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Published: 12/14/2019 07:58 PM

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My name is tanisha grant. I am a proud member of the coalition for educational justice and the alliance for quality education and under that and we are under j / j. We are under the coalition with jp j as a parent, with three grant for three children and a grandmother of one very special grandson who happens to be autistic, i'm from new york city after ten years, only 13 % of black and brown child ...
en graduated college ready. I'M one of the parents who helped organize to win more than a hundred community schools in our city. You thank you using that evidence-based school improvement strategy that focuses on the community school model. What will you do? Tofully fund sustainable community schools that have culturally responsive curriculum, so black mothers like me, do not have to fight for equity in education for all students. Thank you, thank you, so so let me let me say first of all thank you for fighting at fir equity for all of our students. That'S what we need. That'S what we have to do. You know the system we have today when you got one group of kids who, through no fault of their own, have no access to preschool and another group has access to preschool equals, not equal and when you got one group to know for their own have terrible K-12, schools and another because of where theirparents live, have good schools equals not equal and when one group of kids - and this is happening every day of every hour of every day and every week one group of kids has college counselors and to school sports and summer Jobs and the other group of kids has nothing equal is not equal and equal is not equal, and yet we live in a country where more money goes to the wealthy kids than it does to the poor kids in the united states of america. If you want to close the achievement gap, we have to do the opposite of that, and i'm the only politician in this race. That'S saying that and i've seen it firsthandi would support the community schools that you're talking about i'm well aware of the ones that you're talking about in new york and i'll go one step further.

I think the department of human services, the department of housing, the department of labor, should all be brought together by a president of the united states to support the work that we're trying to do at the local level. With these community schools. We have to solve these issues together and we can wrap these services around our schools. You know a lot of our kids. Don'T have access to general health, they probably do in your community schools. They do in a lot of them. They don't have accessto health care. They don't have they, they they're getting evicted from housing or all these issues that the community school model is meant to set up to address together, and i think we should have a federal government where the agencies are all aligned in trying to support the objectives that You have that's what we should do, there is no, there is no department of children in america, but if i'm elected president, the whole federal government is going to act like a department of children, because how we treat the next generation is how we're gon na be Judged in this country, it's how we should be judged in this country just why your work is so importanthey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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