Juan Guaidó gives first TV interview since Venezuela’s uprising

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019

FBN’s Trish Regan interviews Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó about the military uprising in Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York —...

And i'm joined by the man we recognize this president samuel white, oh i'll, just say that you know there's some people out there that well maduro that likely want you assassinated or dead. Is the freedom of venezuela that important to you stead es un hombre, muy valiente, pero es probablemente came our guru kiara assessing our flow s, la libertad de venezuela, tan importante, para usted que usted ...
s that despues a sacrifice, our su vida, and if you years ago we Decided to give our life to public service to contribute to our the foundation of a party and there's, no doubt lord. There is no more sacred value and freedom to risk. Is there in ourcountry to perpetuate that and take away all the opportunities? Is there a message here for us to hear in the united states, i owe mensaje aqui en estados unidos porque nosotros estamos hablando de socially small status, tienen socially small ie. As you know, for many years when this law was one of the main exporters of oil. In the world, very prosperous commercial lines with the united states today, unfortunately away from the regime and the regime destroyed our oil company and our opportunities, along with that are they are opportunities for progress growth. We want to maintain the best relations with the united states and trump administration's. We need to thank them for the determination to defenddemocracy in our region. I think has been very important and, of course, in people of the united states is following what's going on and there have been very empathetic with with what's going on in our country. We continue forward and we know we have the support of the united states and in the international community. I got ta remember to ask these questions in english too, as i jump into spanish talking to you. But how is? How is your house, your wife, has her daughter right now go maurice, that's which boza you mean worried, of course, with all these risks and this possibility family is there the very first one that are concerned in this struggle fordemocracy, but they're also very committed.

They are determined very firm. We know that we're fighting together for the future of my baby, not only her but all the rest of all the other children in venezuela, donde estan order in venezuela su familia. Where are they right? Now, in venezuela we have a forum and the weekend about the situation in venezuela. They invited us to tell what's going on in venezuela, so it is traveling to this very important forum that will take place on saturday in the united states. Are you gon na leave the country again at all perhaps come to the united states at some point, tne bla knows para: para: viajar alla chitarra, sonido ois very important. The moment agenda is very tight here in venezuela very hard because there's always the risk of going to jail being imprisoned. Besides all the death threats, but we are focused and we have what we have called operation live at that operation. Freedom to put an end to this usurpation of the presidency, that maduro is carrying out. How long is it gon na take it's already been months really years. I say: macy's aƱos que, as you tried it, to change the the situation there, but always it's more difficile. Perfectly moodle and for all the viewers. Why? Because we remain in the strings because we'll remain united and the armed forces are listening to usthis message of union of progress, and it was very clear yesterday in the city of caracas and the center of power of venezuela.

So long as we are mobilized and united, we are very close to achieving our freedom. I would like to tell you a specific date or a specific time, but we're working on this transitional and rebuilding processes of democracy. They have always taken time, but we have the support of the international community support of our constitution and the people we are close to achieving this goal as a country wow. Well, mr. dna moot. Oh my lord. It'S amazing to see all the bravery of yourself and your family and all of the peoplethat are fighting for freedom, and i think, there's a message here for every single american tonight that freedom is very fragile. You have shown us that and you're fighting and willing to risk your life, so muchas gracias, but a todos in your democracy is always at stake. Institutions are always at stake as citizens, we need to protect them.

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