Australia’s conservative coalition pulls off surprise election victory

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019 08:51 PM

Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli gives his take on Australia’s election and how the Green New Deal may help President Trump in 2020. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall St...

[ music, ], shocking election results in australia were the country's conservative coalition, including prime minister. Scott morrison won a surprising victory defying the opinion polls. The election was the climate change election with the labour party running on a singular issue, and it seemed like a slam dunk until voters well until they got into the voting booth here at home. Two democratic fr ...
ntrunners and odds over climate change, bernie sanders blasting joe biden in fact saying that for dooming and the planet in a wake of australians election is biden playing it smart to play it down the middle or as climate change, really a winning issue joining me. Now conservatively you've reviewed contributor, tom perrelli tom thanks for joiningus. He chose this. This was like you know the barrier, the great barrier reef, the droughts. The farmer suffered the the the decline of fishing yields. I mean this was supposed to be an absolute slam, dunk in australia, and yet when people got into the voting booth there, they decided to stick with an economy that was doing pretty well and not to take the gamble here. Oh absolutely it really. It'S a political test market when you really look at it. What happened there is just shows that voters are more concerned about climate change policies than actual climate change, and when you take a step back, it's not too surprising because all out of these reallyprogressive radical policy, it's the sticker shock.

It all sounds really good. A nice bumper sticker until you have to pay for it and remember you want to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. That means you have to make fossil fuels coal, oil, natural gas, more expensive, so people use less. What does that? Do less disposable earning for consumers and it's horrible for manufacturers and for people in the energy market economists there it said that the plan will cost anywhere between 264 to perhaps even five hundred forty billion dollars, and i think it's nuts in a sense that you know China'S not gon na stop india's not gon na stop. I mean you know australia for the australia they havetaken on this financial burden. They can't cure climate change or on their own. No, it's in order really to reduce the temperature of the planet. It'S gon na take radical action, something like the green new deal and that's what the progresses really want. So then, why? Wouldn'T that make it? Why wouldn't that be the winning issue in 2020? Oh, it's gon na be a winning issue. It could be a winning issue for president trump. We know it's. The battleground stakes are gon na make the difference in this election.

It'S pennsylvania, fracking, right energy, jobs, manufacturing jobs in michigan wisconsin. This is the winning issue for president trump, the more the left goes with the green new deal. Itonly approves president trump's jam in the meantime. It feels like this might be well. Bernie feels like he can perhaps all right excitin, because biden is planted down the middle on almost everything right he's given a little bit of lip service to the progressives, but he really is trying to just kind of play it down. The middle he's running in the general election campaign, ignoring us 23, rivals to 24 rivals, but could he actually end up losing the primary? Because this feels like it is a true democratic. You know cause right now, no iii think the progressive part of the democrat party just waiting for an issue to take biden's late knees out and climatechange is going to be it bernie sanders is already snipe a time for that and biden smart enough to know he Needs the blue-collar votes he's not gon na get blue-collar votes by declaring another war on coal. So to your point, he's trying to play for the long-term game, the game against president trump but biden and a lot of the active so just waiting for him to take that stage where he's gon na be the only moderate, quote/unquote moderate on energy. Well, the left is really gon na pummel them. I know it's early, who do you see emerging under this crowded, democratic field? Right now, i think so really is biden's to lose, except for the climate. Changeissue, that's bernie, i think of my view. His only shot is really get the activists after him on climate change.

Alright, nice singing tom thanks, sent too long.

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