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Published: 12/04/2019 03:27 AM

With flu season in full swing, the Center for Disease Control says the chances of catching the flu are rising. NBC News’ Dr. John Torres reports on which states are seeing the highest levels of activity and what steps you can take to percent the illness. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.t...

It'S officially flu season and, according to the cdc this year, could be a tough one. The flu is already widespread in five states and last year, at this point, it wasn't widespread anywhere. Dr. john torres is here to help us stay healthy, this flu season, dr. john. What is going on, why do we all have to get the flu this year so that one of the biggest issues is it started a lot earlier than we ...
hought it would that's? It happen usually december january, it starts and it goes through february timeframe and usually it's type, a there's, two types of viruses: a and b, okay type, a is the one we usually get the beginningof the year and then type b comes in later and that's what Happened yes: last year we have two different peaks b being the last one. The problem is b is the more aggressive of the viruses, and that's the one we're seeing right now and actually, the cdc just came out with information. There'S been seven states that are not wide spread and unfortunately, there's been five pediatric deaths. So far, so it's here, it's officially the season make sure you get vaccinated. Oh it sounds bad all right is there anything? I know you said, make sure you get vaccinated. Anything else you can do besides getting a flu shot or anything else. You recommend you knowbesides the boring things.

We always talk about wash your hands cover up when you cough and those are extremely important eat a healthy diet. If your smoker try to quit smoking, if you're a vapor try to quit vaping, but the other important thing is: if you have a fever, meaning it's above a hundred, then you need to stay home. Because what happens is people tend to go to work because their work doesn't let them off yep or whatever they end up getting everybody else sick and that spreads it around. So quarantine yourself take care of yourself for a couple of days and keep everybody else healthy. Can you remind us what we should watch outfor, because you hear all the time in the winter right i don't know. I think i might have the flu that people just aren't sure and it's funny. I always tell my patients is that if you have to ask that question - and you probably never had the flu, because a huge difference between the cold and the flu you can see on the graphic here is the main thing: are the symptom onset with the cold? Okay, it comes on gradually over a couple of days. People with the flu and i've had it twice. It'S like somebody switched on turn on a light switch. You go from feeling an all of a sudden, you just cannotget out of bed, and then you can see there the fevers a little bit with a cold. Maybe you get the fever with the flu often, and you go down the list here. Chills fatigue.

Those types of things are typically flu type things: the stuffiness, the sore throat the cough, that's typically a cold kind of thing, and so those are the big differences, but the main difference: the fever and the abrupt onset and people with the flu they'll tell you they Just feel horrible, and so that's why i tell people make sure you get the hot shot, even though it's not a hundred percent effective it'll, keep you from getting hospitalized he'll, make the fluless intense and, more importantly, they'll, keep you from dying because of it. You are so right, though i thought i had the flu so many times and then i had the flu the difference. Oh yeah really hits you hard and that's the big thing, dr. john thanks. So much for updating us. We appreciate it. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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