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Published: 12/13/2019 02:17 AM

Lone survivor of New Jersey grocery store attack shares his story, New York City college student fatally stabbed in shocking attack, and dangerous recovery mission underway after New Zealand volcano eruption. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check you...

Breaking news tonight on the verge of a historic vote house democrats at the brink of approving two articles of impeachment against president trump. The first vote happening tonight, fireworks erupting on the hill setting the stage for the final showdown in the house, also breaking the domestic terrorism investigation launching into the targeted attack on a kosher grocery store. The shooters motiv ...
ted authorities say by hate against jews and police and speaking out for the first time, the lone survivor on surveillance escaping as they entered, how he got out and what he saw. Look at the killer look at that they came to kill and tonight the victims, one mother killed on her son's 11th birthday, the huntfor a killer of the 18 year old college freshman stabbed to death in a new york city park near her school, the campus on Edge tonight, the new alert after our report on a family terrorized, i'm your best friend, i'm santa claus. What we're now learning so many other families ring cameras, packed and the underground podcast that does it live on air. How to protect your family caught on camera, the split-second rescue, the dog's leash caught in the elevator, the hero, neighbors springing into action and the price you pay, the big deal days may be over, but you can still save on holiday shopping. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. Aswe come on the air tonight, we're nearing a momentous vote that could bring presidents front to the edge of impeachment. Before this night is over all day, we've been monitoring a marathon session of the judiciary committee, a tense, partisan, back-and-forth, all leading up to that potentially historic vote happening tonight. On articles of impeachment brought by house democrats, peter alexander is tracking it all tonight a partisan showdown. The house judiciary committee debating a momentous move whether to approve two articles of impeachment against president trump. Let'S be clear, this is about facts and the constitution.

They don't care. Facts be damned the first article abuse of power that alleges president trump solicited the interference of a foreigngovernment ukraine in the 2020 u. s. presidential elections - we're here today, because the president abused his power we're here today because he solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election. None of your fact witnesses were able to establish any evidence of bribery, treason, high crimes or misdemeanors, not one single one and that's what it says has to be done in the constitution and another clash over the second article obstruction of congress. The charges, the president has directed the unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the house of representatives. Do we want a dictator, no matter how popular he may be, no matter how good or bad the results of his policies may be? No presidentis supposed to be a dictator in the united states. I think it's a that's a really beautiful argument. I think you should make it in court because that's what you're supposed to do under our system, but you're not gon na, do it. You know why? Because you guaranteed your base, you'd get an impeachment by december by christmas. This is ridiculous and at times that of a turning personal trump ally, matt gaetz, bringing up hunter biden's, controversial job with the ukrainian gas company and the younger biden's past substance abuse. It'S a little hard to believe that burr yzma hired hunter biden to resolve their international disputes when he could not resolve his own dispute with hertz rentalcar over leaden, believe in cocaine and a crack pipe in the car democrats.

Then pointing out gates is past arrest for dui the pot calling the kettle black is not something that we should do well. Peter democrats control that committees of the articles are expected to pass tonight. So walk us through what happens then? Yes, a lesser there would be a full house vote likely next week with democrats in the majority. The president is expected to be impeached, but a key question here: how many of them from districts the president one will vote against impeachment lester yeah history unfolding for us tonight all right. Thank you peter also. Tonight. The other major story were followingthe lone survivor of what the fbi now suspects was: a domestic terror incident targeting police and jews, the armed invasion of a kosher food store in new jersey that left three people inside and a detective dead. The shooters crossing paths with a man escaping amid a hail of gunfire tonight he tells his story to our gabe gutierrez. He calls it a miracle when two people rushed into a jersey city, kosher, grocery store and opened fire david lacs could be seen in this chilling. Video running from the barrage of bullets he's the only person who made it out alive. If you had waited a split second longer, do you think he would have been shot? Doit looks like yes black says he dove under a salad bar when he heard the first shots, then somehow bolted out the door. Look at the killer.

Look at that can't they kill, they came to kill, it happened so fast lack says. He can't remember whether the pair said anything, then this seemed to you to be an attempted robbery. Authorities now say the evidence points to a hate crime. I can confirm that we're investigating this matter as potential acts of domestic terrorism, fueled both by anti-semitism and anti-law enforcement beliefs, police, say the shooters were david andersson and francine graham, and that they brought five guns and a pipe bomb in their van after having shotand killed Police detective joe seals nearby online post, tied anderson and seen by nbc news pushed anti-semitic, conspiracies and advocated for violence against police police found both shooters dead in the store, along with three victims identified as 24 year-old moshe deutsche 49 year old miguel rodriguez and 31 year. Old mindy french, who ran the store with her husband. She died on her son's 11th birthday. I hope that this should send the message to everyone in our communities. We have to stop hate, as thousands gathered overnight to mourn the victims david lacs was among them. They were his friends, the enormity of it all is still sinking in. I'M not sure why, but they'll have peoplelife and, i hope do good things in the future. The losses are heartbreaking. Game have investigators determine whether these suspects were affiliated in some way with a hate group.

Well lester. The group is the black hebrew israelite movement, which analysts had labeled anti-semitic. Those analysts had track hate groups on today. New jersey's attorney general said that, while the pair has expressed interest in the group so far, investigators had not been able to establish any formal links, lester all right, gabe gutierrez. Thank you shades of a darker period here in new york city, a college that is part of columbia university is in shock tonight, following the brutal killing of an 18 year old freshman stabbedto death in a city park, just off canvas nbc's ron, allen is there, just After nightfall 18-year old, tessa majors staggered up these park, stairs fighting for her life police, say after she was robbed and repeatedly stabbed her wounds fatal. This is a despicable crime. Tonight, new york's mayor vowing to find her killer. There'S a high level of confidence that these perpetrators will be arrested and will be prosecuted. The freshman from virginia was a musician and aspiring writer heard in the podcast just before entering barnard college, an elite school affiliated with ivy league columbia university in a statement, majors family called her a light that shined brightly. Adding our hearts will never be the sameone its president saying this is an unthinkable tragedy. That'S shaken us to our core to realize, dear god, that could have been literally any of us at the park just blocks from campus. That police say has one of the highest number of robberies in the city.

Students are horrified, i know in the email we should not enter card shan by lives right across the street from the park. I think this is a huge wake-up call for all of us with overall citywide crime down, but murders up officials say they are committed to taking action. We'Re not going to allow anything like this to happen. Going forward now, a campus in mourning facing the loss, ofa young woman just beginning her journey tonight, police, say they've questioned a number of area teenagers, but they have all been released. There are no suspects. Meanwhile, police have stepped up patrols here at the park and around the nearby college campuses, lester right ron allen. Thank you now to a story. That'S both horrified us and left us riveted in new zealand right now. A grim and dangerous recovery operation is underway on the ground, for eight people presumed dead. In that volcano disaster, eight others were killed, including two american brothers. Our janice mackay freyr, is there underway tonight a high-risk mission to white island where the air is toxic, temperatures scorching the crater spewing gas andcould erupt. Again, we have to be prepared for the fact that they might be an eruption because we can't deal in the night they're going by helicopter from a nearby navy ship, the eight member team needing protective gear and breathing devices just to survive.

Setting foot on the island. The volcano officials say highly volatile authorities here under pressure to retrieve the remains for desperate families who boarded boats before dawn for prayer service at sea 47 people were on the island that day the hollander boys from chicago 13-year old matthew. His older brother behrend dying of their injuries in the hospital, their parents still missing a family erased horrendous burns. Fortunately, they worked together because theywere very close-knit family with the mission under way people gathered at the shore to offer prayers and honor the dead and wait. For word, that it's over police confirm they've, recovered six bodies and say as long as the team stays safe out there they'll search for two others, they believe are still on the island, all right janice. Thank you for the update it's election night in britain, where the man who has been praised by president trump, who claims he can finally lead. The country out of the european union, appears headed for a decisive victory. Nbc'S bill neely is in london. The most divisive election in a generation ends with a clear exit poll prediction: alarge, conservative majority - if true, it means boris johnson will lead britain as well as his dog and lead it out of the european union johnson determined to get brexit done. It was the brexit election, a bitter angry campaign, johnson, often avoiding media questions, rb i'll, be with you in a sec here escaping into a milk fridge. They then swiping a reporter's phone to avoid seeing a photo of a sick boy. Taking my phone put it in your pocket, prime minister, trust in him was low.

Does the truth matter? I think it does and i think it's very important president trump appears to like him. Boris is very capable and i think you'll do a goodjob. Even though johnson was in a group mocking him last week, britain is facing extraordinary change. Johnson tonight appears to have won the prize, get brexit done, was johnson's catchy slogan and it seems he's won big, but now the hard part years of trade talks ahead a deal with the u. s. far from certain lester, alright bill neely in london. Thank you and back home. Several former nfl players are facing serious charges. Clinton portis is among 10x stars, accused of defrauding the league's healthcare program for over three million dollars. Prosecutors say they gave fake invoices for medical equipment. They never bought. Fordyce'S attorney denies wrongdoing and, looking ahead tonight, brace yourself, the holiday travel rush, isexpected to break records.

Triple-A says more than 115 million people are expected to travel this year. Predictions show the worst day will be the day after christmas. When major cities could experience double drive times, good news, if you're still holiday shopping, the big deal days may be gone, but there are still a lot of ways to say: nbc's, vicki wynn, with the price you pay. If you're, one of the millions of americans headed to a brick-and-mortar this month, start early in the morning right when the stores open, many retailers offer doorbuster deals, but they don't last all day. Another tip skip the front of the store and head straight to the back. These items areless likely to be picked over and you'll, have a lot better selection if you're cyber shopping and a new customer by just entering your email address. Most retailers will immediately send you a discount code sign up for those free rewards programs. The points add up for perks in the future and follow the brand's. You love on social media, where they often advertise special promotions, one hot item every year, gift cards which you can buy at a discount, costco, bj's and sam's club among those selling them for big-name. Restaurants theme parks, spa services and more up to 25 percent off full value, so a $ 50 gift card could cost you less than 40 bucks and ifyou're in the market for toys. Now'S the time to buy the hot items usually run out before christmas for electronics. Consider older model stores have deeply discounted to get off the shelves.

Smart shopping to save money, as we close in on the holidays, vicki wynn, nbc news, new york, some very useful tips just ahead as we continue after that hacking, horror story. We showed you so many more victims coming to light their security cameras taken over we're gon na look at the steps you can take right now to protect your family. Also, the tense moments captured on video as a dog's leash is caught in an elevator. The hero bystander, who sprang into action and hisclassroom stunts, have endeared him to generations of college students and millions of viewers who knew that physics will be so much fun. I think a lot of us were rattled after our alarming report last night on a hacker who tapped into a security camera in a child's bedroom turns out. The cameras are being targeted all over the country. With more on that, here's gotti schwartz tonight, a secret group of hackers exposed after spying on families and taunting them through their own security cameras, [ music, ], i'm santa claus, don't you want to be my best friend a new report from the temp website? Motherboard shedding light on an underground podcast that hacks and harasses ring camera ownerslive on the air. Welcome to the nose guys was going on how you doing what hex like this one in michigan, where a dad was harassed in his own living room. Look at the top of your head tonight ring owned by amazon, says their security wasn't breached. It was hackers stealing passwords. Can you bring like a web browser up on your phone and then type in the website that i tell you, experts say both nest and ring cameras across the country are being targeted using special software that steals usernames and passwords once the intruder has broken through your Security that password might also be used by other devices in your home and, if you're likea lot of us who have these cameras the best way you can protect your families by setting up two-factor authentication by going into your account and linking it to your phone, which Will send you a text message with a special code if a hacker tries to get in and then won't be able to control your cameras without that special four-digit pin? If you want to see how to do that step-by-step go tonight, we news's facebook page and we'll walk you through it western alright, thank you creepy, but at least there's a way to help yourself up next, a neighbor becomes a hero. After an incredible rescue, he's being called a hero tonight, a neighbor whowas in the right place at the right time and made a big save for a little dog.

It was a harrowing rescue. My adrenaline was just rushing. That'S welder johnny mathis walking out of an elevator at his houston apartment building as a neighbor walks in her pomeranian trailing behind her three seconds later the elevator closes the owner is inside the dog outside still attached to its leash. When the door closed, the girl was like she started screaming freaking out, that's when mathis springs into action, fighting through fur to free the pomeranian from his retractable leash. I was kind of struggling as we seen me in the video it took me a while to actually getit on lash, but when i did i let go of it, you can just see it shoot up in the corner at the top of the elevator door. Meanwhile, the dog is still stuck in the elevator, rising to the sixth floor and then back down when the door opened, she was had her hands covering her face. Bawling i mean she was. She was like devastated. She thought the worst. As for her pomeranian, he seemed unfazed when she took him. Dog started licking her face and, as he was happy thank goodness, he was there. I think we'll all walk our dogs a little closer tonight up next, how one professor makes the classroom something his studentswon't forget.

Finally, tonight inspiring america, the professor making science so fun his action-packed. Lessons are now going viral. Here'S katie boeck by being a human hockey puck on his homemade hoverboard on bush college physics, professor david wright, teaches us newton's. First law motion stays in motion. You have to be enthusiastic in the class because physics is got a reputation as being dull and boring with no chances. Dozing off in wright's classroom he's been sharing the gravity of a science. He loves at virginia's tidewater community college since 1974. At almost seventy, a magnetic machine of energy slingshotting himself into demonstrations with fire pogo sticks even a bed of nails. I feel kind of guilty, sometimes ofpaying me to have fun. One student posted this stunt montage. Just yesterday on twitter, already watched more than 13 million times. You have to be going into that classroom every day, thinking what is a roller coaster ride and while right gets thrills from the physics of skydiving bungee jumping nothing compares to teaching using a closet collection of gadgets to engage and inspire.

I love coming to work in the morning. I'Ve loved every minute of it a passion and a purpose. Even science can't explain. Katie boeck, nbc news, virginia beach virginia come on. Who wouldn't want to take that class? That'S nightly news, i'm lester holt good night. Everyone, hey nbc news viewers thanks for checkingout our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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