Uber was never viewed with job stability: Jon Taffer

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019 04:52 PM

'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer on the fallout from the strike by Lyft and Uber drivers and his new show 'Marriage Rescue.' FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in Ne...

Our talk, lyft and uber, some of their drivers in some cities, are going on strike today. They want more money, they want better conditions and some want unionization. I want to bring in jon taffer on this he's the host of bar rescue. Okay, now you've got a stake in this because bars need buber and lyft to get their inebriated passengers home safely. What'S your angle on what's going on here with ...
uber and lyft? Well, you know it's interesting. Stewart uber is a disruptive business in the beginning, it disrupted the taxi industry disrupted the limousine industry, so people, if we look back originally came to drive for uber because it was convenient. It was easy theycould do it part-time, they could be independent contractors. Who was additional money you could make on the side if we remember that was all the premises that uber started with well now, cities like new york have instituted $ 17 and $ 0. 22 minimum pay for them after expensive stewart, and so this this is after their Fuel and other expenses and it upped their profits by about twenty two point: five percent, so they're making a good living, but this was never viewed as an employee position with job stability and certain factors that the drivers are looking for. So it's a big change in a way the relationship with uber and driver began. I just hope it does notchange the basic business model of these ride-sharing companies. I don't think it does.

I don't think it goes that far, but there is a risk of that because if you change the basic business model, you've really interrupted this brand new technology right, john, oh, i completely agrees to it and let's face it, you know the ipo is a couple of Days away, it's what 91 billion, so this is an opportunity for its drivers to create a little noise. This is a little window of opportunity and they're gon na try to leverage it. I get that, but i'm with used to it. This is an important function. Now it's a really key element to our transportation. Systemi'M guessing the prices might go up a little but will still be ordering our uber cars next year. Yes, we shall john, you know, i do follow you closely and i noticed you've got a new show and what you're doing with this marriage rescue you? What marriage rescue and i'm very excited about its? Do we already shot six episodes. I take a couple to a five star resource for four days and i have four days to turn your relationship around. You know me i'm very direct, but unlike a therapist they're, not coming back next week, so i don't have to be particularly nice. I can be very, very direct, sometimes confrontational and you got tosee how it works out, but i was pretty darn effective with these couples, so a success to you is bringing them back together. That success is lutely, but you know, but whether it's bar rescue a marriage rescue it all comes down to individual accountability. Doesn'T it whatever you say, john whatever you say i'll watch, i will what the premise is really good.

I'Ll watch the show marriage rescue from jon taffer john. Thank you very much, sir see you soon.

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