Bernie’s supporters fear DNC, media is pushing for Biden: Report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 10:48 PM

Media Research Center's Dan Gainor discusses the report that some supporters of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are concerned that the DNC is backing former Vice President Joe Biden. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information ...

Bernie sanders supporters already crying foul, fearing that a repeat of what happened to their candidate in 2016, saying the dnc and mainstream media are colluding against the american people by giving former vice president joe biden more attention than bernie after biden's surge in the polls joining us. Now, media research center vice president dan gainor, so dan do the bernie supporters have a p ...
int. Well, no, not really you know. Basically bernie was the the flavor of the month last election. They really loved him, then, but this time the polling goes against him and so they're the two to one two and a half to one coverage that biden's getting over bernie. That'S kind of reflective, ofthe poll numbers. The problem bernie's got is it. People are to the left of him this time and he's not far enough left dan. I went to law school, but i've never seen a law that says you have to allocate a certain amount of minutes to each candidate. I think that sanders argument here is ridiculous, but i will ask you this question, which so many candidates right now on this stage. I think 23 was the last count that i had. I don't mean i couldn't even recite them all for you.

If i had to it is so difficult for people to make informed decisions shouldn't they be focusing on the media and democrats and andothers alike on the front runner, so they could really understand what the platform is well. I certainly they have plenty of time to focus on everybody. I mean look the first democrat debates not for three more weeks. The first vote is not for eight more months. Theoretically, they would be trying to do a little more detail. They'Re all getting tons of love from the press. The problem is bernie's, just not getting the attention or really the support. He got last time - hey dan dan gary smith. Good to see you again, my friend question. I i think you hit on a the the important topic that sanders is not the flavor of the month. That'S howthe media works. You know whatever's going to sell headlines.

My concern, if i was on the left, would be that it doesn't seem like any of these. 35 or 40 candidates is the flavor of the month ever again, they're just a buzz less crew out there. Do you see any one of these people capturing any kind of attention that trump draws? Well, no, that's an that's! The problem. They'Re very divided! The activists want somebody other than biden; they don't want an old white guy. The core voters want one biden right now, but that can change yo between now and the voting so they're in a bay they're in a bind because they all want tostop trump, but they all going to tear each other apart to get there. Well. If i could just be a pro media here for a moment, you know, can there's a nuance to what you said that the media follows the polls. I would say the polls are a proxy for what people are interested in and that's what the media follows and gary just to correct you, we don't sell headlines, we typically sell advertising or subscription what i would say. I mean that sounds great. No, but the media certainly do influence who gets appearance? That'S why? Basically, it obscure mayor's getting tons of attention, because the media, like butta, judge dan jerry with that at allbut. That'S, okay! No! I mean gary's right, it's baskin-robbins with 31 flavors of vanilla, but that thou do you actually get? You know, i would say bet: o'rourke supporters could make this case even stronger than then this guy selling, this old millionaires and billionaires on wall street story, who's been selling for a long time, but, like even elizabeth warren, actually has ideas she's throwing out there and she Doesn'T get a whole lot of attention? What would you recommend any of these candidates do to beat the trump and make the rest of them disappear in the media's glaze like what? What do they need to do? Have more ideas that doesn't seem to work like whatwould? You go with this. Well, i mean you've got it.

You'Ve got to be engaged across platform, everybody we're all thinking about old media and you look he's talking early in the show about kasnia cortez she's. Basically, the the dominant player in the democratic party right now, she's, a cross-platform star, they've, got to be a buddha to judge, tries to be that vado tries to be that, but you got to do with more charisma than either one of them have dan in 2016, When, in 2016 and and bernie supporter has had a lot of evidence to back up their claims that they were cheated in certain ways by the democratic national committee, 12 % of berniesupporters crossed the line and voted for donald trump. That'S how upset they were about the way they were treated. Do you think that they have that same kind of animosity and that they might do the same thing this time? Oh, i think it's definitely definitely a problem there, because there they resent built in from last time, so you might even have more of them will end across or the biggest threat for democrats is if people stay home, if they can't get the activists engaged or he Can'T get the you know, the traditional voters engaged or the burning people they've got a bleared combo here to build. Well, it's a lot of fun to cover andyou're gon na have a lot of work over the next 19 months. That'S thanks for coming in dan good to see you.

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