Doug Collins: Mexico can help fix the border crisis

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019 02:21 PM

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga. on the antitrust probe of tech companies and the battle over border security. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the busi...

Targeting technology, the house judiciary committee gearing up for an antitrust investigation into major tech companies, promising a top-to-bottom review of the market power held by these giant technology platforms. This is apple. Ceo tim cook is denying an apple monopoly, arguing that his company does not have a dominant share in any market. Joining me right now is georgia, congressman and rankin ...
. Member of the house judiciary committee, congressman doug collins conference was a pleasure to see you thanks so much for being here. First off, let me hear about your investigation and the judiciary committee into these technology companies. How does this differ from from the doj investigation? What should we expect? Lemare? They really are our differencein, the ojs looking into other issue, and the ftc is looking into the legal side of it and that's something that they need to do. But what we're doing in the house, judiciary committee is taking an overall approach. These are hearings that was just like we've had many times before, to say exactly: where are these companies and how are they dominating the market? You know look from a per from a capitalist perspective. Big is not necessarily bad. The question is this: how is that dominant market share affecting other competitors in the market and then also looking at privacy and then also looking at how it affects the downstream rad revenue, such as in newspapers, andother things? These are hearings that are, for the first time we're just going to open it up and let everybody come to the table and talk about what is going on in this new era of technology and how it's being used in the marketplace. Your colleague, kevin mccarthy, gop leader, has also said that these companies are censoring conservative conversation going into the 2020 election.

That obviously, is important. It'S very important. The american people need to understand that the power that these companies have in the market reach that they have through their social media platforms, is something that's very important. They cannot be picking and choosing winners, that's not their job and if they are thenthey, don't have to understand that they can't have the safe harbor protections and others that they have been looking at for so long. They understand that and i think their their understanding that their image has been tarnished over the last year and a half. These are the reasons that they need to come to the table. Explain what they're doing why they're doing and be very open going into another election cycle that they make sure that they are being an honest platform in the process once you're first hearing this coming up later on this month, i believe all right, so we will be Watching that we know that the hearings will take place and we willsee who shows up at that hearing to see what happens next in this story, you are also back from the border. I want to talk to you about the crisis. At the border house, democrats passed a bill and passing a bill aimed at protecting the so-called dreamers immigrants brought to the united states illegally as children. It'S not expected to pass the senate. I spoke with vice president mike pence about this. Here'S.

What he said. We'Ve got a crisis on our southern border. You traveled there very recently. You saw it firsthand, as did your viewers on this program. I mean we're on track to have more than a million apprehensions at our southern border and yetand yet congress. Some in congress continue to focus on investigations, baseless allegations well, while literally last month alone, more than a hundred and eighteen thousand people were apprehended at our southern border and congress continues to refuse to act to close the loopholes that are being used by cartels and drug Traffickers to to entice people to make the long and dangerous journey north to our southern border, the president said he's got a big league announcement on the border. Can you tell us anything about about that? What we should expect from the president, what i can tell you is the american people can be confident that this president going to continue to take such action necessary tosee. The congress do its job to address the crisis on our southern border and to have our neighbor to the south in mexico. Do more to prevent this massive wave of people that are coming across our border and, of course it's been the big. The big news was that the president is threatening tariffs on mexico. If mexico does not help so tell us about your visit to the southern border last week and do you think we're gon na get a deal here? I assume you don't want to have a fight with mexico just at the time that you need us mca. Pass you've already got pressure on the democrats to get that bill to the floorno.

We don't maria, but i think the interesting thing is they're here today. They'Re having a spine, durst and they're having conversations beginning today on this issue that we need to to fix here's the problem. The democrats yesterday actually went to the floor and passed another green light they just put instead of a trying to fix of a condition at the border. They passed. Another green light incentive for folks to come saying all you've got to do is make it to the us and you'll, be given a path to citizenship or a legal status, and that is just the wrong way to go about it at the border. Last week it was heartbreaking when yousee folks, coming across the border bringing young children when you see family units, 3,000 of which have been confirmed as fraudulent when they're. Actually, one of the reports that we had is they're actually borrowing renting, buying children to come across the border. A honduran male two weeks ago, 51 years old brought a six month old. It was not his child so that he knew that once he got here, he would be put into the into the system without being really checked. We'Ve got a problem down there and here's the problem. I put a solution on the board. I'Ve said: let's fix flores.

Let'S fix the asylum standard, this fix the trapping and victims. You knowhere's my challenge to the democrats. You don't have a plan. Your plan undoubtedly is open borders and bashing our border patrol agents. If that's your plan, you need to get a reality. Check go down there and be honest with the american people and put forward a plan to fix this instead of passing bills on the floor that are going nowhere. You just simply give an incentive to people to come here yeah. So do you think that the mexicans and the us will come up with a deal before these tariffs are hit? I hope so, if they don't, i think it'll be shortly thereafter. I think the mexican government understands that they have a problem especiallynow, that you have folks from africa coming in through their borders and they're coming up. You know through the rio grande valley and other places we saw that last week we saw 1,100 in one group come through last week and el paso. While i was there. This is something that's i mean they can help fix this.

They understand it. They'Ve got a problem as well, but they're coming from the northern triangle, countries in central america. They have a part to play here. We have a part as well, it is congress, murray, i'll, tell you one the story. I went up to a border patrol agent. I shook their hand. I said i appreciate what you'redoing and he looked at me and i said y'all keep it up. He said we're doing our job, you do yours and he was very kind but he's very firm about it. This falls to the congress of the united states to fix it falls to a committee chairmen who is derelict in his duty because he is so basically bent on attacking this president. He is refusing to work on immigration issues. Chairman adler come to the table it's time for you to begin to walk yeah, no you're right. I saw the same things when i was in at el paso, where you actually just see people crossing while you're standing there talking to the border patrolpeople.

That'S how active it is.

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