. Carly was a valued member of both our new orleans saints and new orleans pelicans family as an in-game host. Our thoughts and prayers go out to carly's family with this tragic loss sam.

This is an unbelievable tragedy. Are there any updates on the injured? Today, yeah there were four other people who were injuredchristina the passenger plane, the passenger on the plane. I should say critically a bystander critically. Two other people suffered smoke inhalation and we do know tonight. We just got word. The ntsb is sending a team of nine out here to investigate kristin sam brock in louisiana sam. Thank you for that meantime, as millions prepare to travel home from the holidays, several dangerous and powerful storms are bearing down on the nation right now. The biggest threats, ice and snow across the plains and midwest and in the south, millions more bracing for severe rain and wind, even tornadoes kathy park. Now, with the wild weather, cars crashing flipping and slipping on the ice, a combination of icerain and snow, making driving dangerous as a major storm barrels across the country, the dakotas bracing for blizzard conditions, heavy snow already, snarling traffic and in colorado it was top even for Four-Wheel drive vehicles to get through in minnesota ice, covering roadways, this bus lost control and when sliding, through an intersection and traffic, stopped on this frozen bridge for miles we're all stuck happy vacation to us. The freezing rain also turned streets and sidewalks into high springs. The winter weather blanketed parts of texas with fog and it's being blamed for this nasty multi car wreck in lubbock yesterday, several people narrowly miss a news crew capture this scary moment, while on the scene for adifferent accident, i left my camera there, where it was, and I ran the opposite direction: the last weekend of the year, unleashing a powerful blow as people trying to get ahead of the storms and the next crush of holiday travelers. This was playing awhile ago, so we were on top of everything from the get-go.

That'S why it's been smooth operations and cathy with all of this weather? How does air travel look? Are there delays well kristen right now, most of the delays are concentrated in denver and downs, but here at laguardia, things are running relatively smoothly. Kristen. Thank you. Cathy, w mbc's dave price is tracking where the storms are headed. Next dave, kristen aswe wrap up this holiday weekend. Travel trouble as we roll into sunday with so many people heading home, nashville and atlanta could see some rough weather roll through and we could see shorter delays from baltimore stretching all the way back to the midwest. Here'S. What happens as we head through tonight? Heavy snow continues in the northern plains downpours as we head through the ark-la-tex. These strong storms continue to roll through the tennessee valley, as we head into sunday delays through the midwest and the rain continues into the southeast into monday that rain and icy mix moves into interior sections of the northeast and cold winds behind that front. Move into the midwest kristin dave pricethank you for that. Well, we now know more tonight about that deadly chopper crash in hawaii, including who was on board and what might have been the cause and now new questions about the safety of helicopter tours. Sara harmon is on the hawaiian island of kauai.

With this report tonight, authorities identifying the pilot and two passengers aboard the safari tour helicopter 69 year-old palma taro of wailua hawaii was the pilot on board 47 year old, amy gannon and her daughter, 13 year old jocelyn from wisconsin. The four other passengers are believed to be a family from switzerland who have not yet been named. It'S unclear what caused the crash, but weather will likely be onefocus. The investigation that area up there is known for having beautiful sunny days and that can change within a matter of an hour or a half an hour. Aerial tours are hugely popular on kauai the backdrop for the film jurassic park, visitors with reservations for safari chopper tours arrived saturday morning to find the doors locked we're a little apprehensive. You know just from what happened a couple days ago: private chopper tours are regulated by the faa, but experts say not as stringently as commercial airliners. One of the things that the investigators will be looking at, of course, is pilot experience, they're going to be looking at the training that the company provides them. Ntsb recordsshow, there been 18 civilian helicopter crashes in hawaii since 2015, hawaii congressman eadie case calling for more regulation. Tweeting tour, helicopter and small aircraft operations are not safe and innocent lives are paying the price tonight. The grief on this tiny island extending far beyond its shores, sara. What is the tour company saying tonight in a statement late? Today'S safari says the pilot had 12 years experience flying on this island and that they'd cooperate fully with the investigation officials from the ntsb are expected on the island tomorrow, kristin sara harmon. Thank you for that report overseas.

Now the death toll is rising following a massive explosion in somalia. Today it happened in the capital, mogadishu, atruck filled with explosives blew up in the middle of a busy intersection. Matt bradley has the very latest from london tonight in somalia. The casualties keep coming pulled from a massive truck bombing that devastated the security checkpoint. During the morning rush hour, mohammed amin, a local journalist, rushed to the scene after he felt the blast three miles away. The death toll is likely to rise. Some government and local officials say more than 90 have died among the casualties, soldiers, police officers, even university students and children. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Blame is likely to focus on al-shabaab an al-qaeda-linked islamist militant group that has terrorized the country for more than a decadebut. Al-Shabaab are one among many groups whose vicious fighting has splintered somalia since 1991 matt joins us now, matt do we know why it is assumed. Al-Shabaab is behind this attack. It'S a good question.

Christian al-shabaab claimed responsibility for at least four car bombings in the past year, but it doesn't always claim every one of its attacks: kristan matt, bradley reporting from london matt. Thank you to politics now, former vice president joe biden is pushing back after he was criticized for suggesting he would not comply with a subpoena to testify. In president trump's impeachment trial. Nbc'S hans nichols is traveling with the president in west palm beach tonight, former vice president joe biden working toclarify if he would honor a senate subpoena in any possible impeachment trial for president donald trump vowing to cooperate only with a legitimate or lawful congressional investigation. His comments coming after he told the des moines register friday that he would not submit to a senate subpoena. The reason i wouldn't is because it's all designed to deal with trump doing when he found his whole life trying to take the focus off him. President trump has said he would like biden to testify at any trial, pointing to unsubstantiated claims that the former vice president improperly aided his son's dealings in ukraine. Today biden took to twitter to clarify his remarks. I have always complied with a lawfulorder and cooperated with legitimate congressional oversight. This impeachment is about trump's conduct, not mine, so hans did vice. President biden ever clarify whether he would consider a subpoena on this issue legitimate well. He said, let's cross, that bridge when it comes, but the former vice president is clearly preserving his ability to define, what's both lawful and legitimate christen hans nichols.

Thank you. So do you remember the ice bucket challenge to raise money for als research? It was the brainchild of pete freitas. He died this month of the disease and today his family took a last frozen plunge in his honor morgan chesky reports, one final channel in gloucester massachusetts, some 500 people running into frigidwaters to remember: pete freitas, the man behind the als ice bucket challenge for his family's Annual plunge for pete fundraiser freddie's passed away earlier this month. After a nearly eight year battle with the disease, he would have turned 35. Today, we've been able to recapture pete's essence his vitality, his wife, julie, taking part in the challenge for the very first time wearing the same red white and blue bikini she wore when she met pete on the fourth of july eight years ago, pease energy, just going All out and being fun and adventurous, so i hope they all experienced some of heat. Today. This year's plunge for pete raised more than three hundred thousand dollars. Moneythe family says, will go towards paying off his remaining medical bills. The 2014 ice bucket challenge raised 220 million dollars worldwide here in the u. s. 84 million of that went towards the ongoing search to find a cure tonight. The family saying this will be their last plunge for pete.

We'Ve been doing this, as you know, a tribute to him a celebration for him, and this we decided has come full circle, a defining moment for the man who defined a disease inspiring others. Morgan chesky nbc news, a man who made a difference for so many well up next, a final farewell for that texas, mom murdered in what may have been epoxy all her newborn, daughterfriends and family of murdered. Texas mom, heidi broussard, gathered for her funeral today in louisiana. The heartbreaking case, still under investigation as broussard's childhood friend, is charged in connection with her death, and it has some asking. Was it all part of a plot to steal a newborn baby? Sam brock reports tonight tonight, weeks of anguish for heidi broussard's parents, tammy and david and her loved ones, turning to healing, as they lay their beloved heidi to rest, she always hung with the phone with an i love you, it was never you know see you later. It was like i'll see you later love you harley laughlin met heidi had worked more than ten years ago, she'sreally bubbly. She had this goofy infectious laugh the two shared, countless laughs and concerts. Whenever the mood struck. Every time we rode in the car, it was a concert, slash dance party, she loved music. It was a big thing for her and she'd get all into it. Now we're grieving and deeply connected group sang their goodbyes, and i love yous to the 33 year old mother, whose life was abruptly cut short. Last week, broussard's body was uncovered in the trunk of a car 160 miles from her austin apartment after she disappeared with her baby margo on december 12th, margo was found unharmed inside the home of childhood friend.

Megan fira mooskaa who's been charged withkidnapping and tampering with a human corpse, farrah moose cos attorney said this will be a lengthy process and until proven otherwise, her client is innocent. As the case plays out. The community grieves heidi's boyfriend, shane her children, parents and closest friends. All by her side tammy this morning - and i told her so he's gon na be a very long day, but we will get through it and we will be okay. It'S gon na take a very long time for all of us to be okay, but we will be okay and then tammy responded. Well, that's a how you would want a tribute to a mother friends say: they'll keep alive through memory, sam brock, nbc news, andstill to come, the high cost of health care and the new way some states are drastically cutting free, plus making dreams come true. The boy who got a christmas gift that will change his and now to the high cost of health insurance. It'S a struggle for so many families, but now some states have an innovative new way to slash premiums. Steve patterson. Has that story you see actually how much of jumps up from the winner it's a frequent and harrowing journey for the dennison family to search for a way to pay the bills it's hard financially. The young couple is raising three kids while running a small, auto repair business in durango, colorado now let'srecheck in one of their biggest expenses, private health insurance and because they live in a rural area and don't qualify for subsidies. They'Re forced to pay full price for premiums.

In their case, that's a whopping $ 1,900. Every month that was like a waste like you're, wasting your money on something that you don't use. I think we're paying as much as a mortgage on a house. You know to have that so that we could bring reinsurance to the state of colorado, but in 2020 that's all changing thanks to bipartisan legislation for something called reinsurance, a program using a pool of about 260 million dollars of state and federal funds to cover the highest Health care, claimsfor insurance companies allowing them to slash premiums in colorado, premiums are expected to plummet by an average of 20 % for an estimated quarter million people that includes cody and amanda in 2020 that nineteen hundred a month they used to pay will now be closer To eleven hundred, how big of a difference is this gon na be for you it's 720 a month? Is all our savings a little over eighty six hundred a year, so yeah definitely huge. So far, twelve states have approved reinsurance waivers, seeing premium reductions anywhere from six to forty three percent. What it doesn't do cut down on general health care costs like co-pays and deductibles. If you actually have a hospital visitbut, the hope is that ultimately, less expensive premiums will lower the bar far enough for thousands of the uninsured to get covered. The key to consumers. Purchasing insurance is affordability, and if the costs are low enough, then consumers will be able to purchase coverage for the dennison family. It means more financial breathing room this first year we back channel smile on our face because of those savings a chance to plan for the future, instead of just the next round of bills: steve patterson, nbc news, durango colorado, and when we come back the life-changing christmas Dinner that brought this community to tears and the little boy who will never be the same. There is good newstonight about a little boy in tennessee who just wanted one thing for christmas and thanks to his mom, his community and a whole lot of love, he got his wish. It'S a life-changing gift a year in the making, when 11 year old, gavin sumner wrote his christmas list last year.

Santa i don't ask for a lot. One wish stood out me. Hands. Gavin was born without fully formed hands doctors telling his mom corrie. It was a miracle he survived. It just really set me back, but then i realized, you know it's not gon na matter anyways, because i'm gon na love him regardless, but gavin, never let his challenges get in his way. I thought this kidsjust being kids, but i've always been grateful noise about my disability. That'S why, when he asked for 3d hands cory, knew it really mattered to him. It kind of just lit a fire on me to figure out a way to make this work cory. Posted gavin's christmas list of facebook and through the magic of social media, was connected with local engineer, anthony economist. He had never designed prosthetics before, but after meeting gavin anthony was up for the task. I knew that the existing source code for the files existed and i'm like yeah we can.

We could make that work. It took 11 months and for different designs, but finally, gavin's new hands were ready, justin time. For a christmas surprise, with a little help from the mayor, it couldn't have happened in a better way, gavin speechless that his wish came true, [ laughter ]. It just made my heart melt, an emotional moment for anthony to a room filled with family and friends. Cheering gavin, aw just hope someone could've charged thousands of thousands of dollars feliz, but someone named anthony worked almost a year non-stop for no price. There is kindness, nice work, and this is a good example of it. Gavin receiving the best gift of all now rewriting his letter to santa dear santa. I have everything i could ask for. I hope you have a safe and merry christmas. Getting somethingwhat a remarkable little boy and gavin's birthday is in just two weeks he's asking that instead of gifts, his friends and family, donate to charity, he says he has everything he needs now. That is nbc nightly news for this saturday, i'm kristen welker reporting from new york have a great night. Everyone, [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos.

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