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Published: 12/06/2019 04:09 PM

At least two people were killed and multiple others were injured after a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news b...

Active shooter in one of our buildings, the base is currently shut down. The active shooter has been neutralized. We are working with local law enforcement and with the fbi in our actions. Afterwards, as i said, the base is shut down will be shut down until further notice. Until we can really understand the situation, but the important thing is that the is no longer an active shooter situation, we ...
do have several deceased and several wounded. My heart goes out to those families of the deceased and of the wounded they're part of the navy family. They are there, part of us, and our heart goes out to those of you who have who may be affected. Bythis tragedy, as i said, we're working with local county law enforcement and federal entities and right now, i'd like to pass it over to the mayor. Captain. Certainly, this is a tragic day for the city of pensacola. Naas is incredibly an important part of our community for 200 years. This has been a part of the city of pensacola in our heart we're a military town.

Our hearts and prayers are connected to all those that serve us every day, and certainly the expectation that this would happen here at home was unexpected. But i can tell you that all of our sympathies are with the men and women who are out here on this base and weare. We are currently in a support role. We will continue to do that. We are certainly thinking about all those individuals who are still hospitalized and our thoughts and prayers are with them. I will say this is a resilient community community. We will overcome this, but today this is certainly a tragic day and i thought some prayers are with all of them. Let me say for those of you locally, if you have no business over on this port of warrington, please do not come over here. Everything is closed down. We will continue to have our police officers with the sheriff's officers, keeping people from over here at this particular time. So if you don't havebusiness over here, please do not come over to the side of town. But again, thank you very much for the opportunity to be here and just express how our condolences and our sorrows for those here at the at the naval air station good morning, everyone i'm a scam b county sheriff david morgan at approximately 651.

This morning the call went out to the escambia county sheriff's office, central dispatch, that there was an active shooter on naval air station pensacola. We had two units immediately respond. You know many to come behind the course. While we would love to do a full disclosure with you this morning about everything that we are aware of, quite obviously wecannot do that there are things that we are now in the investigative process that are required to be held back by not just the escambia county. Sheriff'S office, but our lead federal agencies, which of course are the fbi and the atf and the associated federal partners that we have in the us attorney's office is also present. As the mayor said, i want to assure our community that the the threat has been negated. Our community is secured at this time. We have no reason to believe, or are we looking for any additional shooters within escambia county, not just within the parameters of na s pensacola. I would tell you this strikes home particularly hard for meas. A retired military member walking through the crime scene was like being on the set of a movie and, as the mayor eloquently put, you just don't expect this to happen at home. This doesn't happen in escambia county. It doesn't happen in pensacola.

It doesn't happen to our friends and neighbors, who are members of the united states navy, but it did and it has and so for now we're here to pick up the pieces. We have two officers at the escambia county sheriff's office and the initial response that negated the threat that are now in a local hospital. We expect them to fully recover. It was a member of the escambia county sheriff's office thatdid negate the threat. I will share that with you. It was one of our officers that did that is the captain said we have today. Excuse me as of right now we do have four deceased and approximately eight total. That includes the ones that have deceased by the way that are injured. The crime scene processing continues under the auspices of the fbi and the atf. We are lending all local assistance that we have to this effort. Everything from command buses to you know, crimes texts if they are so needed. We asked for the prayers of the community and we asked for the assistance of the press.

Please be patient. These things are ever evolving. Youmay hear a mis statement from one of us at this juncture. Why? Because we've got a lot of moving parts in this machine and we're all trying to get it in sync, and so, if something comes back later that we have to correct, i would ask that you not be overly critical. The reason why i say that is this is we have grieving families at this moment that the navy, now with their grief, counselors and with ours, at the escambia county sheriff's office, or going out to handle the human side of a police action? We need your assistance with that. We need your partnership at this point and we have enough critics in our communityand. We ask that you assist us. So if we reach out to you as a member of the press and ask for that assistance, i ask that you come forward with it at that time. At this juncture, i will stop and i believe captain kinsella wants to open it for questions all right. Well answer any questions that we can before it open for questions. I just want to say publicly how grateful we are of the assistance from the sheriff's department. As the sheriff said, it was a couple of his deputies that neutralized the the active shooter.

It could have been a lot worse if we didn't have the response that we did from our localpartners. So sir, thank you and america. Thank you for your support and thank you for the county for your support. Also, this is a this is a community effort, and so it any questions. I don't want to talk about the the identity of the shooter at this time. I'M sorry! Yes, it happened in one of our classroom buildings which classroom it was in the i don't to say at this time, because it's did there's a lot of worried folks out there that don't know if there was in where there people working on. I don't want to unnecessarily worry folks that that will come in time again. I died we're working through it we're working throughit. I appreciate a question but we're we're working through it as best we can to make sure that the right people know at the right time and we don't do it through the media. But thank you that we sure do yeah yeah. We do it, they were what, if you want to take it yeah the two deputies that initially engaged the the suspect one was shot in the arm and one was shot in the knee from one it shot in. The arm is being treated at a local hospital and the one that was shot in the knee is currently in surgery both expected to survive.

What was the response time from when the shots firstrang out? Well, i can tell you we have a precinct nearby. We got to call, as sheriff morgan mentioned, about nine minutes before seven o'clock, and we had officers here within just a couple of minutes. They quickly went to the location, as the captain said, the building in which the the active shooter was, and it covered a couple of different floors. This is a rather large building the deputies and those assisting agencies from the pensacola police department, fhp, fdle and, and all that you see around here all worked in conjunction to neutralize the threat and that's why there were not more loss of life chip, simmons, ch, ipsi Mm onus, i'm the chief deputy fromsheriff's office. Again, i don't have the exact numbers, but i can tell you that it did cover two floors from that one building, as sheriff mentioned when you get into the seam like that, it is a bit like a movie because you have spent shell casings all over. But the first thing you want to do is is to make sure that the thread is no longer a threat. You neutralize that threat and then, secondarily, what you want to do. Is you present aid to the to the injured and that's why what we have is we have eight individuals that were transported to a local hospital. One of those later succumb to the injuries and thenwe have three others that remain at the building and that is part of the active crime scene. I don't even wan na speculate on that at this time. I appreciate the question, but it's it's nothing. We want to speculate right now.

It'S it's we're taking care of what we need to take care of at this time. As the captain said, it's inappropriate to discuss that issue and again, that would be more appropriately coming from our federal agencies and when they're prepared to give you an update on the on the conduct of the investigation and those sorts of questions, they'll release that information. Yes, any victims deceased, we have four deceased. Yes, that's correct, there are fourpeople right now, deceased one is the shooter and there are eight people currently at baptist hospital. One of them have have deceased, and then there are three three remain at the crime scene. So there's a total of eleven people, four of which have deceased. One of those four is the: is the active shooter? That'S correct security exercises throughout the year. I understand they may be they trained for these exact types of situations. Yeah. You bet we and we work with our local law enforcement partners to do that. We train on this regularly. Active shooter is something that's very in front of our minds for our secure department when they train.

So yes, yes, we dowe train. We regularly forth. We have an, we have an moa with nes pensacola, of course, where we do joint training and also part of that moa is that we are a response unit to assist na s and, of course, that's what was put in place this morning. It was our security forces, they were the first responders there and then the sheriff department came in back. So this this is a it's a training base. Almost all of our buildings are classroom buildings, so it'd be hard for something like this to happen and not being in that type of environment, but i don't want to say which building it was jesus sensitivity still of releasinginformation i'll, explain, okay, the reason why folks were Reluctant to give some specifics, notifications have not been completed. So if i are, the captain speak any more specific and you're a mother or father that has a son or a daughter, that's in the navy, and there are signs in the navy base and they're assigned to this particular training area. Families know that, and so now you're going to create again panic within these families and that notification needs to be measured. It needs to come from us. The appropriate should say at that time. So we're not trying to be a vase includes a point to that. It'S for our families, yeah thanks fred sure answer.

Youthat is correct. Do you foresee this changing and i will say security is an ever-changing ever-evolving and will we we look at lessons learned from this and, if necessary, we will were not a organization in stasis. We learn from events like this to ensure that we do it better, but i will say that i'm very, very proud of the response of my security department had and i'm very proud of the sheriff's department what they did so it's. I think it could have been a lot worse if we didn't, if we don't train the way we do to try and minimize casualties and events like this, i don't even want spec. I don't want to sayi'm sorry again we're not going to answer any those specific questions, a press conference to be planned later on this afternoon, and i will also tell you, as part of our protocol, stepping outside the navy side of it. We have a governor and elected officials that we need to also briefed to ensure that they're aware of what occurred at any s pensacola. So there's again, there's a lot of moving parts in this machine that you will get the information it's just. You won't get all that information right now. The president, have you heard from any of that, i sure have heard from multiple officials who have called to both the governmental state and local tooffer their support in any way they can. It'S been very comforting to have all levels of government reaching out to a software, both comfort and support. We have procedures in place. We have things that we do to ensure that it is, and you know i want to get too far into that, but we have procedures in place.

We, where are the military we go through this, unfortunately more often than we'd like for combat casualties or whatever it may be, so our casualty assistance officers will be following the necessary protocols to ensure that we take care of those people within our navy family and beyond. I do wish to say that the governor's office and thewhite house have contacted us, the city of pensacola. I know they've contacted escambia county as well and said any assets that they have would be available to us at this particular time. I think that we are, we told them, we're all, assessing we're supporting and we will. We will inform them as soon as we know what those requests would be, but they haven't been in touch with us, and i know i talked with commissioner bender. He said they've also been in touch with a scandi county as well. Two calls from senator scott's office this morning, so i you know, trust me, the you know the relationship runs deep here and this is one of thosetimes anything. We need we're going to get a three-month-old is on the base. She was trying to get what information do you have her? What people people again the base is secure. The number of people that have been injured transported have been reported to the community. Now not named. Specifically, but i would assure everyone that if you had a family member, that's directly involved with this - that is local you're, going to be notified very quickly.

And again, i want that's why we want to lay most of those fears, those again who have suffered. You know the deceased if you will and the victims that will take a little bit longer, but i'd like captain cancellousspeak specifically think thanks for asking that question. As i mentioned, the bases in scuse me the bases shut down for the until further notice. Sorry, the personnel that are on base now we're working at getting them off base in an orderly manner. They are going to stay in place and remain in place until we can get them off the base in an orderly and safe manner and we'll be notifying those people building by building using the appropriate chain of command to ensure that we have an orderly evacuation of The base of those personnel that that we need to get off you need to get home to their loved ones. That is correct. We'Re not preparedto release that information. At this time, shots were exchanged until further notice yeah, but i can't say, okay relations to the question. You asked about the deputies being shot is horrendous, as this event has been and as much as our thoughts and prayers goes out to those victims. I think that it's also important to note the heroism that took place this morning and that was from the the navy police, the dod police, thus camden county sheriff's deputies, again, two of which got shot doing doing this. This response, but also our partners with a florida highway patrol the pensacola police department, obviously our state and federal partners. So again, i don't wan na lose, lose lose sightof.

The fact that they got here in short order. They neutralized the threat and again, as i mentioned before, so that there's no further loss of life. So, let's just keep that in the back of our mind, as well as the thoughts that, if to those that are injured and certainly to the family of those who lost their lives this morning, it will, if i could talk to you after listen and we will Take care of that yep any other questions. I thank you all very much we're coming on the ed bring you the latest at a shooting this morning at the pensacola naval air station in western florida at least four people are deadthere are multiple injuries. All this unfolded early this morning with an emergency call little before 7:00 central time it set off a massive, an immediate response by law enforcement to the facility, which employs more than 20,000 military and civilian personnel. This is the second fatal shooting at the u. s. naval facility. Just this week, following wednesday's incident at pearl harbor that left three dead, including the gunman our justice correspondent, pete williams, is following developments from pensacola pete. I know a news conference just concluded. What have we learned? Well, we've learned now that the navy says this shooting happened in a classroom building on the facility we're waiting for word on who fired the shots. This morningwhether it was someone connected with the base or someone from outside.

There are some local reports lester that the attack was carried out by a sailor. The navy now says 11 people in all were shot at pensacola. Four of them have died, including the gunman there's no word yet on the extent of injuries of those who were wounded. But the navy and the sheriff's office now say that two of them were sheriff's deputies, who were among the first to respond. Neither of them suffered life threatening injuries. Officials say that those deputies exchanged gunfire with the shooter on two floors of the classroom. Building before it was over the sheriff of escambia county florida, where thebase is located. David morgan says it's all over now at approximately 651. This morning the call went out to the escambia county sheriff's office, central dispatch, that there was an active shooter on naval air station pensacola. We had two units immediately respond. You know many to come behind the course. While we would love to do a full disclosure with you this morning about everything that we are aware of, quite obviously, we cannot do that.

There are things that we are now in the investigative process that are required to be held back by not just the escambia county sheriff's office, but our lead federal agencies, which of course, are the fbi and the atf. The associatedfederal partners that we have and the us attorney's office is also president fbi. Officials, say they're sending experts to help with the forensic investigation. That'S the job of reconstructing what happened. That'Ll be a big chore, given the large number of shots that were apparently fired by both the gunman and the deputies. The military does have strict rules about firearms on base. Only certain people are authorized to carry weapons so that'll be part of the investigation too. But despite those rules, shootings do happen at military installations. By our count, this is the 19th shooting on the military base in the past ten years and, as you noted, lester the second this week at a navy baseon wednesday, the sailor there whose submarine was docked at pearl harbor in hawaii, killed civilian employees before taking his Own life, the navy hasn't yet said what the motive was, but there are reports locally that the 22 year old sailor in that shooting had a history of anger management issues and was facing a possible disciplinary proceeding. So one obvious question will be whether today's shooting was somehow connected to that one lester all right and pete. The president has been briefed on the shooting. Kristen welker is at the white house for that kristen senior administration officials lester tell us that, yes, the president has been briefed, he's monitoring the situation and his senior staff here willcontinue to keep him updated throughout the day.

Now we anticipate president trump has an event at 2:00 p. m. that is a potential opportunity to hear from him about all of this. So far he has not tweeted about this. He did retweet a breaking news alert about the shooting we have heard from the vice president, though mike pence. Let me read to you lester his reaction. He says saddened to hear of the horrible shooting at naval air station pensacola and continuing to monitor the situation. Praying for the victims and their families, and we commend the first responders for their swift action and taking down the shooter and getting those on base to safety. Now, as forpresident trump, he has played the role of consoler and chief in the past, visiting communities that have been impacted by gun violence from dayton to el paso. And so this is another potential opportunity for him to weigh in to lend the support of the federal government. Again, we are awaiting the president's response, as we continue to monitor this situation. Lester all right, kristen welker at the white house.

Thank you for that again, a shooting at florida's pensacola naval air station has left for dead. That includes the shooter and multiple people have been hurt. We'Ll have full details on nightly news and of course, all day on msnbc, i'm lester holt in new york a day. [ music ], you.

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