California Gov. calls for more taxes despite surplus

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019 06:23 PM

Public Policy Institute of California's Mark Baldassare on California moving its Primary day to Super Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom's new budget calling for more taxes and the state of the California economy. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time in...

More money. , that's another story. ashley burning through it. stuart. Did you see this california moved up its primary to super tuesday. ? That'S an important move. joining us now is mark balasari with the policy institute of california. Welcome to the show. moving up the super tuesday primary in california would seem to me to give a big boost to senator kamala harris from california. Am i righ ...
? Well, it would seem to.

's the very early to tell though. We asked a question in our march survey about whether californians even wanted senator harris to run for president and 40 % of californians said that they did and over half said that they didn't. about half of democrats saidthat. They wanted her to run. So it would seem that it would be an advantage because she has run in state-wide elections for attorney general twice and for u. s. senator once in the last decade. I will also point out. There is one other candidate who has run in a state-wide primary in california, and that was bernie sanders, who did quite well in the june 2016 primary.

So i expect it will be very competitive. stuart. The poll thaw stuart, the poll that you went through. I don't know whether it predicted who would be the candidate coming out of california. It did not . No, it did not. stuart. Did it show a frontrunner at this moment, ? No, we haven't asked about that. There are so many candidates, it's so early in the race.

, but it is important to keep in mind that senator harris has the experience running in state-wide elections, and not many of the other candidates have had any experience in california. It'S a big state, a complicated state and now that it's a march primary, it will be a very important state. I expect there will be a very large turnout. , stuart okay. , california's governor has called for new taxes, but the state already has very high taxes, and i think it's got a big surplus. Why does he need taxes to be raised? , that's a great question. ! A lot ofcalifornians are asking that question too. In our latest poll we found that almost half of californians said they felt they were paying too much in taxes.

Now. , that's consistent with what we know from looking across the state in terms of california being one of the states that has the highest taxes. , keep in mind that -- stuart, i'm sorry to interrupt you, i have limited time. Is it true that middle class californians are moving out in significant numbers, ? It'S true that the there are more people moving out than moving in. It'S true that we now have the lowest population growth rate that we have seen in modern history of california and a lot of thatrevolves around the cost of housing and the cost of living in california. californians are really very stretched. Economically many who are in the middle class. , of course, there are many who are doing very well in california, but many who aren't doing well. We have the highest poverty rate in the nation as well as tremendous.

You know, wealth! That'S accumulated here in this state. stuart. Yes, you do. highest taxes and highest.

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