Barr blasts the media for being uninterested in origin of Russia probe

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/01/2019 12:15 AM

Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian and Vogel Group CEO Alex Vogel on Attorney General William Barr’s attacks against the mainstream media and President Trump’s tariff threat against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all pla...

Attorney general bar taking on the national left-wing media for ignoring the origins of the spygate controversy in the trump russia probe in a cbs interview bar said. This quote the fact that today people just seem to brush aside the idea that it is okay, you know to engage in these activities against a political campaign is stunning to me, especially when the media doesn't seem to think it's wort ...
looking into they're supposed to be The watchdogs of our civil liberties, well breaking news tonight, radical dim, adam schiff, has requested in-person briefings from the intelligence chief on ag bars. Spygate investigation shift apparently wants access to all of the documents provided to the attorney general as partof his investigation and in the word shift thinks he should have the same prerogatives, powers and authorities as the attorney general chip demanded. All of those documents by 5:00 p. m. on june 6, wow well joining us tonight, alex vogel ceo of the vogel group, former chief counsel to senate majority leader bill frist and the national republican senatorial committee, former devon, alex i'm glad you've kind of lightened up your workload. Here, deputy counsel for the rnc, also with this republican strategist, former chair of the nevada republican party, amy tarkanian amy great - to have you with us as well. Let'S start with bars objection and what he is saying is absolutely true. The media has ignored theissue of the spygate origins and the russia probe your reaction. They absolutely have ignored the the evidence that attorney general bar has come up with and what's even more troubling is the fact that he's finding out that the evidence, actually that is being brought forward, isn't matching up according to what's being reported. So you've got people like comey, brennan and clapper and company. That are definitely that i think they have every right and reason to be your ear thoughts on bar being stonewalled by the icy chiefs.

It is to me incomprehensible how they think they can defy the president of the united states and his attorney general yeah. The attorney general's authority here is prettyclear and i think ultimately he will get. What he wants. What'S remarkable is that congressman schiff apparently doesn't fully understand that issues like declassification or solely within the purview of the executive branch. In his capacity he has no authority to demand anything from them. He can certainly ask questions after the fact from an oversight perspective, but it is fairly ridiculous that he's demanding that he be given the same information and he's expressed this. This mock indignation about concerns about release of classified information, and yet the same guy is apparently perfectly content to argue that the attorney general should make available to of all people. Members of congress grand jury information that would be against thelaw to release. That was underlying the muller report. To begin with, so i think he's off-base in a couple of places the president of the united states putting tariffs on mexico's exports to the united states a me as a last resort. He has been imploring lopez, obrador, the president of mexico for months to help to secure the southern border, to in point of fact, stopping illegal immigrants who have to traverse in many cases, 2,000 miles from south to the north, the northern mexico border, our southern and today Design deciding he can't wait any longer. This is a national emergency, it is a crisis and what is the national left-wing media? Do they start braying aboutthis is this is so difficult? We can't imagine what business and wall street will do instead of talking about what the american people will do and how long we can sustain five trillion dollars in lost economic growth.

I eat, and the chamber of commerce goes after the president. Your thoughts listen the best. The best way that i can compare this i'm a mom of four, and i have three of them as teenagers, the very last resort. If they don't do their chores, if they don't want to clean their room and they're, not gon na listen to the rules and listen to authority, what do i do to make make the make the the pain actually hurti take away their electronics? So you know what this is: something that i'm viewing where mexico hasn't listened they're not following through there they're not doing their end of the bargain. So what does the president have to do? He has to go to the tusks, to the toughest way that he can do it and he has to do exactly where it hurt. I don't see thoughts on how effective the president's tariffs will be and why he should put up with the kind of nonsense, and why should the american people put up with the kind of nonsense that a non-profit representing some of the biggest multinationals in the country threatens The president united states, as tomdonohue lost it well look. We'Ve heard a lot about the cost of avocados, as if that's enough to to stop presidential action in the face of a national emergency that he declared months ago by the way and under that emergency he has the authority to do this. Absolutely they can challenge it. All they want these authorities pretty clear. He could actually do a lot more dramatic things than this, and the truth is this president has shown even to those who argued against it, that tariffs can be a very effective tool at driving behavior. So, look at you the fact that the mexican foreign minister is getting on a plane and is going to come. Hereimmediately shows you that this will get their attention and hopefully will drive some action.

Absolutely. That is the point and the goal, and i i think we should all bet on the president. Don'T you aiming to arcadian thanks so much alex bhogle. Thank you appreciate it. Thank you. Both.

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