See the U.S. Army's sophisticated new communications system

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/13/2019 03:27 PM

Todd Probert, of Raytheon Intelligence, on how the company's Troposcatter communications system will help the U.S. Army. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in N...

[ music ] raytheon they're, going to deliver a new. It'S called a trope, oh scatter communication system, they're, delivering it to the army. They'Re doing this to counter the threat of one of our communication satellites being taken out by the enemy. This is raytheon. Joining us now is todd. Probert he's raytheon's intelligence. Vice president right. Under what circumstances would this new system ...
be used? Was it do so stuart thanks for having us today? This system is, is basically a secure communications. Node, it's it's a point-to-point. It can go anywhere from tens of miles to up to 200 miles and essentially soldiers in the field used satellite communications today, if, for some reason, one of those satellites weren'tavailable, they could rely on troppo scatter to to basically connect that link. How much does it cost? Well, so this is this systems and the few hundreds of k, so it's a it's, a humvee transported system can be set up in about a half hour and we're looking to see the army use it in a number of different use cases, so it can be Used multiple, you don't get just one big system for the whole army. It'S small systems scattered around amongst active troops.

No, that's exactly it! It'S for the battalion and below so think, groups of soldiers. This would be a hub and then they're their basic use. Radios would connect off of itis it your special technology. Nobody else has got it well. Piscator is, is a communications methodology? That'S been used for a number of years. What we've done is packaged it up in a very simple system again can be set up in roughly a half-hour, so it can be be rolled onto the battlefield and then move with the the front as it were. As the battle commences well talk, since we have you on the program, i wonder if you could respond to a new story which we brought last week, which is given as an enormous number of email responses. We reported on the pentagon with this new weapon to kill terrorists. You know the ninja bombapparently, it's so precise. It can single out an individual gets close to that person. Blades come out and shred the individual that reduced a lot of email for us. How this thing? Actually, look yeah gosh stuart, that that sounds very innovative.

That'S not a raytheon product, but the defense industry with systems like tropa scatter, is looking to do innovative things to help our warfighters everyday. I guess what it means is that this targets, somebody a person very, very specifically, very precisely, that's the nature of this thing: no collateral, yeah, no collateral damage, yeah, well, the nature of war is changing and and again when you look at what we're doing with proko Scatter we're doingjust that we're looking to go around some of these existing threats to your point. If satellites were knocked out for some reason to give the military alternatives to to fight the battle, all right todd we'll take that. Thank you very much. Indeed, talk probit right, young guy thanks for joining us see you soon. Thanks stuart.

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