Trish Regan: Dems are splitting hairs on definition of spying

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019 12:55 AM

FBN’s Trish Regan and Trump 2020 strategic communications director Marc Lotter discuss whether Obama’s FBI department spied on the 2016 Trump campaign. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and ...

The head of the fbi, christopher a for the first time, saying that he is working with the attorney general to determine what the heck the fbi was doing. Snooping around the trump campaign in 2016. Did the fbi spy on innocent americans in typical dc fashion. The politicians are getting all bogged down all bogged down in semantics, because apparently it all comes down to what you actually are meanin ...
by the definition of spying right, knowing that the fbi got themselves a fisa warrant in a secret fisa court to listen to the phone Conversation of a trump campaign aide when it's abundantly clear in that muller report that there was no collusion, there was never any collusionwith the russians. Well, i just say it's fair to ask if the fbi was in fact, spying - and i used that word spying on that aide and the trump campaign, and i used the term spying, because i'm truly perplexed that our fbi would treat opposition research like it's. Some kind of gospel never vet, it never tell the fisa court judge that it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton's campaign. And yes, there is a difference between to spy and to surveil and that's tonight why the democrats are so darn scared as they should be. So here we go. The oxford definition of the verb to spy is to work for a government or otherorganization by secretly obtaining information about enemies or competitors. In other words, you don't necessarily believe anyone is doing anything bad, but you do want to know what they're actually doing and what's going on, so you spy on them. If the obama fbi department knew that that dossier was fake and i think they did and they misrepresented that report to a fisa court judge, then yes, they spied now compare the verb to spy with the definition of to surveil, which means to keep a person under Surveillance, which brings us to surveillance, which is defined as the following the act of carefully watching a person suspected of a crime. Okay, so that's the nuance here.

That'S thenuance that senator shaheen went, went back and studied after being so astounded that attorney general barr answered her question like this remember you're, not suggesting, though that spine occurred, i don't well. I guess you could. I think there was a spying did occur. Yes, i think spying did occur. Oh dear, she walked right into that one right, she's, the one who brought up spine so today, senator shaheen got the opportunity to - i don't know redeem herself with her party and she actually tried to use these definitions to get christopher rea, the head of the fbi. To effectively just knock his whole division watch, i'd like to follow up on senator moran's question about the hearingwe had with attorney general bar, because i was very concerned by his use of the word spine, which i think is a very loaded word. It conjures of criminal connotation here, senator from the great state of new hampshire you're, the one that introduced the word spying, the attorney general just agreed with you anyway. Let'S continue here. We go remember if you're spying, it's because you just want to spy. You don't actually believe there's any underlying crime. What i'd appreciate a yes or no answer, if possible, when fbi agents conduct investigations against alleged mobsters suspected terrorists other criminals? Do you believe that they're engaging in spine when they're following fbi, investigative policies and procedures well, that'snot the term i would use? Thank you so so i would, i would say, that's a no to that question. Well, i mean look there.

Lots of people have different colloquial phrases. I believe that the fbi is engaged, an investigative activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance, activity of different shapes and sizes, and to me the key question is making sure that it's done by the book consistent with our lawful authorities. Okay, so there you go. After all that, sometimes it's just coming down to someone using a colloquial phrase. However, i think there's more to it. I think the attorney general knew exactly what he was saying. He knows the difference between spying andsurveilling and when he said he's concerned that spying happened. He has every reason to be concerned. Our question tonight is whether or not the obama fbi department was most definitely listening in to a trump campaign phone call or two or three or many more, not because they believed that donald trump was an agent of russia. That was just an excuse right. It was because they wanted to know what was going on. They didn't believe there was any underlying crime.

They just wanted to know what was going on and that, if we go back to the dictionary is the definition of spying joining me right now, strategic communications director for the trunk 2020 campaign. Mr. marklauder mark good to have you back thanks for having me trish. So you know we're splitting hairs over whether it was spying or surveilling, but you know at the end of the day, if you are listening in on phone conversations because you got a fisa warrant, so that's maybe you never should have gotten, because you were using information That had never been vetted that had never been verified and was provided to you by opposition research for the other candidate. Then i i don't know i think, that's fine. I think it meets that textbook definition and and g even go further. Let'S remember that just here in the last few days, or so, we saw somemore text messages between peter struck and lisa page where they were suggesting that the cia was possibly involved and look when i hear about the cia. The first thing i think about is spying. Yeah, because that's kind of like what cia's are the cia agents, all right spies, i mean again colloquial you know, that's because there's a colloquial term, but you know what i was getting at and in this definition here is that i think that jeanne shaheen again signer From the great state of new hampshire born and raised live for your day, you know she was. She was trying to get at something there with the term spine. Maybe she didn't quite know whatshe was walking into, but she anticipated. Perhaps he would say no no spine.

Maybe surveiling but in fact he said yeah there was spying and i think he has reason to do so. We have learned today, sir, that in fact this thing is going to get a whole lot bigger. Let'S listen to what christopher rea said about how he's working with the attorney general. Here we go. I'Ve had a number of conversations and working to help the attorney general get to the bottom of an understanding of what the circumstances surrounding the initiation of that investigation were at the department and the fbi back in 2016. Ok, so he wants to get to the bottom. Ofthings i mean i american zhh want to get to the bottom of things. The democrats still think that there's something else to get to the bottom of, because they haven't figured out that the whole know collusion is actual reality. Apparently they don't read the muller report, but that said, sir, where is this going? Where does it head? How far does it get? Is the attorney general working with the fbi and inspector general horowitz to come up with something that may launch a whole other investigation? I think we're about to find out trish from you know. What we're reading in in media reports is that the inspector general is expected to release his report by theend of the month, possibly which looks into how the fbi, the department of justice conducted themselves at the beginning of this investigation and whether they were forthcoming with the Fisa court, whether they were using and aware that the dossier was just dirty opposition research paid for by hillary clinton. This is where the treachery of the democrats is going to be come to bear, and then the american public are going to find out every second and just point out. One thing that struck me is just outrageous and pretty egregious it was the baker who is the attorney that was supposed to present these cases on behalf of the fbi to the fisa court.

He never evenbothered to check any of this. He just assumed that you know the everybody dotted their i's and cross the t's and - and he never checked any of this or vetted anything himself. So the idea that that dossier could have been used again, opposition research could have been used as legitimate fbi. Intelligence is just it's really shows you how compromised we are frankly mark, don't you think you're, absolutely right and again, let's take this out of out of presidential politics. We have to remember the power of the government was used to spy on an american citizen and if fbi officials, our justice department officials, abused their authority or misled a court to do it that isa fundamental breakdown of our rights, and it cannot be allowed to stand. No, i can't it is a breakdown of all our rights and everything we hold dear mark. Thank you very much good to have extra.

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