Baked by Melissa has sold over 100 million cupcakes since 2008

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019 09:29 PM

Baked by Melissa founder Melissa Ben-Ishay discusses how her company survived the “cupcake bubble” and the challenges she faced starting the business. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and W...

Faking her way to a business empire, one entrepreneur turning her small business into an american phenomenon, [ music ] joining us now - is founder of baked by melissa. No, it's not me. I wish it was, but it's not it's melissa, bennish! I thank you so much for joining us. You have a tremendous business. Your stores are all over. My kids love it. They make me stop all the time your cupcakes are so ...
elicious. You survived the cupcake bubble. I don't know if you remember a couple years back. This was the fad. Everybody was opening a cupcake shop. Nobody eats that many cupcakes.

There was not enough room for all these people. You emerged as the winner howdid. You do that. Well, i think, first and foremost, we never paid attention to anyone else, but what we were doing, because we had an incredible opportunity and we needed to take advantage of it. We have best-in-class bite sized, stuffed cupcakes, but really dessert and gifts, and i see the cupcake as my vessel for flavor. If you've experienced baked by melissa, you could go to baked by melissa's comm order to be shipped anywhere in the country. You receive them perfectly fresh. Everything is made entirely by hand with the most delicious ingredients that i choose myself. Hershey'S fudge, skippy peanut butter. I mean you name it. The flavors are amazing. I don't want to run outof time.

What gave you the idea for the teeny? Tiny cupcakes, because that's really what differentiates you in my mind from the others when you go to get one of the other cupcakes, it's such a big commitment. My kids are like. Oh, it's too much believe it or not. But with these you can get a whole bunch of different flavors. You can sample what you want and you don't feel like you've been terrible because they're tiny, although i will eat this entire pack in the car on the way home. Probably before i get to blocks. Okay, what what gave you the idea you have just real, quick hundred million cupcakes sold amazing and you're currentlyover, 50 % of your total business is an e-commerce online. As you said, what gave you this idea? Well, i used to eat too big sized cupcakes every single day, my way home for and i would try and only eat half, but i could never decide on the flavor. I love dessert and i love cake. So this way you could try every flavor without feeling bad about it. Everything is just around fifty calories. You could i mean i created six limited edition just for mother's day.

You could send gifts to all the moms on your list and they will arrive perfectly fresh and they're like the most moist delicious cupcakes you're ever going to junior whatwas your biggest hurdle. I mean what was the time when you felt like you couldn't keep going and you had to you know sort of pick yourself up what would have been? What was your biggest problem along the way in order to inspire other people out there? I think that it's a chain constant change in challenge, so we started the company. I was baking every single cupcake, obviously that's not sustainable. I had to hire learn how to manage. I was 24 years old. Then i went from doing that. Overseeing all the store operations. I never worked the day in retail before being aware of my weaknesses and being able to put people in positions. Wherethey were better than i was and really just evolved with the company and i'm melissa of baked by melissa, and that was hard for me. So i can only imagine how hard it is for another founder who doesn't have a company that bears her own name right, so i think customer happiness i did hr. I always did product, of course, and now i focus primarily on product and the brands all right. Well, congratulations and i've been lying all this time saying i'm baked by melissa and everyone does i'm not.

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