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Published: 12/24/2019 04:05 AM

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President trump has made some false claims, since he kicked off his political career back in 2015, saying that mexico was funneling criminals into the us this year. The president pushed a number of theories about ukraine. That we now know are untrue and that's not all jane. Jim is here now with president trump's biggest falsehoods of 2019 and jane all right. Let'S go through the top of your list, ...
lot of falsehoods about us dealings with ukraine, the whistleblower which actually led to president trump's impeachment. What are the? What are the biggest issues here? The fundamental falsehood of this year, the one that defines this year and maybe even more it's the idea that ukraine thegovernment meddled in the u. s. election in 2016, and we can't get rid of this one. We have been here sitting at this table a half-dozen times talking about this russia meddled in the 2016 election. Ukraine is not an adversary, even if there were a couple ukrainian officials who didn't like trump there's a lot of people who don't like trump, many of them in this country themselves and russia meddled in the election and the idea that ukraine is to blame. This fall. So the president has been pushing using it to guide foreign policy using it to get himself impeached.

Is it comes fundamentally from an idea that will just benefit the russians? I mean when ithink about this. I think about fiona hill trump's own russia expert. One of the foremost experts in rip adam, your putin saying this is a fictional narrative that benefits the russians and the russians alone, all right. We have done this many times before, but i am going to give you the opportunity to clear this up just one. Last time in case people are confused who meddled in the election, russia we'll see if it sticks all right. Let'S look at the topic of impeachment on abc news. President trump said that, according to the constitution, he can do whatever he wants true or false. I encouraged him to keep reading, as he looks at article 2 whichoutlines a lot of powers that the president has article 1. He might remember part the way that a lot of powers that legislature has but article 2 continues on and says that presidents, vice presidents and other elected officials can be impeached for doing bad things. The constitution lays out a totally legal way that you can get rid of a problematic president. If the legislature wants to article one says: who should do it? The house, you know, does the impeachment inquiry the senate does the trial and decides whether they're going to remove him from office, but this isn't some sort of coup, and you hear republicans talking about this as being election nullification. This is justpart of our process.

We'Ve been impeaching people for hundreds of years. He also made the claim that he was quote totally exonerated. The mullen report now check please nope nope nope, and you remember that he made this claim after the molar report came out and the condemned ik rats had a big opportunity to look muller in the eye and said: does this report totally exonerate him and muller with His precision and short answers says no very clear that you didn't give you a lot of words to mince there. All right, we're gon na round out your top five there's a claim about tariffs in china. What is it what's your issue with it, so we've beenhearing this one a lot and this, and i think, just came up more because the terrorists got very expensive for american housewife this year. We have some studies that say that american households have paid over a thousand dollars the average household in just picking up the tariffs. So what happens when you charge a tariff? Is that the people who are importing pay a tariff on chinese goods, and they just offload that to the consumer for the most part, and with these tariffs specifically did this trade war? American consumers are paying from noah smith? The president keeps telling us china's paint for it. We'Re taxing china with tariffs, that's not how tariffs work. Thank you, forexplaining at harrisburg for people. This is this. Is we're getting somewhere here. I feel like it jane all right.

Another question, for you have a larger list. Coming out next week and very much looking forward to seeing this, but would you give us a little preview, some things we should look forward to on your your giant falsehood list next week my favorite one is got idea that the mars and the moon are one In the same the president tweeted about this in june, no no one of my staff believes that this tweeted, until i pulled it up on the screen and said, look the mars mars, is not part of the moon. I wow okayi definitely missed that one back in june confession to make. I was i was off in june, so i missed that one but mars and moon are the same. I would not really go to the press week talking about what nasa should be doing. He says: don't look at the moon go to mars, which is part of the moon in this tweak december 31st. We'Ll have even more falsehoods of the year. This is great. I. Finally, though, we've got an update to a top falsehood from last year. It had to do with the status of the border wall. Talk to us about that.

This is my favorite falsehood of the year, because this has beenfalse. For many years the president has been saying: look and building this big, beautiful new wall go down to the southern border. You see hundreds of miles of the border. Finally, in late october he actually broke ground on the first stretch of brand-new border. Well, up till now, everything had been replacement, fencing where he was taking certain 1980s fencing and putting better new barriers there. But this we finally have some brand new fencing. So now, when he says i'm building the wall, i can rank that true love it. A nice update jane one more time for the people in the bleacher seats, who might not have heard you who metals in the 2016 election russiadid all right, we'll see if that was six jane thanks. So much for being with us. Looking forward to all of your falsehoods next week, thanks allison happy new year, you too, hey anne news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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