Ken Starr: Impeachment is a very bad idea, it's so divisive for the country

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 11:27 PM

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr discusses whether Democrats should try to impeach President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the busi...

Welcome back, we now welcome to the show ken starr. He is the former independent counsel, ken, it's great to see you. Thank you good to be nancy. Pelosi seems to be going back and forth on impeachment. Yesterday, a big meeting with the democrats saying not pursuing impeachment, got to focus on health agenda and more maxine waters. Al green journal or didn't adam schiff said: okay. Now it's back on ...
today, she's indicated that it's back on. What'S your take on the back-and-forth, i think they are really struggling with this, because in their heart of hearts they know that impeachment is a very bad idea. It'S so divisive for the country by definition, and that unless youhave significant consensus and of course that means significant support from republicans, including in the general public and are they hearing from republicans the republican rank-and-file? Are they hearing from any of the republican leaders? I know there's been criticism from mitt romney, you just know: you've entered a dead end, it is doomed to fail, given what we now know. So there's a certain hamlet like quality, to be there not to be to impeach or not to impeach, and they must really be struggling mightily. But the correct answer, which i think history teaches us, including the clinton impeachment, don't go there unless you have built - or there is essentially a very significant national consensus, we're nowhere nearthat the house seems to be on this kind of implacable march toward impeachment yeah. I, like your take on this walter dellinger wrote an op-ed in the washington post he's with he ran the office of legal counsel under bill clinton.

He is saying quote through well. Report makes the unquestionable case that the president's regularly president regularly audaciously violated his oath he's. Also saying that the house should see the entire unredacted mullah report and that the president has a burden to show where, where it was inaccurate and why he shouldn't be condemned and sanctioned your reaction to that. Well, that's one person's view and i have great respect for walter dellinger. First of all, the firstquestion is was the crime and then, secondly, what are the powers of the presidency, because some of the obstructive acts that are identified by bob mahler and i have great respect for bob mahler, but some of the obstructive acts fall within. In my judgment, the powers of the presidency - now you can say, oh mr. president, you did something that we don't like and therefore let's talk about impeachment, but let's take it outside the arena of a criminal obstruction of justice and a more generic. In fact, i think. That'S what bob muller is basically said we want to essentially - and i think this is what he's invited the house of representatives to do - to consider quotea corrupt use of power. Here'S my bottom line, the president coopera for all of these things that are identified in the report and other things wouldn't come out. The president cooperated with the investigation when he could have shut it down. If he had shut it down.

I think he would be facing impeachment at least the brighter the bolder prospect of impeachment, but he didn't and he allowed very quickly - he allowed his on white house counsel to testify to be interviewed for 30 hours without invoking executive privilege, that's extraordinary! That'S extraordinary cooperation! Okay, ken starr independent counsel ran whitewater, which i covered. I'Ve noticed that, back in my paper, journalism days for a newspaper can startgreat to see you.

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