Pence: USMCA puts American jobs and American workers first

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019

EXCLUSIVE: Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo sits down with Vice President Mike Pence on the future of USMCA and the deal’s potential impact on the U.S. economy. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street...

You are just back from a meeting with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. How are you gon na get us mca across the finish line? Well, first and foremost, let's recognize that the american economy is booming: 5. 8 million new jobs in the last quarter; 3. 1 percent growth. More importantly, wages are rising at the fastest level in more than ten years, and we've seen 500,000 manufacturing jobs cr ...
ated and the president's done all that, because he drove for tax cuts, he's been rolling back federal red tape, we've been unleashing american energy, but also a central Pillar of president trump to vision for this growing economy is the kind of free and fair and reciprocal trade that we've negotiated. Inthe u. s. mca, and i think the american people see that and they see that the president drove a hard bargain. We put american agriculture first. American workers first and we're just taking that message not just to capitol hill, but i've literally been traveling all across the country carrying that message to farms to factories, and we have every confidence that, as the american people, let their voice be heard that the u. s. mca Will be approved by the congress of the united states, but but we're just determined to carry the message of what this will mean for jobs for growth for opportunity, and we think it's absolutely essential.

Just like they're doing here in canada that thecongress moved on approving the u. s. mca and improving the u. s. mca this summer. You want this approved by this summer, but speaker pelosi has said: she's, not even sure that she's going to bring it down to the floor for a vote. So how do you convince her to actually bring it down for a vote assuming that it does pass as once it gets down on the floor? Well, we look. We'Ve been in regular consultations with the democratic leadership in the house, or republican leadership in the senate. We'Ve been talking to the rank-and-file as well, and what the us mca is going to mean in their districts. You know it was up in minnesota in colinpeterson's district. I was on a farm and talked about the impact this will have for agriculture in minnesota. I was i've traveled, a southern part of virginia down to norfolk and talked about what this is.

What this is gon na mean for growth and jobs in that area. You know, i think the american people know that trade means jobs, but when it comes to nafta, we saw lots of jobs head south of the border since the 1990s, when that was signed into law. The president took this issue before the american people. Like many of his predecessors. Had you know it's? It really is interesting, as i talked as i talked to some leaders here in canadathey noted that many people who'd been elected president in the past, have been critical of nafta, but it was only president donald trump that stepped up rolled his sleeves up and renegotiated. Our trading relationship with canada and mexico and we believe, as we carry that message forward to the rank-and-file democrats, we carry it forward to the american people that that the democratic leadership in the congress - and we know we have strong support of republican leadership in the senate - Will move this bill to the floor and if it's put on the floor of the congress, we know the u. s. mco pass well, it was important that the president lifted the tariffs on canada and mexico onsteel and aluminum, but it was also important that the president imposed Those tariffs, look, our steel and aluminum industries are absolutely essential to our national security and the president took decisive action more than a year ago and we've seen steel come roaring back across this country. The president was able to negotiate an arrangement to get canada in mexico to take off of their retaliatory tariffs, principally impacting agriculture, while still reaching an agreement with us about the volume of steel and aluminum that will come into the united states. So we're gon na be we're gon na still be standing by those steel and aluminum jobs, but now american farmers can breathe easier and we really do believe thatwhen. The president negotiated an end to that trade impasse. It'S really opened the way for the u.

s. mca to be approved in the united states and in canada and mexico. No doubt it was an important step, but some democrats that i've had on the program have said that they want a stronger enforcement mechanism in place, so that mexico in particular keeps its promises when it comes to labor laws. They also want changes to the drug patents. The biologics getting ten years of patent action, they say that's going to keep generics out and impact pricing of pharmaceuticals have any of those things been addressed. If you made changes to the to the treaty as a resultof, these demands. Well, let me see the discussions are all underway with leaders on capitol hill about what's called the implementing legislation and we're in negotiations with democrats in the house of representatives to bring about some of the changes in the way that the u. s. mca will actually be unpacked. For the american people in the economy and those are ongoing, but when it comes to drug prices, i'll tell you, you never met anybody more determined to lower drug prices for the american people than president donald trump and we're so proud of the reforms. The president has already advanced, we know it's gon na it's going to result in a lowering of drug prices over the counterto, the american people, and so as we work through all the deals with us mca. The american people can be confident.

This president is going to continue to fight to lower drug prices for them. Mr. president, let's go through some of the most important issues and some of the most important things that us mca does relative to what nafta was doing its eliminating some of those barriers that prevent farmers from selling into in canada and mexico. It'S boosting wages, but you tell me what you think is most important about us mca and how it impacts the american people. Well, let's go back to what nafta did. There were elements of nafta that actually created anincentive for companies to build factories in mexico and outside the united states and and what we've done in the u. s. mca by creating a wage level, that's commensurate with the american wage level, we're we're literally protecting american jobs, we're Removing the incentive for companies to in effect go south of the border to chase lower wages and that that's gon na help american workers protect american jobs, but but also it's also going to, we believe, bring wages up in our neighbors to the south. I mean the simple fact is that in my home state of indiana, we literally saw almost entire communities hollowed out, as you saw factories closed automotive factory close and go south of theborder. Those incentives are out of the us mca. It'S a huge win for american workers and american jobs. So what is the timing on this? When will the president officially submit us mca to the congress and then they've got 60 days to vote on it? You want this done by this summer.

When do you expect the president to push this through officially we're in those discussions as we speak, the us trade representative will be on capitol hill when congress reconvenes this coming week and in discussions with with members of the democrat majority about that implementing legislation. But i can, i can tell you president president trump is ready to go and as soon as webelieve there is a pathway forward for approval, we're going to send the us mca to the hill. But but look there's there's a lot that washington dc argues about a lot. The media spends its time on. This ought to be an issue that brings people together. Republicans democrats left right and center because the usmc is going to meet jobs. It'S going to meet more growth and just imagine maria in this growing economy. Well, if we pass and and and put into effect what will be the largest trade deal in american history, we're gon na see growth like sweet, like we have never seen in recent memory. In this country, and so we think us mca, isan idea whose time has come and as soon as we see a pathway, i know the president is going to send the us mca to the hill and speaker pelosi puts it on the floor. We know it'll show in the next couple of weeks we'll leave that decision to the president, but our team is going to be on capitol hill this week talking to leaders in both political parties and seeing what the pathway is, what the timing is, but the american People can be confident. President trump has negotiated a deal in the u. s.

mca that really puts american jobs and american workers first to carry that message to capitol hill and urge them to takethis this measure of this summer, and we've got another good gdp number just this week. At three point: one percent, but this is a time that there's a difficult relationship between the president and congressional democrats. Just recently, the president left this meeting on infrastructure because of what nancy pelosi said walking into the meeting. How much of a distraction is this that it's a constant attack on the president? They don't want him to have a victory. Well, the president said in japan during his his state visit with prime minister robbie, that he believed congress ought to be able to pass the usmc. A look, look we're we're gon na. Have our differences as congress continued to spendso much time on investigations and chasing after baseless allegations? I can assure the american people this president is going to continue to remain focused on this economy. That'S how we got done everything we've gotten done so far. I mean the largest tax reform and tax cuts in american history. This president's cutback, more federal regulation in in two and a half years than any president in american history, we've unleashed american energy. The u. s.

mca, along with other trade agreements, that we've negotiated with south korea and one offs in other countries, all his evidence that this president is focused on jobs, he's focused on growth and we're going to continue to maintain that focus until we getus mca across the Finish line.

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