White House makes $4.5B emergency request for southern border

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/01/2019 06:45 PM

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La. on the debate over border security and immigration reform. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital...

By the way, we're finding out a little bit more about the white house request out emergency request from four and a half million dollars. This should be, for the southern border doesn't ascertain exactly what that money would be used for it. Some democrats positing that it's just a way for the administration got more money for its wall. Let'S get the read from former louisiana governor bobby jinda ...
governor good to have you. What do you make of this request? You know, first of all, thank you for having you back. Well, look, i think it's a reasonable request. The white house has explicitly said this is not money for the wall. It'S money to address the crisison, the border. The democrats have a real choice. Do they want to play partisan politics or they want to solve this border crisis problem? You know if they just wan na play, partisan politics i'll continue to delay and say we can't do anything unless we do comprehensive immigration reform. No, that's an excuse. The reality is.

We'Ve got a broken asylum system, whatever you think about the wall, whatever you think about illegal immigration, illegal immigration, i think folks on both sides can agree. We'Ve got a system, that's not working. You got unaccompanied children. You'Ve got families they're coming across the border. You'Ve got folks that think if they get here, they'll be granted asylum and we're notdoing a good job separating those with legitimate asylum claims and those that are just coming because they want a job or they think they can get a better quality of life. Here i'm wondering if the administration were to use this money for a wall. Obviously you know they're actually among democrats and all that, but i agree with you. That would be a little too brazen, but there is this emergency. There is this crisis: jake johnson, barack obama's homeland security secretary, saying as much cory, booker the democratic presidential candidate, senator from new jersey saying as much so. There does seem to be agreement a more agreement than certainly there used to be that we've got todo something. But what well look two things. One they've explicitly said they want some of this money for more detention facilities.

The money that the president has freed up with his executive orders emergency order. They can use that for construction, but it's got limitations on how they can use those dollars. They keep. They can it's actually easier for them to use those dollars for the wall, then these dollars - and i think that's why they're asking for additional money, because they can't use that that emergency order money for things like detention capacity. Secondly, you talked about. There is a recognition that there is this crisis. Part of the problem is: we've had a program now whereit's, it's almost like catch and release where you've got folks saying. Are you the judicial process, but then because we don't have capacity to hold folks they're just released into america and the reality is they disappear and they don't show up for their court days and the reality is that's that the system we've got to fix the people That are really suffering in this are: are the children and the families that are lured here by this false promise that hey? If you get here that you'll be given amnesty, the cartels are making billions of dollars off their suffering it, and so this is a system that needs to be fixed, and i think if thedemocrats would work with the president and say, look put aside the bigger issues We don't have to solve every problem. Let'S focus on this problem today and, let's truly focus on people who have legitimate claims. Look, i think, we're a compassionate country, people that are truly fleeing religious or political persecution, have legitimate claims. Yes, we should be helping them, but there are many more tens of thousands of other people that are trying to abuse that process to illegally come into our country. If they want to come here - and i understand the desire to come here - they should do so legally.

They should go through the legal process, so i look if democrats want to bereasonable they'd work with us, but look at joe biden. This is a great example and the obama administration they believed in deportations. They believed in it. You know as senators. They believed in voting for the border, fencing and in securing the border. I suspect it won't be long before joe biden won't be apologizing for all those things that he was previously for it won't take long for him to apologize for voting for border fencing for being in support of deportations when he was vice president. So i think that the democratic party is being pulled so far to the left that they can't even agree on something as common sensical as fixing a broken asylum systemgovernor good singer. Yet. Thank you. No thank you.

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