Democrats are growing more concerned about the ‘crisis’ at the border: Poll

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 04/30/2019 10:42 PM

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) discusses the ongoing crisis at the southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world...

[ music ]. I would please ask for your support to our men and women who are doing heroic work along the border. While our 2020 budget will help address this crisis, we will need additional funding even sooner given the scale of what we're facing we'll exhaust our resources before the end of this fiscal year, which is why, this week, the administration will be sending a supplemental funding request ...
to The congress it's acting homeland security secretary, kevin mack aleena, admitting the agencies running out of money because of the exploding number of migrants crossing the border. A new washington post/abc poll shows even democrats are now growing sharply more concerned about the crisis on the southern border. Let'S bringin congressman andy biggs he's a border security caucus co-chair congressman money is a problem clearly, but more than money. You have these amnesty laws that have gaping holes in them that are leading to the influx of migrants. Isn'T that more of a problem than money? Well? Actually, we've got to have resources because we have no place to detain people that are coming across david and so right now you get all these asily applicants. We can't even hold them and right now we're seeing people now that we can't hold who come over and simply they don't even declare asylum anymore. They just know that we have to release you because we have no place to putthem, so we've got to get some funding and resources, so we could at least get some temporary detention facilities up, but you're right. We also, at the same time, have to deal with closing these loopholes, such as how how these people could come in and declare asylum, and we immediately let them loose. Do the florez the decision congressman. This is a gary call bomb.

For months we have been hearing what caravans and what crisis, even though we've been saving video after video after video of many of coming across, so we're now hearing democrats - maybe oh, maybe we do have a crisis. Is anybody actually on the move? Do they recognize it's an immediate concern, rightnow that has to be attended to i'm not saying the urgency that i would expect if they really believed it was an emergency. So so what i? What i'm suggesting to you is is some of them. I actually heard one say the other day that that it's still a manufactured crisis. I thought we got rid of that narrative about a month ago. It is real, and i invite all my colleagues who dispute whether it's really come on down with me to the border. I'Ll take them, and - and i don't i don't - try to sway it, but it's real, but the urgency is not there yet because i think, but i think we're getting closer becauseyou're getting the intelligence see, as some of them are coming on. They'Re saying it's a real problem: you're getting places in states like new mexico, declaring an emergency, that's critical to get in the critical mass necessary to turn the tide. Congressman is john ley field. It'S good to have you on the show, sir. I saw wonder force that had eight hundred sixty thousand asylum cases are still pending right now, so this has been going on for some time. That'S gon na take a couple of years to work through.

Even if you add detention centers, sir, we can't build a detention center for a million people. I understand what you're saying - and i know you're not implyingthat, but what do you do when you say you're gon na close these loopholes? What happens physically at the border? Do you turn these people away? How do you change the asylum system because, what's going on right now, it's simply untenable. Even if you build the border wall, people claiming asylum, this is not gon na work right so of those 860,000 john. Here'S the way to think of it they're already in the in the in the general public, we're not going to get them back anytime soon, but there's a flood coming over now we can maybe detain some of those whether we build detention facilities or contract with state Or local jails that have vacancies, we coulddo that. But the way we get at this as well is we can make our cbp agents. We can turn them into immigration officers and, if that's the case, they can make some determinations immediately and that might help us as well. But we have got to also leverage mexico, because mexico has got to keep some of them over on their side of the border and the way you leverage that is, they have to basically sign an international protocol, saying that they're going to be recognized at the last Safe state and they'll hold those people. That'S the only way. I can think of that's going to defeat that ninth circuit ruling that came out about 10days ago congressman. It'S carol, roth. I don't know if you caught the 60 minutes piece over the weekend, but they did a piece on the border and what was striking to me was the level of treatment that these people at the border were receiving. They were getting food, they were getting shelter.

There were diapers for the young kids, there was medical care. The reality is these people who are bucking. Our laws are being treated better than people in our own country that are homeless than people on the west side of chicago. Where i live. What do you say to the citizens who are seeing that people are coming here illegally and breaking our laws? Andnot citizens are getting more dollars and more attention than some of the citizens of our own country. Quick answer: congressman yeah, that's the best of frustration, they're, getting three meals in it and they're getting more attention than some of our citizens. That is fundamentally and morally wrong, and that's why we have to do something immediately. Congressman andy biggs, always a pleasure to see a congressman thanks for being here appreciate david.

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